To love yourself is to heal yourself


Jul 13, 2020


I have read and studied practically every book on healing on the planet over the last 20 years, and I always come back to A Course in Miracles as the most direct path to healing. 

It gives steps and the “how-to”. It lays it all out in the most simple way I have ever seen. 

I know a lot of people don’t realize that A Course in Miracles gives the actual specifics on healing, but it’s all there. 

For $40, you can get your hands on a book that gives you the how-to on healing. How awesome is that?

This is the version of A Course in Miracles that I love the best, from the Circle of Atonement. It’s all the original notes as they came through Helen Schucman from 1965-1972, with zero editing and 33 essays in the back, which just rock my world.  

Now … I know for myself for many years I didn’t have the patience to get through all those words. I wanted bullet points. I wanted a magic pill. I wanted hocus-pocus. I wanted to skim and skip around A Course in Miracles and I hoped that maybe I would, by grace, open up to just exactly the right page that would give me the exact paragraph to take away all my problems. 

I didn’t work out that way for me.

I wanted someone (Jesus) to heal me the way he healed the guys from 2000 years ago and I was frustrated that I was unable to “pick up my bed and walk”. I was irritated that as much as I wanted healing, it never happened. 

And then, after many years of wondering, wishing, hoping, praying, begging for a healing … I decided to test out . my last resort … actually read A Course in Miracles from start to finish – make no exceptions – and DO what it says. 

How novel, right? 


This worked. 

A Course in Miracles is the fast track and it’s totally brilliant in taking you from where you think you are as a separate body full of fear and limitations and leading you on a journey to know yourself – your True Self – your eternal, changeless, genderless, ageless, colorless, body-less Self. 

You are pure light, One with all, but do you know it? 

It invites you to look at all your fear, bring it out of hiding and be willing to let it be healed in the light of truth. 

I know this can sound like mumbo-jumbo incense-burning nonsense until you see all your problems and addictions disappear one by one.

And what I discovered in this process is that I did not love myself. 

And this, my friend, is why I was sick. 

I did not love myself.

I covered it up pretty well with a self-image of confidence … but deep down .. I did not love myself.

I thought miracles were for other people. Deep down was unworthiness, guilt and shame.

“If to love oneself is to heal oneself, those who are sick do not love themselves.” – A Course in Miracles

I began to love myself and sickness disappeared. 

It didn’t disappear overnight, but slowly over time my experience began to change.

I felt life creeping back in.

I felt joy and peace and aliveness.

I was no longer a tired, sick person, full of doubt.


And with this, love began pouring out to the rest of my life until finally, I really did love everyone and everything.

When you love yourself, you naturally love others.  

For a while I had “a short list” of people I didn’t think I could love, but turns out: you CAN love everyone if you want to. It’s the easiest thing in the world.

And what I discovered: LOVE HEALS. 

Love is a the most powerful force in all the world, in all the universe.

And it’s available to each and everyone one of us, right now.

From A Course in Miracles:

“When we have overcome fear, not by hiding it, not by minimizing it, and not by denying its full import in any way, this IS what you will really see. You cannot lay aside the obstacle to real vision without looking upon it, for to lay aside means to judge AGAINST. If YOU will look, the Holy Spirit will judge, and will judge truly. He cannot shine away what YOU keep hidden, for you have not offered it TO Him, and He cannot take it FROM you.We therefore are embarking on an organized, well-structured, and carefully planned program, aimed at learning HOW TO OFFER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT everything you do NOT want. HE knows what to DO with it. You do NOT know how to use what He knows. Whatever is revealed to Him that is not of God, is gone. But you must reveal it to YOURSELF in perfect willingness, for otherwise His knowledge remains useless TO you. Surely He will not fail to help you, since help is His ONLY purpose.” – A Course in Miracles

If you are sick, take some time to sit in quiet and look within and ask: DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF? 

To love oneself is to heal oneself. 

Is it possible for you to love yourself? 

Of course it is.

Can you make a decision to love yourself and therefore heal yourself. 

Of course you can.

You are totally lovable. 

I love you. 

And it’s totally within your power and ability to love yourself.

This is healing. 

Rock on. 



PS: I would love to hear from you! Please post in the comments below if you think today is a good day to begin to love yourself, to heal yourself. And what that looks like for you. 

PPS: If you want a little more on healing,  here is a one-hour free talk for you that I did about a year ago on dealing with physical symptoms. I never listen to my shows after I record them, but I was bored on the plane to Portugal on our way to Camino and listened Episode 3, and was shocked it is really good. There is also a transcript on this page: ENJOY:


23 Responses to “To love yourself is to heal yourself”

  1. Donna says:

    Thank you, Lisa. Work still in progress here. Appreciate you very much! God Bless ❤

  2. This was so beautiful. I was moved to the center of my being. I am so grateful for your energy and your words of truth. Thank you for all that you do. Love you!

  3. Ann Meredith says:

    I love your guidance, but I got stuck on the lessons about sickness. Throughout the years I have learned to love myself, but I don’t see how that takes away things like necessary surgery, vertigo, norovirus and C. diff. These have been beyond my control so I have not understood the lessons. However, I think of all these things as Experiences of my body and I learn from them. I have interacted with and love the people who have helped me.
    I think our bodies have Experiences rather than illness as my soul remains solid and joyful.

  4. Jennifer says:

    You are opening up my heart. You are opening up my eyes. You are helping me as the gorgeous teacher of God that you are, to let the past and ugliness go. Thank you Lisa. I love you xx

  5. Jacquelin says:

    Thank you Lisa so very much. You are absolutely right. I do it with the Course and with Science and Health. I usually won’t read your blog either – i just skim looking for the golden nugget. I’m grateful i took the time to read and re read and digest this. You are so spot on! . I’m too tired right now to say more except thank you and YES – right now THIS HOLY INSTANT is the time.
    Love you dear one.

  6. Cathy says:

    Lisa, how did you learn to love yourself? What specific things did you do?

  7. Tami says:


    Thank you. I started wearing a big aquamarine ring that I’ve named my “Holy Spirit Ring” to remind me to hand over all my fears, doubts, worries and any other thoughts that are not serving me.

    After reading this blog, I’ve changed my perspective on cooking healthy meals for myself. I decided to see it as an act of self love and expression of my creativity. It’s fun and I feel great. The desire to eat fast food is completely gone.

    Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  8. William Dorman says:

    Need to be right
    Need to feel special
    Need my self image
    Need to be liked
    Need recognition
    Fear of being wrong
    Fear of criticism
    Fear of looking bad
    Fear of looking weak

    Thats just some of the wrong values and fears that can have me drifting into story at any given time, mabey just through a comment made or the way someone has looked at me. Its that easy. The hard bit is catching myself and and trying to apply the teacher of god characteristics, its not easy but it can be really enjoyable, they al seem like loveable characteristics to me and the more i practice and engage them characteristics im thinking the more i can love myself and others. Its all great stuff ❤

  9. Luz says:

    Thanks Lisa 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️ eternally for all you do…..

  10. Tracey says:

    Thank you so much for this and ALL you do! You are a true blessing to so many.

    Dear Shifra,
    Lisa offers many great insights in one of my favorite Lisa Shows which is Episode 14, on healing:

    Lisa Shows are also available as Podcasts, if you have an iPhone. Below is one of my favorite points that may be helpful:

    – Depression
    – Anger
    – Jealousy
    – Criticism
    – Worry
    – Sadness
    – Guilt
    – Blame
    – Defending yourself
    – Overwhelm
    – Thinking about the past/future/what you said, etc.

    “What I want you to realize is that there is 1 common denominator, 1 common theme that underlies every single thing that I just described, and that is this: you have been depending on yourself. Every single one of those emotions and those states all fall back on that one thing: you are depending on yourself and you do not know that there is a presence, and a power, and an infinite intelligence that is with you, as you, and you are not communicating with it. This is the cause of all your problems. Period. So, a path of awakening is where you come to know the truth of what you Are. You begin to identify with this presence, this power, this Love, this intelligence, this joy- and this is what Christ Is. This is what you Are. This is your reality. This is your innocence. This is your wholeness.”

    – Lisa Natoli

    You are not alone Shifra- a Friend goes with you that can help you through the illusions. Trust in this Friend. To the best of your ability, shift your focus and hold your attention on the truths about you- your innocence, your wholeness, the light that is your true reality. As Lisa suggests, watch your thoughts like a hawk, and with the strength within you and your Friend, choose not to believe in the illusions that may cross your mind. You are powerful, and I can hear the willingness to heal in your post. YOU GOT THIS!

    ❤️ 🎇 💛 💪 🧡 🌠

  11. Linda Flock says:

    Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for the reminder to love oneself. In my experience learning to love myself naturally extends to loving everything else. In my human consciousness I have created the physical symptoms and “diseases”. I limit how and what healing means. I have resisted the heart of the matter….love. I have felt unworthy, unloved and fearful for so long, but now I have a goal of enjoying the rest of my life. I am experiencing joy, self love and an appreciation for life. Today I tell myself I know I am healed and my body is catching up. Healing has so many levels, but I think it does boil down to learning to love oneself and all of life. I also remind myself that everything that happens to me is supporting my remembering who/what I am. I am aware that part of healing is trusting oneself and the process. It is also sharing yourself and supporting others on their journeys of self discovery. I remember as I heal myself, I support the healing of ALL. Thank you Lisa for sharing your awareness with the world.Thank you for supporting my realignment to my original state of being. I love you.

  12. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Nina – thank you for this message. Cancer does not mean someone is sick. People can have body symptoms and still not be sick. Sickness is a way of life. Diederik is not sick. Pema Deane is vibrant, alive, radiant, joyful and “graduated” from hospice (her own words). I am thinking now of Ram Dass of another perfect example of someone who is not sick, despite the diagnosis and appearance of body symptoms. In all of them there is only joy and peace and identification with the truth of who they are. There is only aliveness. I love this message from you Nina. If you look at some of the things you wrote “I cruelly judged myself” – that is sickness. And healing is to change your mind about not, making a decision to love yourself, to no longer cruelly judge yourself. to accept yourself as God created you and to realize that in this moment YOU ARE HEALED. You are free. What a beautiful light you are and I’m grateful for this message. Thank you for taking the time to express it. I love you. Lisa

  13. Mrs Ngaire Jillian Shaw says:

    Wow Lisa. This is brilliant! And yes, today is a good day to begin to love myself. I really didn’t realize that I didn’t love myself and that’s in spite of Jesus yelling at me one day last year……”And stop beating yourself up!”….What could have been clearer than that. And still I didn’t get it. So grateful for this post. Gratitude. Love and Blessings. Ngaire <3

  14. Nina Rahima says:

    Dear Lisa, I want to add this:

    With respect, there are many loving teachers and masters who had cancer and died from it – and I believe they loved themselves – don’t you?
    I think I remember that you wrote earlier about exactly this –that reading this for anyone who has cancer or any chronic disease, will feel like a judgment: “you are not practicing the Course “correctly.” Or “enough.” Which are not loving thoughts – are they? There is a harshness in that.

    I see friends with cancer – like f.ex. Diederik Wolsak, Ondrea Levin and Pema Deane who share how living with terminal disease has demonstrated for the world a love that is encompassing the illness – and that this illness has truly softened them and melted away any old resistance to Love in their soul. I see how an old patient of mine who is a well known and beloved artist in Norway now uses the cancer to allow every severe treatment the doctors give her, to share openly in our main paper each week the love and wisdom that IS her, WHILE going through this ordeal. Thousands on Facebook praise her for showing them the Love that can live through this ordeal.

    I cruelly judged myself when I got cancer, just because of* isolated quotes* like that. What I did was the following two things: 1) I found the little tortured child within the space in the breast that had the cancer cells and listened to her fully, giving her all my love. 2) I asked Archangel Michael’s power to go through the radiation machine, and from that moment the skin and breast were not damaged from the rays.

    What I did was seeing the illness not as something I had done/practiced “wrong,” but something that gave me a possibility to see differently – as something that brought MORE Love forth in me.

    It truly stripped away so much of what I had thought was essential, and identified as “me.”
    Without it I would not believe FULLY that I am supported and served by Jesus, angels and masters.

    I know that if I had judged myself for the cancer I would have died there and then.

    With so much love

  15. Judy Hill says:

    You’re wonderful! Thank you for reminding me of the delicious truth. Our paths of discovery have similarities. I hear you, I see you, I get you. Thank you for showing me Me this morning. With love and gratitude.

  16. Ulla Kierulf-Larsen says:

    I really do want to love myself. I know I am on ny Way, I know I Can do it.
    I know I dont love ny selv jet. I know I need Gods help.

  17. Shifra Frewoman says:

    I started to cry when u said you are sick becuz you dont love yrself. So true. I have done so much healing and rock bottom is I still hate myself.. Under all the pretty clothes and encouragement poetry art is the feeling of being bad and worthless so deep. I still feel like a slut and a cunt and bad and like the devil like my dad told me i was. Theres this child in me or children in me that feel inconsolable that are so hurt and angry.

    I have deep shame and grief that does not yet leave.

    I cannot express how frustrated i feel how sick i feel both physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.

    I have done the 40 day course several timex. I finally got off psychmeds 2 years ago, that had helped turn me into a mental patient. Maybe there are sicker folks than me but boy i sure am up there.

    I have made great progress and now am on my 4th step in money and food programs and that old stuff is still there.

    Do i want to heal? Honestly part of me does and part does not. I have tried so many times that it is scarey to try again. I do feel defeated and when you say have no doubts it feels like you are saying dont breathe. I cant do this perfectly. I dont want to blame myself. I feel terrible jealousy bc do many others have more than me and ferl i shd nit have money bc there are so msny hungry and homeless.. What do u mean when u say we dont have bodies?

    Are u saying it was my fault that my dad raped and strangled me hundreds of times and tried to murder me? Are u saying children who ate abused want abuse? I am confused. Do the kids being put in cages at the border want abuse? I dont think so lisa.
    Please expkain wgat you mean
    I know you and i love you and know u love me. Do u really think we are only to have positive emotions . did not god give us a full range of feelings ?

    Are u saying the injustice in the world is not real or that there is no discrimination? Ask yr black friends .

    I dont want to argue. I am willing to use your suggestions. I cant stand being so tired and sick and 😥..

    I want to believe change is possible. Thank you. You are an angel.

    I am going to do as yiu suggest abd earlier u mentioned a program that ciats 200 something and u said i cld take it for any donatiin. Does that offer still stand.

  18. Carol Seaver says:

    Thank you for the two words Love Yourself. I was in Hospice waiting to die but I lived. I was in a wheelchair chair and got up and walk. I was on all kinds of medication and I stopped taking them. I have hearing loss but not able to heal that. Not able to understand anyone speaking. Thanks to you I can read all your videos. What do you suggest that I do to hearing?

  19. Bonnie powell says:

    Thank you ❤️

  20. Jay Padilla says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for this beautiful message. I fell off the path to God and I know this because I have been dealing with a serious illness and now know it is because i stopped/haven’t loved myself for a while now. A lot of change has occurred in my life recently and I find myself angry and in fear. I’ve studied the Course for 11 years and somehow lost my way. Thank you for shining this light so that I can remember I am one with God. I Love You.

  21. Ursi says:

    This is so perfect for me but also the whole world. Thanks so much.
    I love you.❤️

  22. Nina Rahima says:

    Lisa, what it looks like? the feeling of being OK with every moment as it presents itself – warts and all – not taking it seriously. Embracing it is a good word. Letting it rest already 🙂

  23. Ulrika says:

    I love you Lisa. You are only love. Thank you for guidance , for being a pointer in direction.
    God bless ❤️🌟👍🏼🙏🏼💃🏻😉🎶☀️🌸

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