A trip in 2011 taught me to work with light. Here is the practice


Sep 14, 2017


In 2011 on a 6-week trip to Sweden, Denmark and Spain, I stumbled upon a practice that is mind-blowing. It will definitely put a smile on your face when you try this out in your own life.

You can watch it here:

It’s a video from a talk I gave at Unity of Cape Cod, with a written blog to go along with it and a written transcript (of the video).

I had heard through various different books (including A Course in Miracles and the bible) that “the light does the work” and the “Father” does the work but I never really understood what that meant exactly. I definitely did NOT know how to work with this light, nor how to access it.

However, I’m a curious one and I’m always open to experimentation and testing things out in my own life, to see if they work. I need to see things with my own eyes.

I often feel like I am a scientist and my life is the science lab.

I posted this practice (as a new blog and video) over at the Teachers of God website. Click here to watch it: Lead with Love.

I highly encourage you to test this practice out in your own life for a week. Like I said, it’s mind-blowing and life-changing.

The light goes before you and transforms all the spaces before you get there. It transforms people and difficult situations. The Light knows what to do. It heals. It opens doors you are meant to walk through. It closes doors (situations, relationships, jobs that are no longer needed). It removes stones out of your pathway that you may have tripped on.

But here is the thing… you must actively acknowledge this light and join with it and deliberately work with it. This is what it means to be a CO-creator. You are needed to collaborate with this light. So you can’t just think about it. It needs you to work with it, to use your focus to send this light out before you to heal, bless, comfort and love.

This is why I suggest a one-week practice period to see first-hand with your own eyes what I am talking about.

Get ready for miracles and a life of joy and happiness.

You are the light of the world. QUITE LITERALLY!



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