You will never have an anger thought or judgment ever again if you actually knew what it did to you


Aug 01, 2017


I went to a Joe Dispenza Progressive Workshop this weekend. I am not exaggerating when I say it was the most eye-opening, life-changing thing I have ever done in my life – and believe me when I say I have done A LOT of eye-opening, life-changing things in my lifetime.

A lot of what he says is in the 40-Day Program for Transformation already in slightly different form (so that was exciting – the illustrations are very similar even though I had never seen his work before) and also in my book Gorgeous for God (which I wrote back in 2004) about collapsing your time-line by making a decision and staying vigilant to change your thoughts, feelings and emotions – how your entire horizontal time-line of past, present & future disappears completely and you go vertical.

But Dr. Joe backs it up with science that will 100 percent make you drop your story and anger and judgment completely. When you see the science of what anger and guilt actually does to you, you will never pick it up again.

He is totally utterly uncompromising as a teacher – which is always what I look for.

He doesn’t take questions. I thought that was awesome. He doesn’t ask how you are doing. He doesn’t care. Either you are DOING THE WORK or you are NOT DOING THE WORK and he is only interested in people doing the work, and he doesn’t need to talk to you about how it’s going. When you are doing the work, you get results. So there is no need for a conversation. And finally, he is funny in a very simple down-to-earth kind of way. I laughed the whole weekend.

2017 is the very last year he is doing Progressive workshop as a live event and then he is going to stop doing them altogether so 2017 is your last chance to catch one of these workshops live. He does not give a single space for you to zone out for the entire weekend – and he even makes you make a deal with the person sitting next to you that you will tell the person when you zoned out while Joe was talking. HAHA. That is effective. Do you have any idea how many times you zone out when someone is talking to you??? It’s pretty shocking.

So we trained all weekend. We meditated all weekend. As usual when I go to a workshop, I took extensive notes.

Here is Joe Dispenza’s website for upcoming Events:

I don’t know Joe Dispenza at all and I am not getting a single penny to promote this. I’m just telling you because I like to share about amazing off-the-charts I know about, and this is off-the-charts.

I went because my friend Max (who you know from my Unity show and The Max & Lisa Show) went to one of these Progressive Weekends in Australia this year and went he got home he Skyped me and said:” Natoli. You gotta go see Joe Dispenza. No questions. Just go.”

And when Max says go, I go. No questions asked.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I’m still forever going to teach A Course in Miracles and that is never going to change because it’s the same content – mind-training – and there is no middle ground where you can linger uncertainly.

You’re either in your time-line getting the effects of suffering and the belief in separation. OR. You’re in a state of being where you know what you are, pure love and you are getting the effects of that: joy, happiness, peace.

Joe’s changing the Advanced Workshops to week-long retreats starting in 2018 and I’ll be going to one of those. But you have to do a Progressive Workshop first, it’s a requirement. And yes. You’re welcome.

For events and to find out where the next Progressive Workshop is located, click this link:

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