The Healing Cure Weekend Intensive:

Imagine an approach to healing that’s actually FUN and gets you immediate results.

Healing is a return to the awareness of your wholeness, holiness and happiness – a deliberate decision to go beyond your idea of yourself as sick, powerless and weak to connect with the strength and light in you. 

Join Lisa Natoli, Master Healer, on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning for an Introduction to True Healing: Connecting to the Light in you as your True Self. 

It’s a Super Party in Portsmouth New Hampshire!!

December 14 & 15, 2019

Join Lisa Natoli for a 6-Hour Healing Cure Intensive over 2 days to learn the basics of healing and your ability to heal. 

Healing occurs the instant you see no need for suffering and pain – and connect to the light in you as your Self. 

Let go of the old you and allow the new Self to emerge. 

Saturday Afternoon:
Your Life Is A Mirror/Your Life Is A Playground

Letting Go of Your Old Story and Embrace a New True Story (one that you write, Creator!)
Making a Decision for Wholeness & Holiness Will Change Your Life (You decide, Healer!) 

Sunday Morning: 
Making Changes that Come from Inner Listening
Coming Out of Hiding: Emerging from Fear, Doubt and Guilt
Rocking Your Authentic True Self: Let It Be Messy. Let it Be Brilliant. Let Yourself Be Surprised. 

FEATURING: Lisa’s Raw Cookies & Cake – straight out of her kitchen! 

Saturday Afternoon, December 14, 2019: 2pm-5pm 
Sunday Morning, December 15, 2019: 9am-12pm

Saturday & Sunday Combined – Enroll Now – Click Here: $125

Saturday Only – Enroll Now – Click Here: $99

Sunday Only – Enroll Now – Click Here: $99

FREE 40-Day App LAUNCH Party
Saturday Morning, December 14
9am-12pm – Everyone is invited!

HOTEL: Friday night is sold out, and only a few rooms available here for Saturday and Sunday night.
Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel 

250 Market Street 
Portsmouth, NH 03801
OTHER HOTELS:Residence Inn Marriott hotel (right across the street) Marriott Portsmouth: B & B Portsmouth New Hampshire:–NH



Fly to Boston airport Logan

Take the C & J bus to Portsmouth New Hampshire. Buy your ticket here:

Take an Uber to the hotel 


The C & J bus goes directly to Portsmouth New Hampshire which is 5 miles from downtown Portsmouth.