Money falls from the sky! Do you believe that? What are your beliefs about money?


Jun 16, 2016


Do you believe that money falls from the sky? Most people don’t. I know I didn’t for most of my life.

What I believed was that I had to work really hard for money to come to me. That was my belief. I learned it. I believed I had to “do’ something in order to have dollars and coins in my hand to spend.

Our family didn’t have a lot of money growing up – we had a lot of love! – and my parents (who are awesome) had an allowance system, which many well-intentioned parents have to teach children about money and responsibility.

My sisters and I received a weekly allowance of 50¢ per week for making our beds every day, keeping our rooms clean and helping with the dishes every night. I was happy with this system, but very soon (of course) I wanted MORE than 50¢ a week. Especially when the new Andy Gibb album came out!! which I just had to have. This was September 1977 and I was 9 years old, and the album sold for about $5.

Our neighbor across the street had a newborn baby and needed a babysitter. With my mother’s approval and knowing she was right across the street, I got the job! It was 50¢ per hour, which was A FORTUNE to me back then. I went from 50¢ PER WEEK to 50¢ PER HOUR!

I remember going into the record store each week, picking up the album knowing that soon … it would be all mine! I saved my babysitting money and allowance money and bought that album! I can still remember the joy!


When I work, I make money – WOOOOOO-HOOOOO!!! When I save, I can buy things! YEE-HA!

As the years went on, I didn’t like this system so well. I would look around at other people and see that money would come to them easily with no effort. I had friends who didn’t have to work and they always had money. I thought “oh well. This is just the way life is.”

Then I found A Course in Miracles and I suddenly didn’t care about money at all anymore. I didn’t care about working. I just wanted to spend every day reading A Course in Miracles, which made me tremendously happy.

So I gave most of my things away, left my expensive NYC apartment and dedicated my life to God and to living simply.

This went okay, except for the next 10 years I mostly didn’t have money – sometimes not even a few dollars to put gas in my car or to buy food. I noticed that “my needs were always taken care of” – like I never went hungry and I always had a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in but “I have no money” was a constant daily thought.


When I realized that my world was picturing my beliefs.

All I had to do was change my beliefs, and truly believe them!!! This was the key.


MONEY COMES TO ME EASILY WITH NO EFFORT. Money comes to me while I am playing, cooking, sleeping, having fun, taking a bath, reading a book, driving the car, sitting at the ocean, doing nothing.

And guess what!! That’s exactly what began to happen. Money begin coming to me easily … without working!!



Yesterday I was hanging out with my awesome beautiful amazing friend Diane Crosser (I have permission to use her name!) and she said a few things that showed me that she believed she had to work hard for money.

I used to have the same belief: I thought that the only way money would come to me is if I worked super hard for it.

So I stopped her and said: HEY, THAT’S A BELIEF. You don’t have to work hard for money. That’s just a thought. Let’s change that belief. From now on: Money comes to us while we are playing and having fun! Money comes to us while we are sleeping! Money comes to us while we are cooking! Money comes to us while we are reading books and relaxing! Money comes to us when we are watching movies! Money comes to us while we are driving the car! Money comes to us easily, with no effort.”

So I said all that and we had the best afternoon ever. She stayed for dinner, and it was the best fun ever. Then this morning I open my computer to find this message and photo from her – haha 🙂

Hey Lisa love! Yesterday while we were affirming how easily money comes to us, my girlfriend sent me a picture of this money she got for me by selling a few of my things on Craigslist! So literally money was easily coming to me, and I just wanted to share that testimony! She has all this money waiting for me to pick up! Money comes to me easy! I love you Lisa and thank you so much for the awesome afternoon. Money comes to me while I am having fun!!”

HA. I love it! When we change our beliefs, the world changes!

SO LET’S HAVE THE MONEY CONVERSATION!! I would love to hear from you. I used to avoid the money conversation like the plague (because it wasn’t spiritual lol) and then I realized the ego was keeping me from having the money conversation to keep me from looking at my limited beliefs that were blocking me and keeping me hostage, in hell, with no money. Meanwhile saying: but look how spiritual you are! Look how much you are giving!

The tricks of the ego are immense. The work of A Course in Miracles is to look at every thought/belief and raise it to awareness. I would like to know: Are there things you want to do in life that you are not doing because of the belief that you have no money? What are the things you want to do? What are the thoughts you have that stop you? Then what do you do? How do you move beyond the appearances of lack?

12 Responses to “Money falls from the sky! Do you believe that? What are your beliefs about money?”

  1. Lisa Natoli says:

    Dear Gorgeous Ruth-Ellen – I love you. What a beautiful message and beautiful practice. thank you.

  2. Ruth-Ellen says:

    Dear Risto,
    I send you love and light. I am new at ACIM and am still learning so much about it. It resonates deeply for me. I hope you can continue to read and practice it. I deeply believe this dedication will help you find the place of God that is within you. From that place we listen to what is ours to do next.
    I am often able to catch myself each time I have a thought of fear or lack. I turn it into a thought of love and joy and abundance. Sometimes I don’t believe the new thought, but I repeat it over and over anyway. I often am surprised that I feel so much better! I have refused to believe the fear, and am developing my ability to believe the truth. When I feel really stuck I read and listen to one of the 40 day messages again, and it helps a lot. Many blessings to you. Ruth-Ellen

  3. Lisa Natoli says:

    I love these messages! Thank you. For me, it’s always about taking an IDEA and putting it into practice, experimenting with it to see that it works (or doesn’t work). That goes both ways. But for me, I have always felt excitement by ideas that I can see with my own two eyes and my own experience if it’s true. And that’s what I always encourage people to do with anything I write or say. TRY IT OUT. 🙂

  4. Morris says:

    I also grew up around the belief that money only comes from hard work, and the harder you worked the more money you would get. But soon I realized that the amount of money some people got was not proportionate to the work they did. Meanwhile I was always busy trying to work harder and harder but never getting anywhere. I am so glad to hear that attracting money has more to do with what one believes about money. Also, I am led to believe that it possibly has something to do with who, or what, we need to forgive. Is that true?

    My best,

  5. Jolande says:

    Well thank you for this oppurtunity to reflect on my beliefs about money. Yes, I think that the only way to get money is have to work for it,and I have the beloef that there only is money for things that really matter, like food, house, health and so on, but not for fun things like vacation, going out for lunch or dinner, go to a musical, spiritual education and so on.
    In the years I have learnt to spent a bit money to fun things, so I am progressing , but the belief is still strong. I began with tithing a few months ago , I see fear around that, and an impulse to not do fun things to be able to tith.
    So i am still learning and want to state this : there is plenty of money to do the things I love.

  6. andrea says:

    Dear Lisa, I love that you bring this up today. I decided that i absolutely want to figure out this abundance topic in the next two months and now your email came. thank you so much. i was so excited to play with my belifs and change them. i have an amazing life, a wonderful family, a little resort/retreat on an island in thailand, i am right now in hawaiii following my passion to swim with the dolphins AND we dont have all the money that we need for the time we ar here but we went anyways. i thought i would do crowdfundiing…but just during plannning and organising it there is already so little flow in the process… today for the first time i really allowed myself to be lazy and also not think about the money, the crowdfunding, how long our money would last etc. I have everything…and i knew then how it feels to let go and trust.
    I love the idea of money growing on trees and falling from the sky, i do believe it but i guess i need more proof for more trust. i would love to go helicopter flying or paraglding with my daughter, ziplining, anything with flying is so much fun. and i loved the concept of tithing so i am looking forward for money coming in to share 1/10 of it. There are times wheree i feel certain that i am absolutely taken care of and there are tiimes where i fear that i am not. it seems like a leap to continue to do the things i love to do without worrying that money comes in. i feel i am still waiting for proof. I realize a bit of shame writing this while seeing what life i am living already…..thank you for all your sharing and support ! I love you,

  7. After reading Lisa Natoli’s article yesterday titled “Money Falls from the Sky” I realized more than anything how utterly true it is that “only the truth will set us free.” Lisa’s article goes for the highest truth, and because it doesn’t compromise and is not watered down in any way, it has the power to instantly interrupt limiting and even destructive mental attitudes towards money. After reading Lisa’s article I asked the spirit “where exactly does money come from?” And the immediate answer was: “We create what we expect”. Expecting more money to show up can only happen when we heal our limiting beliefs around money.If we expect money to show up only after we’ve worked extremely hard for it, then that is exactly what’s going to happen. We’ve set that scenario up for ourselves based on that belief. If we believe we don’t deserve it (because of a strange belief that we are somehow not worthy) it won’t show up. It’s as simple as that. And so it all comes down to belief. When we examine our limited beliefs about ourselves and transform them by understanding and accepting that they are simply not true, we are then free to fully expect whatever it is we truly want. Whatever that happens to be, and the sky is not the limit. All we have to do is expect it, get out of our own way, and let it show up from the synchronicity of life itself. Lisa’s article can be found here

  8. Sheryl Newton says:

    I heard your interview regarding tithing. It was life/belief changing. I would only tithed what I could affords and never consistently. I am tithing 10% each time I receive money. And it feels great! As I spend the money for all the things I normally do, mortgage bills, food, things that come up, I always seem to have plenty of money in my account. And my pay check has not increased. I do not have the fear associated with money any more.. LOL Smiley face. I seem to have all the money I need and i absolutely love tithing. It is amazing. I had huge negative connections with money as I think we all do and as I asked to be healed wrote a forgiveness letter regarding this. I am amazed at how wonderful it feels to not worry about the money. And as a widowed parent of 2 boys it is even more amazing that i have let go of this worry. Thank you Thank you Thank you. After reading your post above, my new way of belief is I can have money while i am doing things i enjoy. Money comes to me freely! YES. and YEA! In Gratitude, Sheryl
    PS I am so excited I want to increase my Tithing even more than 10%

  9. Toni Smith says:

    Good Morning my dear sister in law your love and joy in life is so infectious. There are so many thing I wish for. Dream about, taking family vacation somewhere beautiful and tropical ( other than our annual camping trip to the lake) buying a boat for Brad. We have had two boats during our 27 yr marriage and have had to sell them both to cover important financial responsibilities, a transmission for my car and our custody battle for Nico. I don’t really want for much else. I have a nice home a good job a loving family and currently my health. I have always been one do do for others. Maybe just not enough. Im very thankful for you and the love you have for my brother. You have given him a love for life I have never seen. In the words of Freddie May God Continue to Bless you real good! Love you!

  10. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Rose! I love you. YES. Another visit is definitely in order! Either you come here or I come to Australia. xoxoxoxo I feel like the quote from the bible “Ask and you shall receive” was supposed to be “GIVE and you shall receive” and so you are definitely on the right track. SEE YOU SOON!!

  11. Rose says:

    The thing that I’m not doing because I think I can’t afford it is to come and visit you LIsa!! I do have this idea that I can only afford one trip say, every two years, and when I go it’s got to cover all the bases, because I won’t be back for a while! Now I’m in a space of creating a new ‘business’ for myself and I’m a bit too focussed on “how will this venture support me and replace the income I have at the moment?”, because of course, I have the mortgage and the kids and the car etc etc… Thank you for bringing this up Lisa – It’s perfect timing for me, cause I know that all I need to do is focus on giving, on the content of the work I’m planning to do, and the money will take care of itself. I LOVE YOU! Mwah!xxx

  12. Risto Juvenius says:

    First i have to say that i´m sorry of my bad english writing ans some problems with reading so at this age makes me do lots of lots of mistakes!
    I have money problems. I have been self employee before, and i have also few workers before. After the collapse i lost everything and now i just have credit problems to the end of my life, if there not happens something miracle in my life.

    I have been reading ACIM, but at this point of my life i´m so in fear in my life, cause i like to see the world with more love and peace in it. So i share all my fears in facebook, cause otherwise i can´t sleep.
    Everything in my life goes someway wrong and in the world also, cause i like to see the world what be more solidarity and what is democratic. Now when we see here only the propaganda what your country do to make all of us hate russians and start the war with them, i really feel bad.
    And now i have a feeling that i can´t ever coming up from here, and rest of my life is going to be just living hell, without money, future pension, without love and everything.

    Sorry to bather you with this, but still, Thank you! If there is anything you can do for me, that i get the easier life, i´m so gratefull. I don´t have the power anymore. <3

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