Video Recording: I am One Self “Meditation” with Illustration


Jun 07, 2019


Here is the video. Enjoy: 

In this class, I teach about moving out of your conscious time-space “world” into the One Self that you are … and about what happens when you connect with the truth – your True Identity – how it begins bringing up all your old unconscious patterns to the conscious level.

Most people don’t want to do this, even though they “say” they want change and transformation – because deep down we all know intuitively that if we do this – reach to our One Self – it will be the end of you and the world as you know it.

Therefore, most people stay at the surface level, trying to improve their life, striving to be a better human being and I can tell you, that doesn’t work. The “you” that wants more confidence, a better life, a better body, more money isn’t real. And it takes tremendous energy to hold that “you” and “your world” together. That’s energy that can be used for creation.

When you let go of your tight grip on holding your world together, the energy begins to move and you will find yourself in a state of peace, joy and gratitude that will just blow your mind. literally.


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I love you. 


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  1. Gerald says:

    Lisa, I enjoyed your presentation immensely.
    Thank you.

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