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Mar 14, 2020


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Hi __________,

No matter what happens in my life or in the world, it always comes back to the same thing: my function is to be the light of the world, a function given to me by God.

And because this is the #1 thing I want to remember (and because I don’t want to get a tattoo) I put it on my Maine license plate for my car: ACIM-61

ACIM-61 is code for A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 61: I am the light of the world.

Here is a screen shot from my Facebook page August 25, 2017 – I hadn’t even taken it out of the wrapper yet. I was all excited! And still am!

And so as the world swirls in chaos, speculation, fear, excitement for new beginnings, finding silver linings, feeling confused, feeling worried, wondering what is happening – I always just go back to the simplicity of things: I am the light of the world. End of story.

Years ago, sometime before August 2017, in the middle of my own viral symptoms and with a diagnosis of “incurable”, I came to the clear realization: With whatever remaining time I have left on earth, I am going to be happy.

And well… that was a very good day!!! xoxoxoxoxox

So as people freak out around me, I know how they feel and I’ve also already been through the fear and come out the other side.

For many years, while I identified with the sickness and symptoms, I thought I was dying. For real. Many days I thought (and wrote in my journal): Well, this is it. Today’s the day.


and here I am, 8 years later.

My friend Max said to me when I told him that I was dying and that I would be going soon, he said “No such luck, Natoli.”


And about 3 years ago – thankfully – I snapped to my senses. I thought: OH MY GOD. What the hell am I doing, living this way??? This is crazy!

And in the middle of full-blown symptoms (that no one could figure out), I made an unwavering decision that I never gone back on: I’m going to be the light of the world … no … matter … what.

I’m going to be happy, because that’s what I want – and it’s available to me now AS A STATE OF MIND.

I realized there is nothing stopping me.

I realized that I had been living in a state of mind of fear, worry, overwhelm – and that all I had to do was change my attitude and get into a state of mind of joy, peace, gratitude, generosity – and I saw that nothing was stopping me.

For all those years in my 40s, while “trying to heal” I thought: once this is healed, then I’ll be happy.


Once I have more money, then I’ll be generous.

Once I have more energy, then I’ll be more active.

Once this sickness is healed, then I’ll be happy.

Once this coronavirus thing passes from the world and we’re all back to normal, then I’ll really live my life. Then I’ll be alive.

But in the meantime, everything is on hold.

HUH?????? Once I saw this mind-activity clearly, it was a major wake-up call for which I am forever grateful for.

Since that decision, I’ve walked the Camino 2 times (150 miles with friends), done 3 half marathons in NYC and launched The Healing Cure – an online program that I’d been “thinking about” for years (that I put on hold until “later” and “then” I’ll launch it – lol <3) – and it’s been my passion and joy to work with people.

For a while I thought I was going blind – and I thought: Okay. Can being blind stop me from being happy???


Can being blind stop me from being the light of the world???


I saw that whatever was my worst fear and the worst-case scenario still couldn’t stop me from staying in peace and being happy.

The Lisa-mind had been gripped with fear for years, while the whole time the “prison door” was open!!!

And I saw that I could walk right through it.

This is 2020 Christ vision.

And i did just that – walked away from sickness and weakness forever.

And since then, no matter what happens to me or in the world, I know I have the power and ability to stay connected and plugged in to the light I am.

Everything is for our good – and I know in my own life I was so darned stubborn that I – my Spirit – my True Self – called into existence a situation that I couldn’t escape from it. It forced me to be quiet. To halt all my usual activities. To get my priorities straight. To slow down. And to really realize what is truly important.

I’ve already been through the fire. I’ve already simplified my life down to the basics. I wear the same clothes almost every single day. I laugh when I see Facebook Memories come up from three years ago and I’m wearing the exact same clothes as I read the post today as I was wearing then. HAHA!

I live simply. I eat what I want. I live a life I love. I’ve gotten rid of all the excess stuff that wasn’t bringing me joy. I threw stuff away.

This is what “facing death” brings – so much clarity, so much joy.

i pray that this coronavirus thing is a wake-up call to people – however that looks.

Even if you get it, even if I get it, I could have it now – who cares??? Can that stop you from being the light of the world.


So, why worry???

I love you with all my heart.

Shine bright, bright star.

When you take time to get quiet to look directly at fear – the fear of getting sick, the fear of death, the fear of other people getting sick, the fear of other people dying, the fear of the world changing – you realize it was nothing the whole time.


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