Holiness 4-Day Challenge


Aug 29, 2019


Here in the USA, it’s Labor Day – ya’ll. 

I’m flying to Texas with Bill in an hour for the annual Free Family Reunion – which is always a fun time. 

So right now, I’m here at the Boston airport with sitting in one of the awesome rocking chairs they have and our flight doesn’t leave for another hour. Bill and I are famous for getting everywhere EARLY – which is something I love. I’d rather get somewhere early in a relaxed leisurely fashion than to race and rush. 

So we are here early. I got my Starbucks. I’ve walked around. I got snacks for the plane – and the whole I’m blessing everyone with my holiness. 

My holiness envelops everyone and everything. 

This is a practice from the workbook lessons in A Course in Miracles and is also the #1 main idea in The Healing Cure  – my 8-week coaching program. 

Most people “read” A Course in Miracles and “do” the workbook lessons, but they don’t really. And when I say “people” … i mean me. 

For years, I read A Course in Miracles. I “did” the workbook lessons every year from start to finish. 

So, WTF? 

Why was I still in confusion, overwhelm and doubt? 

I wasn’t taking the lessons and actually LIVING them. I wasn’t applying them. I would read “My holiness envelops ________” (fill in the blank) and “My holiness blesses the world” and “My holiness blesses ______” (fill in the blank) and I would “do” the workbook lesson while I was reading. I’d glance around and say: 

My holiness blesses this body.
My holiness blesses this pen.
My holiness blesses this bed (I do the workbook lessons in bed, first thing in the morning)
My holiness blesses this room.
My holiness blesses that tree (outside the window)

And then I would close the book for forget promptly about it! 

So The Healing Cure is an 8-week Commitment to LIVE from your wholeness, holiness and innocence, blessing everyone and everything with your holiness. 

Blessing with holiness your thoughts and beliefs.

Blessing with holiness the difficulties and perceived problems in your life. 

Blessing people, places, situations. 

Blessing and enveloping everyone with your holiness becomes your ONE and ONLY response. 

So, I’m in the airport and I notice do it automatically. All the time. Non-stop. 

I don’t even think about it anymore. 

A thought comes up … I bless it with my holiness. 

A person passes me … My holiness envelops you, my friend. 

I walk into Gate C-25, my holiness blesses the room, the chairs, the people. 

There is a guy on the overspeaker right now, making an announcement, my holiness blesses you my beautiful brother. 

And now I am thinking of you {!firstname_fix} – my holiness blesses you. 

So, I thought I’d send out a note to invite you to try out this weekend. 

Acknowledge your holiness and bless everyone with it. 

Everything that comes up – as a situation, a thought, a belief, a difficulty, a challenge – remembering your playing a game this weekend – challenging yourself TO LIVE AS YOUR SELF – to live as your holiness, the light you are. 

You will be AMAZED by this practice. 

I mean, seriously. Blown away. 

The workbook lessons are in A Course in Miracles – starting with “I could see peace instead of this” and going right through  all the holiness workbook lessons. 

There are fill-in-the-blank exercises to help you identify HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF and a practice to list all your problems and difficulties. 

So that you can watch them all dissolve in the light of your holiness. 

This weekend let yourself have a direct experience with the Power and Presence of God, which is your holiness. 

This weekend begin to take back dominion over your environment and situations by acknowledging your holiness and USING IT. 

Don’t just let it sit there. Use it. Flow it. Extend it. 

See that you’re not stuck in a life that doesn’t give you any options. You are free. 

With the Power of God within you to heal the sick and raise the dead. 

I love you. 


PS: After the weekend, come on over to my website and leave a comment below about your experience in the Comments below. 

If you have taken The Healing Cure, I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment about how your life was before and how it is now. 

6 Responses to “Holiness 4-Day Challenge”

  1. Judy says:

    Holiness challenge and 40 day course in miracles

    I broke my shoulder. Very bummed out, and thought hmm here is an opportunity to reset and reflect on my life. New lifestyle, new activities, lots of opportunities to meet and enjoy people. So here I am sidelined…okay..perhaps reflection and a focus would be beneficial. Before the move I had a spiritual practice, metaphysical Bible class at the center of Unity in Grapevine Texas. I missed the lessons and the people.

    So I choose to do the daily lesson, I am attracted to Your energy and your generosity of spirit. That is how I started the my holiness blesses….practice. I did a version of this, when I drove, or when I was nervous. But now I use it as a meditation as well. And I love sending out my love all around the country to my friends and family.

    It occurred to me that I am sending out as my holiness…my I am ness….God within is my holiness and that awaking thought deepened the practice for me.

    So that’s where I am with this holiness blessing…..LOVE IT!
    Love you, with gratitude,

  2. Pat Quinlivan says:

    The whole concept of my holiness is something I forgot when I moved on to the lessons + then text after finishing the concept of holiness.
    Now that i look at the word I realize I didn’t really take in the meaning of thr word.
    Your 4 day challenge I will do as if I have made a new discovery.
    Which I have.
    I thank you most sincerely for dreaming up this 4 Day challenge.
    Because I am the only person in a retirement village of just on 100 people doing the ACIM it can be very easu to slip into the way of life of all 99 others.
    So I forget that we are not our bodies we are not separate + that forgiveness will remind me of that.
    Just within last fortnight my daughter who is a doctor + also working with mindfulness, asked me if i had another copy of the course.
    Also because she has been accustomed to conducting groups she has announced she will run ACIM group with me as leader.
    I am 87 but she will have Course group in her home the people in this village wouldn’t be open to anything lke Course but I do know some friends external to here who would be.
    So I will begin blessing whole prospect with my holness + keep going for more than 4 days.
    Bless you + thankyou
    Pat Quinlivan

  3. Mona Seering says:

    Thank you, Lisa! I am starting right now!

  4. Nina Uccello says:

    Hi Lisa, It sounds great! Thanks for sharing!!
    Love You, Nina

  5. Martita says:

    Omg Lisa, we are synchronized, I ve been out of my country traveling and I have seen so many “different” people “ I should say diferents “me” , and I ve been doing kind of what you do. Thank you, I love it! I will keep doing it!! Love you Lisa!

  6. catriona says:

    Thank you I needed a reminder 🤗🤗

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