What’s your morning routine? Do you have one?


Jul 23, 2019


If you know me at all, you know  I am big on the morning routine. In fact, I think it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT thing needed if you want to stay in joy and peace. I think it’s  safe to say even that it’s CRUCIAL and NECESSARY.

I know that can seem dramatic and yes I put it in ALL CAPS.

If you don’t have a morning routine, chances are high that your energy is scattered, which means your emotions are scattered, which means your  day is scrambled, which means your life is all over the map.

Just saying.

So what’s a morning routine? It’s a deliberate intentional way to start your day.

If you are not consistently joyful, I think it’s safe to say you probably don’t have a consistent morning routine.

Chances are HIGH that you wake up in the morning and you’re off in running. And external  things immediately grab your attention: cellphone, emails that need to be answered, texts, social media, problems, drama, body symptoms, work-related issues, past, future, your t0-do list, kids, spouses, life in general.

When you have a consistent morning routine, life is a smooth joyful path, where everything is working easily. 

Morning routines vary from person to person, but the intention behind ALL OF THEM is identically the same: you get centered and connected within – you PLUG IN – which then  allows clarity to flow through you.

Think  of it as if you’re an electronic device and you have been unplugged all night, and you wake up in the morning and you’re still unplugged.

Unplugged, you don’t function so well.

So a morning routine PLUGS YOU IN to God, to Life, to Intelligence, to Energy … whatever you want to call it.

It’s a way to deliberately,  consciously and actively bring your attention and focus within – and when you do that – get centered and connected – the energy fields all come back to center, which means YOU ARE CENTERED.

If you have done The 40-Day Program for Transformation or my most recent online course The Healing Cure, then you know that my work is 100 percent about you deliberately shifting from one state of being to a new state of being, and  then embodying  and living this new state of being (your True Self) consistently …. every single day.

If you have seen any of my illustrations, then  you  know THAT CIRCLE  that I constantly draw, as if I’m a broken record.

I draw a circle and ask:  where are you? Are you here (outside the circle, focusing on external  events, problems, body drama)? Or are you here (in the center of the circle, focusing on the light you are)? What’s your location? What’s  your point-of-viewing?

If you are anything other than joyful and at peace, then you are OFF YOUR CENTER.

It’s really that simple. Your living  as the body, separate from your Self and separate from others and then result is feeling depressed, sad, overwhelmed, angry, irritated, judgmental.

Why is this? Because the energy is off-center! So simple and so easy to correct.

When you live off-center, the energy  is flying. It’s scattered. It’s scrambled. It’s chaotic.

And here is the thing with energy: IT STRIVES  FOR HARMONY AND BALANCE.

So what’s the problem? Why doesn’t the energy line up in harmony and balance? Because we are constantly resisting, fighting, holding on to our stories, holding onto our position, trying to hold the energy a certain way when it’s trying to move!

The energy starts to move into balance and what do you do?  FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

The energy starts moving into harmony and when it’s moving it can look like people falling away, your job starts feeling uncomfortable, situations feel uncomfortable – this is energy moving –  and when energy moves it is momentarily uncomfortable –  and we,  as people –  can’t stand discomfort and  change.

So, we  start scrambling  to hold everything  together in THE OLD WAY while we say we want  a new way. Talk about the height of insanity.

And  then what happens? Here comes the LOL … we complain about people and jobs and tell a story  about “what  they  did to us” or “what is happening to us”. Humans fight to the end to hold onto things the way they are. It’s really nuts.


It’s a deliberate intentional way to plug in, get centered and connected BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE.

My suggestion always is that your “morning routine” begin the instant you wake up, before you get out of bed.

Do not get out of bed until you have plugged yourself into joy and peace and the Mind of God. Lay there in bed and focus your attention and awareness within and then center and connect with your True Being which isn’t a body, isn’t contained within a body.  Bring your awareness and attention to the light within until you feel it CLICK and YOU ARE THIS LIGHT.

When this happens, you are in  love with life, in love with your Self, in love with everyone and everything. Don’t get out of bed until you have MADE THE SHIFT and connected your local mind to Universal Mind.

You’ll know you’re plugged in when you experience gratitude, joy, peace, excitement, enthusiasm, expansiveness.

Then get out of  bed.

What you’ll discover once you shift your local mind to God Mind, there actually is no longer a “you” that “gets out of bed.” There is only movement and with no thought, you’re out of the bed and moving.

This is the greatest way to live – to allow the energy to move you.

I wake up with no alarm anywhere between 5:30 and 7am. My morning routine always includes coffee and then crawling back into bed with my books and journals. For at least an hour, usually two hours. It’s a quiet time of resting, connection, contemplation, joy. I journal, write and read. Our cats always snuggle up to me.

Then there is movement again, with no thought.

I almost never schedule anything in the morning before 11am so I don’t have to think about time.

Around 8am or so, I make smoothies for me and Bill and every day is different.

I don’t work in the morning. My “work day” usually doesn’t start until 11am. Mornings are for fun, quiet, going outside, putting music on and dancing, writing GETTING PLUGGED IN.

I used to try to “crush it” and work from 9-5, but I realize I love mornings and I discovered (by accident, really)  that when you’re plugged into Universal Energy as God, as Love, as Intelligence what used to take you 8 hours to accomplish now takes 1 hour or 15 minutes. I’m not kidding. What used to  take you 8 months to accomplish now takes you two weeks.

I find that too many people have zero clarity about what’s important in their life. They think “working harder” is going to get them to some destination later when then they can relax.

So I encourage you to take some time today and GET CLEAR on what you want your life to be like. Write it down. Put it on paper. Why are you working so hard? And  if you’re not working at all, what are waiting for?

How would life be awesome for you? What kinds of things would you love to do?

For me, it’s the whole morning off to rest, relax, play, write, enjoy – and I decided I wasn’t going to wait till “later” or “until I have more money” to do it. I got clear on what was important to me – TIME WITH GOD – TIME FOR QUIET AND REFLECTION – LOTS OF TIME FOR DOING NOTHING – TIME FOR READING AND JOURNALING – TIME FOR LEISURELY  COFFEE WITH NO PLANS – and I built it in.

Shifting your local mind to Universal God Mind is the most powerful thing you can do every day?

I would love to hear from you. What’s your morning routine? Write it in the comments below.

And if you don’t have one yet, think about it, commit to it and write it in the comments below.

For example, you could test-run a new morning routine for one week and see what you think and then decide if this is not a WAY BETTER way to live: starting your mornings with reflection, meditation, yoga, exercise, journaling, waking up leisurely, not working until later in the day, not checking your phone  or social media until a certain time, and then giving it a week – 7 days – to step into this new routine.





18 Responses to “What’s your morning routine? Do you have one?”

  1. Joyce says:

    Oh, Lisa, your morning routine is my dream!  It is a challenge for me, as I work several jobs as a sub-contractor due to be sole provider and caretaker for my husband with Alzheimer’s and my son with autism. So, if my alarm is not waking me up for a very early work or Dr’s appt, it can be someone banging on my door, etc., and it’s a jolt – almost every day.  I’m so grateful for 40 days, which I did 2x – saved my sanity, truly!  But, I sure wish I could wake up like you and not make appts till 11 … truly my desire, so that means, it must be coming my way!  Love to all!

  2. Oh WoW! Thanks for the kick in the pants. I honestly forget how blessed I am to be able to also wake up without an alarm clock, to spend time communing with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Normally I just lie in bed and repeat – I am not a body. I am free. I am as God created me. But then I find my mind drifting this way and that. My focus is not there. So thank you for this and for loving us all. I am going to do what you say above – write down what I want my life to be like. And then to give it to God to sanctify it and to be with me in all that I do, desire and how and where I serve.

  3. Lynne Lightowler-Buck says:

    I’m thinking of a song: “Since I met you, babay, my whole life has changed!” That goes back to when I got the CE Edition via you thinking you were someone in a dinner group of the same name. So now absolutely I have an evolving morning routine: set my day’s tone giving it as a gift to God, my present to him . . . and to us: Christ, my Highest Self, Holy Spirit and brother Jesus. Then up, dressed, out to walk my loved dog Xander, home and coffee and smoothie and begin my ACIM lesson for the day in the Text right now, though a separate part is also The Manual. That much is essential. It’s cycling into another phase as I find much else shifting . . . am having a terrible time reading some things in book clubs . . . and am finding connections breaking and shifting. I wonder what next is coming. So I’m going to try out your idea of making a plan . . . with Holy Spirit and all, intending for my greatest good. My blessings!

  4. Shasta says:

    Hi Lisa and my fellow pilgrims,
    My morning routine is sacred and is the most important part of my day. And like you, I don’t schedule anything until after 11am. Since 2013 it has consisted of meditation to connect with the mind and love of God, then reading from ACIM, whether it’s the Text, a Workbook lesson, or a lesson from TOG. It creates my focus for the day and helps me recenter when I wander off course. For me it is vital to have this morning routine in order to remember daily my purpose here and to always choose peace as much as I possibly can. It also helps me take this love out into the world and share it with others.

  5. Laura Gergen says:

    Thank you, Lisa, for helping re-mind me of what my/the Truth is. I love mornings, communing with nature, with Spirit, my cats, coffee, being joy-filled, thankful. The 40 day program rocks! What a wonderful gift to the world, thank you.

  6. Pat Quinlivan says:

    Well very impressed with yours & everyone’s morning routine.
    I am now 87 & definitely could improve my morning routine.
    Part of problem is do have very restless nights. If I dont get to sleep as soon as i go to bed generally means there is someone i need to forgive.
    The sooner i can remember who it is & forgive them the better night i will have.
    Then thw more organized my morning will be.
    I live in retirement village so in contact with many people.
    Plus have 5 kids 6 grandkids 1 Greatgrandson.
    Also just recovering from $30,000 heist from my bank account partly due to my own stupidity.
    Also need to improve balance & endurance.

  7. Julie Lewis says:

    I started my morning routine 5 years ago when you told me about yours❤️. Thank you! It changed my life , day by day by day🥰🤩🥰

  8. Thank you so much for this. My morning routine has been completely off since being on vacation visiting family and I’m feeling it. My usual morning routine is taking one hour for myself before everyone is awake when I drink my coffee, do meditation or ACIM, or some positive uplifting reading. That way, I start the day before the kids are up calmly. Need to get back to this. My days are more peaceful and loving.

  9. Dear Lisa,
    I do have my morning routine. In the evening I prepare a lesson for the next day as a meditation file. Computer sleeps next to me.
    In the morning I sit up and turn the lesson on. Listen to it and then spend time doing it. I ask J. To join me for the day.
    After 40 days program I feel literally with J. Inside the circle. I love your picture, but I have J. Inside with me.
    I spend 30-40 min doing this meditation, connection and lesson. Then I do my 5 Tibetan rites, and while I am doing it the lesson for the day in meditative mode keep running again and again. I often keep it running for another hour while I make breakfast and eat it.
    I usually have my days floating in awareness. It did happened before, but after your 40 days program it become my norm. I think the program is brilliant! Thank you for that. Love your passion and enthusiasm.
    With love Tatyana.

  10. Margaret reid says:

    Lisa almost the same .
    Come too with God .have to remind myself though as I’m new .
    No phone on till 10
    Do my lesson while having coffee and oh I feed my cats first .
    Concentrate on a course in miracles till 9 and then up and float around till 10

    That’s it really ,my cats hang out with me in bed and they are happy with the music and reading ..thank you for all the wonderful courses .i relate well to everyone

  11. Michelle says:

    My morning routine includes listening to David Hofmeister’s lesson of the day. However it is often done in a pressured manner as I need to start the day. I am inspired by your routine to have a less structured approach and give myself more time to allow love and joy in. Many thanks

  12. William Dorman says:

    1st thing when im up is do some light exercise then read some acim text Lesson. I pray and sit in silence for 10 – 15. Im loving your morning routine lisa. Some great routines going on here. Thanks for the guidance.

  13. deb ernst says:

    Thanks for loving me Lisa!

  14. Lisa, this is exactly what I needed to hear today and I am ALL IN. I’m getting the message loud and clear and am going to try a morning routine similar to yours this week! Thank you!!

  15. Cookie Gilpatrick says:

    Haven’t even listened to this yet I’m sure it’s fabulous and I have a morning routine…
    And I love Old Orchard Beach..
    French fries with vinegar

  16. Jay Padilla says:

    Hi Lisa, my morning routine when I wake is to center myself by saying “God is with me”. Then I get out of bed, sit in my chair, eyes closed and turn this day over to GOD/HS/Jesus, praying for forgiveness, to see the face of Christ in all my brothers and come to remember God. I also pray for Holy Encounters and Holy Relationships and how I may serve God’s plan for Salvation.

  17. Kelly Clancy says:

    YES, YES, YES! I am reading this during my morning just returning from walking on the beach with my dog, after meditating and listening to your program ACIM 365. My morning routine is by far my favorite part of the day! As I grow in my awareness, what I am finding is my morning routine just keeps getting longer and longer. No longer is it just 15-30″ but I too no longer schedule appointments, see clients, do external tasks until late morning or early afternoon. What I have discovered is that the more I honor this time, my purpose out in the world has shifted so my mind thinks only with god and my whole world (job, relationships, lifestyle) has shifted. I experience an exponential sense of joy and peace and my decisions are based in love. Thank you Lisa for being part of my morning routine and for all that you do!

  18. jen flynn says:

    LOVE my morning routine! so grateful to the 365 lessons that got the habit going for me! Thank you Lisa for continuing the support and guidance!

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