Why Michelle Obama is my #1 inspiration


May 12, 2020


Sending you love!

I’ve been off the grid for a while as far as emailing or posting on social media, but I am still here! Bill and I are here in Maine, still staying at home. I’ve been using this time to write, read and create.

The other night we watched the Michelle Obama documentary “Becoming” on Netflix – AND IT SO GOOD !!!!

It’s the best. It’s short – 90 minutes – but wow.

I love LOVE love love love Michelle Obama. LOVE HER.

She is my #1 inspiration – for so many reasons – but mostly because she gives me a demonstration of HOW TO BE.

I’ve loved her since Day 1 when she first came on my radar and I’ve followed her every-move since then. She, to me, is the total demonstration and embodiment of a healer – without calling herself that.

I love her because she’s authentic and down-to-earth – and … I love this …. she HAD TO LEARN how to come into her power, how to value herself, how to be an equal to Barack, how to find her voice.

And then she goes out and teaches/inspires others to do the same.

I love this documentary so much. I love her so much.

Some parts are great to have a reminder of what the media does – like how the media took Michelle and Barack’s playful fist-bump while they were campaigning and turned it into their “secret message” to the world – their “terrorist fist jab” – and how this and some other events led Michelle to have to stop speaking from her heart to having to using cue cards every time – because her every gesture and every word was detailed by the media.

And yet … she just kept showing up.

In this documentary, I love how Michelle speaks to young people about owning your own value and not being a victim – by discovering your own gifts and bringing them forth.

You have to know your own worth and have confidence by your decision to do so – no one is going to give you A GO card on this one. You have to simply make a decision that you are valuable and have something valuable to offer to the world – YOU!!

It doesn’t matter what the world says about you or what the world thinks about you. It doesn’t matter how far down the rung you are. It doesn’t matter your circumstances. It doesn’t matter where you came from.

You have to know in your own heart and mind what you are all about.

When they go low, you go high!

She had a guidance counselor who told her to forget her dreams to go to Princeton … because she would never get in. Well guess where Michelle Obama went to school! That’s right. Princeton. And then onto Harvard Law School.

To me, this is THE BEST WAY TO BE A HEALER: to be the demonstration of authenticity, freedom, joy, aliveness.

It’s not your words that heal. IT. IS. YOUR. PRESENCE.

It is YOU being YOU.

It is you realizing that you are a force to be reckoned with – and yes – there are definitely speed-bumps along the way. There will always be challenges, but you face them. You will be criticized, torn-down, misunderstood – but you still show up as PURE LIGHT.

Enjoy this documentary.

And think for yourself how your presence can be a healing force for someone who just SEES YOU.

I don’t know Michelle Obama. Never had a single interaction with her, and probably never will. But she has changed my life. Just from being in the world.

This is how healing works. In my experience.

You live from a state of mind of authenticity and presence and others see it, and they are changed. They see in you the possibility of another way of living – and they start living in a new way – just because they saw it in you first.

And finally: I just love how playful she is. I love how she’s up for a challenge (push-ups on the Ellen DeGeneres show!) and her fashion style rocks it!!!

Think about how you can you show up in a way that might be a healing presence to others?

That’s on Netflix – called “Becoming”

And to think about the question: WHAT ARE YOU BECOMING?

Enjoy the movie.

I love you.


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