Just how far are you willing to go?


Oct 10, 2016


Here is my observation: Many people who say they want success (or healing), don’t REALLY want it. They kinda want it. It’s a luke-warm want. They have a “it-would-be-nice-if-it-happened-but-I-think-I’ll-just-keep-doing-what-I-always do” kind of attitude. 

How bad do you want it?

How willing are you to do things differently? 

How focused are you? 

Would you be willing (and committed enough) to read this entire blog post all the way to the end? 

Already I have lost 90 percent – who have gone back to Facebook to find more interesting posts to “like”. 

If you are part of the remaining 10 percent, YOU ROCK. 

Keep going.

Would you be willing to give up your story for it?

If you answered YES to that question, keep reading.

We’re down to about 3 percent now, who are still reading this. 

I love A Course in Miracles.

It says “An untrained mind can accomplish nothing” and that is totally true.

If you have a symptom or problem in your life, how far are you willing to go to see it dissolve and disappear?

What are you willing to do?

What’s your commitment level?

What if you knew there was some work involved in healing, would you be open to doing it? Or are you going to continue to keep holding out “for a miracle”.

What if there was a systematic way to train your mind so that every unwanted problem and pain disappeared? That would be cool, right?

Would you sign up for something like that?

What if dramatic awesome change required ONE YEAR of your life? Would you do it then?

If you answered YES, then go to the next question.

What if it required your your whole life – heart, mind and soul – would you do it THEN????

If you answered YES, then go to the next question.

Are you willing to leave it all behind – everything?

We are getting into deep water now. Many people bail when they hear there is a commitment involved. They just want healing, with no involvement, no effort, no time, no energy spent. Just give me the miracle and I’ll be happy!

Sometimes spontaneous healing works like that, but 9 times out of 10 … it does not work like that.

9 times out of 10 (and usually 10 times out of 10, let’s be honest here), a miracle requires you to change your thinking – and probably change all your habits while you are at it.

I talk with a lot of people who “have” A Course in Miracles, but still have problems. I always ask “Have you done the mind-training? Have you trained your mind” and in almost every case, I get the blank stare.

They want to know what I mean. It’s a trick question really. If you have a problem, I know you have NOT trained your mind.

When you train your mind, all pain and sickness disappears.

Are you looking for a fast miracle cure? (aren’t we all?)

Can you admit that the fast miracle cure doesn’t happen that way. Your involvement is needed … ONE … HUNDRED … PERCENT. 

Think about Olympic athletes. They are not hoping or wishing for a perfect performance that happens miraculously. They are training every day, often for years.

So what makes us think we are different? We often think “If I am a good person, then this thing I want will come to me.”


We think “If I am dedicated enough to God, then God will heal me.”


Whatever situation you seem to find yourself in right now, you caused it with your thinking.

You have done it.

And you can undo it.

Would you be willing to dedicate one year of your life to the complete reversal of every thought you have ever had?

If you think of the number of years you have already spent in trying to heal or change your situation, then one year is nothing.

Training and discipline is a requirement.

One workbook lesson 1, it starts you where you think you (in suffering and separation), and leads you with simple steps from there.

It begins to train your mind and needs your collaboration – to let go of fear and doubt.

A Course in Miracles has many practices in it (in the form of 365 workbook lessons) with your Inner Guide as your Teacher.

Here is an example of what your inner Teacher asks of you (from Workbook Lesson 44):

“Have at least three practice periods today, each lasting three to five minutes. A longer time is highly recommended, but only if you find the time slipping by with little or no sense of strain. The form of practice we will use today is the most natural and easy one in the world for the trained mind, just as it seems to be the most unnatural and difficult for the untrained mind. Your mind is no longer wholly untrained. You are quite ready to learn the form of exercise we will use today, but you may find that you will encounter strong resistance. The reason is very simple. While you practice in this way, you leave behind everything that you now believe, and all the thoughts that you have made up. Properly speaking, this is the release from hell. Yet perceived through the ego’s eyes, it is loss of identity and a descent into hell.” -ACIM

I love how much Jesus – the author of A Course in Miracles – talks about the necessity for discipline and commitment. He says I may encounter strong resistance. A good teacher knows what might happen with the student!

Plain & Simple: A Course in Miracles is a mind-training program – it teaches how to take 100% responsibility for everything that seems to happen to you.

Whatever seems to be happening to you: YOU ARE CAUSING IT.

If you can accept this, healing will be very easy for you.

Think about whatever you seem to be suffering from. Sit quietly and OWN IT.

I did this.

I caused this.

I am doing this to myself

A Course in Miracles teaches how healing is accomplished and gives us a systematic way that anyone can use with perfect results, every time.

Many people put their healing out to external factors – pills, medicine, doctors, even God or Jesus. We pray and hope and wish that our sickness will change, that we will be healed. And then we wonder why nothing happens.

We often hear “miracle stories” where people used certain healing techniques and they were healed. But then when you try them, nothing happens.

This was me for years. I have tried other people’s healing techniques – following the instructions 100% and nothing much happened. All I could think was “I must have done it wrong” along with “maybe there is a lesson in here for me and that’s why nothing is changing.”

Then came the self-doubt and self-sabotage in the form of thoughts like “I’m being tested” and “I’m being punished.”

I was trying to heal the body. I was trying to change the external picture – which is what A Course in Miracles calls AN EFFECT.

And here is the thing: you cannot change an effect. You must change the cause – YOUR THINKING – because the cause is causing the effect.


If you want healing, if you want success … you must train your mind.

An undisciplined mind can accomplish nothing.

If you have already “done” A Course in Miracles, but are still struggling, my suggestion is to begin today with a clean slate like you have never seen it or heard of it before, and begin again.

I suggest starting with the ACIM workbook lessons and make a one year commitment to do them.

Re-arrange your calendar to make time to read (and complete!) all 31 chapters of the Text, the Manual for Teachers, the Clarification of Terms, Song of Prayer and Psychotherapy.

In honesty, will be totally amazed to see how much hours you already spend playing around on the internet or watching television. You can make a commitment to be an “athlete” and do some “Olympic training” and complete A Course in Miracles.

Start with a beginning mind, as if you have NEVER seen the book or done it before. This is my 2 cent advice.

If you would like additional support and encouragement, you can sign up for my one-year audio program called ACIM 365 where there is a daily 10-minute audio (with written transcript) for all 365 lessons. It’s $149. You need a copy of A Course in Miracles before you begin.



If you are ready for something very life-changing, consider Living in Purpose – the Teachers of God Foundation’s 6-Month Mastery Program (which includes ACIM 365). It is currently running a special price promotion for the current 40-Day Group – $975 if you sign up before November 1, 2016. Then the price goes up to $1250 after November 1st. 



If you read the whole way through this blog post and reached the end, you are part 1 percent!! 

I’m thrilled to be here with you. 

Please leave a comment and let me know how JUST HOW FAR YOU ARE WILLING TO GO. 




43 Responses to “Just how far are you willing to go?”

  1. Susan D Portelance says:

    Hi Lisa, Thank you! YES I AM ready. I’m signed up for the 40 day that will start January 2017. I also want to do the ACIM 365. Im also working on Masters in Metaphysical Ministry so I will complete my commitment for the 40 day first. Where can I buy The ACIM book workbook. The set? I look forward to my brand new journey.
    Light and Love
    Many Blessings
    Rev. Sue

  2. It’s really a cool and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Maria says:

    Thank you. I just found your website. I have tried to heal myself from desease for a long time and when I changed my whole life and started to feel happy “for no reason” I finally realised that love is the true healing. It takes a strong comittement but it’s wonderful and I can never go back. I will look into you teachings. Love and light, Maria

  4. Dana Kellogg says:

    On day 42/365. Thank you for your audio support. I look forward each morning to he gift that is the course material. Thanks again

  5. Jack Hrabk says:

    I need more self discipline. I still have a split mind.

  6. Cyb says:

    Dear Lisa,
    Have I told you lately how much I love you. This blog post makes me cry with tears of joy for the uncompromising demonstration of Mind/Love that you are. If u still have problems, you have not trained your mind. It’s that simple. Time to take responsibility. No compromise. I want to fly to where u r and wrap my arms around you and give you the biggest hug ever. Consider it done! Big kiss too.

  7. says:

    You can definitely see your enthusiasm within the
    work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as
    you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  8. Hi Lisa
    It has been a great forty days really helped to plant my feet back on the ground not feeling alone now. Thanks for the invitation to the other programs will have to see where the Holy Spirit guides me next. You have been my “God with skin on him” for many years. Went into hell for awhile again, with the theft of my home leaving me destitute. Just one day at a time now. One thing is for sure…discipline to stay on the path is a must and if God brings us to it, he also brings us through it. This is my only saving grace obviously his plan has got to be better than mine and the worldly distractions are at an all time high for me lately but no matter what I am determined to live my life as God intended knowing everything is my teacher. Will stay in touch. You are blessed.

  9. Gunnel Nordström-Løvlie says:

    I use the 365 days support, and it really brings forth greater understanding og how the mind changes. Thanks for it!

  10. Deonna Dockery says:

    I love you Lisa. Thank you. I’ve done your 40 day program, twice. I bought the book after the first time through the church I attend. NHRS. That wasn’t enough. A 12 step program for 5 yrs. Know how far im willing to go. Still not enough. ACIM Audio version 1 hour a day. Still it’s not enough. And now I’m seriously thinking about 365. God bless you.

  11. Laurie Sagalyn says:

    I read your entire blog so now I’m part of the 1% I’m rich! LOL Never thought I’d be part of the 1%. Ha Ha Ha! Rich in love and inspired by you always. Whaoooo. I’m on Lesson 105 and the days I meditate with the lesson ALL day I feel differently. On those days I’m host to love. Not all days are successful like that. Some days I mediate in the morning with the lesson and that’s it. Ego creeps in but I’m no longer hostage like before. I can always find my way back.. I want to be free like you Lisa so i keep going. You and Bill are gifts to the universe. Thank you for showing us how to find peace. That you for BEING peace, love and service!!!! I love you and Bill!

  12. catherine smith-gaines says:

    Great blog…I was reminded that I have not read the 31 chapters

  13. I’m ALL IN! These programs are AMAZING!!!! Did 3 plus the actual 40 days, DID the LIP program…. am in the 365 days (day 35…. wohooooo)- translated the 40 days into german…… feel so much blessed, heavenly guided- red ALL THE BLOG till the end- and LOVE LISA, BILL and the people of theachers of god foundation! AND I WILL STAY IN…. no matter what!!!! Thank you for your generosity to SHARE such a DIAMOND!!!!

  14. Caroline says:

    I will start the ACIM 365 in November. Thank you for the amazing 40 days!

  15. Ngaire Shaw says:

    Hi Lisa. I read your blog – yes all of it – and I want to say thank you, because now I feel really inspired to take the lessons again. This was just the nudge I needed. So much Love. Thank you <3

  16. Zsuzsanna Kiri says:

    Hi Lisa!

    I have a question regarding the courses.

    Currently I’m doing the 40 day program and I’m committed to continue with the Living in Purpose program. I see that now – until 1 Nov. – those who sing up receive the ACIM 365 program too for free.
    When I started the 40 day program, I stopped doing the lessons of the book, because it was too much for one day. I spend average 1,5-2 hours with the 40 day program.
    Is it possible to start the Living in Purpose in December for example and only when I finish it begin with the ACIM 365 program/half year later? If I do a program I want to give as much time and attention to it as possible.
    Thank you for your answer in advance.

  17. Supriya says:

    Love the 40 day program! Only by the end of it was losing a bit of focus because of all questions popping up. All in for the Living in Purpose program!
    Will there be a bit more handholding and personal help?
    Thank you Lisa!

  18. Vickie says:

    Hi Lisa ..Im all in. I have been all in for three runs of the 40 day program. I am responsible for my illnesses, by thoughts and choices. The genetic part I cant change. But I am attending a class on living better with my chronic pain. I rode a bicycle last Sunday. I felt very alive & happy. You see, I changed the thought to yes, I want to try riding a bike, and I did. It was fabulous feeling serotonin flowing through me. Eating is another issue …when we eat clean, low fat, very little sgar, meat, vegetables, salads, natural juicing, etc, I feel better. The pain eases. I choose to accept the old life is gone. I choose to enjoy simple pleasures. The car payment is over in November. Im signing up in Jan/Feb for the 100 days and that will progress to the six months. I really do love ACIM & the way you present it. The other teachers in the subject are fantastic too. Im living in the moment, child of God, child of light. I will be changing my career. And Im accepting that its a good change. I thank you for that, having no fear at all anymore. This is God guiding. I will keep seeing you in 40 days until the winter months. to you.

  19. Frances says:

    You have such an incredible knack of stirring up the inspiration to really LIVE the Course in Miracles teachings, Lisa, and I THANK YOU for that! Love this blog! 🙂

  20. jean sampson says:

    Hi Lisa! I think I will take the 40 Day Course again. When is it offered? Feel like I need a fresh start 🙂 I made a huge commitment and have stopped eating the things (mostly sugar, grains and salt, that I know are not good for me. I am also exercising. I definitely had to own that I caused the problems and I am uncausing them. And the healing process has begun. By making this commitment no matter what, I am able to stick with it. I will do the same with th course. I got stuck on not being healed before but have changed things now. Thanks for sending this post. I love you and thani you for being you! <3

  21. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Gary – My suggestion is to begin the workbook lessons and make a commitment to it, because it takes one year to complete – and then during the year decide how you want to finish the rest of the book – the Text, the Manual for Teachers, etc. and the Inner Teacher part is introduced pretty early on in the workbook lessons. So the very first thing is to get a copy of A Course in Miracles, if you haven’t already.

  22. Francisc says:

    I will make a commitment to read the lesson per 1 year I will love to take the programs but I can’t at this time. Love you

  23. Lisa Natoli says:

    I love these comments. Thank you.

  24. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Dan! Oh thank you. It starts whenever you are ready. You can start now if you want.

  25. Dan Brennan says:

    Hi Lisa. I have completed the 40 day programme the last time. I am doing the lessons for the 3Rd time and have read the text and more. When does living in purpose start

  26. max says:

    Why do you need to take responsibility for it? Just keep doing what you’re doing see if that works for you?
    Do you want Lisa to give you the definitive answer so you can
    a) take responsibility
    b) Not have to take responsibility.
    Do you need something to convince you?
    Taking responsibility for it doesn’t mean you are guilty of the cause. you are just the cause of your own life . This is what’s happening . Like everything here it happens for no reason . It just happens. Now you are free. Free to do what? free to see it differently if you so choose. Seeing it differently is taking responsibility. Do it or don’t it is up to you. . You will still be the light of the world . You can’t change the unchangeable.
    All you need to do is see it differently that is taking responsibility.

  27. Gary Scardino says:

    Hi Lisa, Am I understanding the book correctly? Should I read all the text first then start the 365 day student program? Where does the Teacher part come in?? Blessings!

  28. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Monica – thank you. Just curious – have you ever taken responsibility for it? If so, how did that go? Normally the mind just wants to battle and engage with questions like “how did I cause a brain tumor” instead of just saying ‘I caused this. I did this.” So I am wondering what your experience has been around it. I love you a lot. I have met you and you are no cripple. You are the light of the world.

  29. Teresa Meredith says:

    Love you and grateful for your teachings.

  30. Teodora says:

    I cought myself several times drifting away and after I finished readibg I experienced for the first time the presence of the two voices. The quiet voice was peacefully reading and slowly advancing through the information and the other voice would laudly shaut at times ” O, let see other sides, lets check other stories”. But the peacefulness in me noticed the laudness and chose again and finished reading! I am trilled by this experience within me!!! Thank you Lisa!

  31. KBoogie says:

    Hey Lisa, I’m going through the 40 day program and i’m struggling with this ‘truth’ a little bit. How does this work with children. A sweet little girl (2yrs old) i know was just diagnosed with cancer. She has No concept of wrong thinking or even what believing or wanting some ‘really bad’ means. What happens to her? How does she get her healing? Will one say she caused her sickness because she couldn’t separate her mind from body? :(. I’m praying God gives me the clarity i need but i’m really struggling with this concept…it implies that believing Christians that die, died because they wanted to or didn’t want to live.
    Thank you for all you are doing.

  32. Joanna Laskowska says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you, your encouragement means a lot to me. I am in the current 40-day group and no matter what, I will complete this:-) I am willing to go very far…each day I spent about 2-3 hours to do this program – English is not my first language so to fully understand (or try to) ACIM and your advises I do this in two, Polish and English languages. Once the program finishes, I am going to work through all ACIM. It would be lovely to have your support and advice every day however I have a deep feeling I have to go through this alone (or not with you, or not at the moment with you). I also have a feeling it wasn’t coincidence that I came across your program… in 3 weeks I am going to Brazil to see John of God and I think that 40 days meant to prepare me to this experience in Brazil. I love you Lisa, I honor you, I see the King in you. Thank you <3

  33. Monica Carradori says:

    Lisa , I had a brain tumor and the surgery to remove it left me with a drop foot. No mobility in my right foot. Can’t walk without a large brace and a walker. Can’t drive. I am crippled. Am I responsible for this ? I can’t see how. I hate it. My life as I knew it is over. I am only 59. I Love the Course but cannot take responsibility for a brain tumor. Awaiting your response

  34. Barbara Kozakewich says:

    How far am I willing to go?…ALL THE WAY!!!

    BLESS YOU LISA!!!…xo

  35. Trisha says:

    It’s only taken me over 20 years & 40 Days to realise that it’s not just a case of reading ACIM & praying for change…I need to put all the lessons into practise & keep on & on doing so. Thank you so much, Lisa, you’ve been a real friend the last 34 days. It’s so exciting to wake each morning to the next lesson. I bless & I love you.

  36. Ingrid Reddyhough says:

    Hi Lisa
    I am doing your 40 day class
    I have not done ACIM and so I would like to sign up for your work book lesson 1 yr program?
    Thanks Ingrid

  37. Rose says:

    I love you Lisa! This is great. Fantastic reminder. I’m picking up the book right now…❤️❤️

  38. I’m going LOL. I’m all in. This is soooooooo awsome!! I love it, and I love you. See you soon in Denmark, and remember your sensor (-:

  39. Winette (windy) says:

    Trusting God to supply the $975.
    I have already signed up for 365 ACIM
    I started this year also on January 6 with Marianne williamson’s daily audio of ACIM and I have read parts of it in the last couple of years but I have not been a dedicated committed student daily practicing but I am willing. Thanks Lisa

  40. Joe Fielder says:

    Love your blog. I’m in your 40 day class! Hugs

  41. Lisa Natoli says:

    Jane, you read all the way to the end! Woooot. Welcome to the 1%! Probably more like .00005 percent. All my love.

  42. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Jane! Living in Purpose is $975 until November 1, 2016 and then it goes up to $1250 after that.

  43. How much does the living in purpose coarse cost ? Namastè Jane ❤

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