Solve all your “problems” with “I requested this”


Sep 17, 2019


It’s me, Lisa. I hope you are having a great day and THE BEST LIFE ever.

If not, you can check out this video – my talk from yesterday in the ACIM Friday Group.

I wrote a blog last week over at the Teachers of God website (with tons of awesome comments – thank you so much), which inspired this video talk above … which people are going crazy happy excited over. So have a look. Click that little Play button on the video and ENJOY.

People really don’t realize that all their “problems” can disappear RIGHT NOW, simply by changing your mind and seeing things differently.

During this class, as one example, Michael talks about having “relationships difficulties” and in less than 5 minutes he realizes he doesn’t have relationships issues – that he was requested relationship difficulties to stay limited and to hide his feelings of unworthiness.

And suddenly, it’s not a problem. He saw that he asked for this “event” – conflict – so that he could continue to hide and play small – all the while wishing the relationship would improve.

This one-hour talk is a way for you to see all your difficulties, problems, pain, sickness, confusion as something you brought on to yourself.

I give the two reasons why we ask for “problems”.

Have some paper and a pen because I give an exercise in here for you to list all the things you are upset about, confused about, trying to fix, solve or heal.

These things are requested by you for some purpose that you decided on.

In this talk, you will discover for yourself why you brought on difficult situations that you wish were not happening or that didn’t happen.

I love you.

Remember what I always say: there is no need to suffer.

I bless you with holiness and love. You are the light of the world, Lisa.



If you would like this video, check out The Healing Cure – my 8-week online program for True Healing – which is more practices like the one in this video, along with encouragement for you to live as your True Self continuously for 8-weeks, and for the rest of your life. Because there is no need to be sick. There is no need for you to suffer or be in pain. You are totally powerful, one with God. But do you know it?

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