About Lisa

Hey! I’m Lisa.

I am the Love of God on earth. I’m a light in the dark. 

I’m a teacher of A Course in Miracles, a healer and a writer.

I’m dedicated to helping you to know your True Identity as the light of the world. 

My personal mission in life is to inspire people to COME ON HOME.  

I call people out of darkness, back to the light within – just by being my joyful Self. 

I encourage people to take the journey from fear to love, from pain to peace, from lack to abundance, from suffering to joy, from darkness to light, from sickness to health.

I make it sound fun. I make it sound do-able. I make it sound like a party.

And somehow, people go: I’M ALL IN. 

I am the creator of online training programs, including the free 40-Day Program for Transformation.


I am the author of the book Gorgeous for God.