My Sunday Message. June 3, 2018. The metaphysics of Moses. Leaving Eygpt.


Jun 03, 2018


It is Sunday, June 3, 2018. 

Today’s Sunday Message is a video which is down below in this message.  I encourage you to read this message first, BEFORE watching the video. 

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Tomorrow, Monday, June 4th, Bill and I fly to Porto, Portugal to walk a part of the Camino (150 miles) to Santiago, Spain with 21 of our friends. My “plan” is treat this like the spiritual walk that it was always intended to be, and give myself an open space for new things to occur. 

So I will be mostly off the grid, but like I say, when working with Jesus (as I describe in today’s Sunday’s message), all bets are always off because you get instruction on a moment-by-moment basis. Every moment is an invitation to let go of all your plans, drop all your nets, and follow the inner guidance about where to go, what to say and what to do. 

But I’m not taking any of my audio equipment (too heavy to carry in my backpack) so I think it’s pretty safe to say there will be NO Lisa Show until I return (we fly back to Boston on June 19th).

But again, I never know. My commitment is TO STAY PRESENT and if I’m told to do a Lisa Show while on the Camino, I’ll do one. 

I am not taking my computer. I am taking my iPad and I have never used it for writing or videos, so my Sunday messages – if they go out at all – will be short and sweet. 

It’s possible before I leave for the airport tomorrow that I’m told to bring my computer. The point in all of this is STAY ALERT. BE PRESENT. LISTEN. BE WILLING TO ABANDON ALL YOUR PLANS AND YOU WILL BE GUIDED PERFECTLY.

Thanks for being here. I love the idea of a Sunday message. It helps me to UP MY OWN GAME, to give a message of hope, healing & inspiration while weaving in stories of Jesus, the bible and A Course in Miracles. I didn’t even start reading the bible until I was in my 30s and I have no religious background, so it’s fun for me to find out the metaphysics of these stories from 2000 (and more) years ago. 

Today I give you the video talk from this past Friday in our ACIM Friday Morning Group. I talk about the metaphysics of Moses and leaving Egypt, and how it relates to YOU. 

Also in this video I about Workbook Lesson 91 from A Course in Miracles and Workbook Lesson 135, in which Jesus gives the exact formula for healing. For those of you who have done A Course in Miracles, you have probably noticed that many ideas are repeated several times throughout the book, to emphasize the importance of the idea. The healing formula is given in Workbook Lesson 91, but in case you miss it, he gives it again, and then again, and then again, and then again. Over and over and over, until you see it. 

In today’s video, I POINT OUT for you. 

After I gave this Friday morning talk, I was driving my car back home to Maine and my mind was ON FIRE with more ideas about the Moses story (which I did not talk about in the video, because the ideas came after I gave the talk). 

I was flipping out with excitement. The point that was given to me is that Moses is asked by the burning bush (his own intuition, which is the voice for God, own Inner Guide, which is speaking to all us, and is a flame that cannot be put out) and this “voice” tells him to go to Egypt to ruler, King Pharaoh, and to request the slaves be freed from bondage. Moses has to go back to the place he fears the most, because he killed an Egyptian 40 years earlier and has spent the past 40 years in hiding, living in a quiet life, thinking he no longer has to face his fear. The metaphysics of this is obvious. At least I hope it’s obvious. We all eventually will be required to go face our fear and deal with it directly. You cannot hide. So he goes back to Egypt and request to “the ruler” to free the slaves. This “ruler” is your own emotions – sadness, sickness, anger, guilt, blame, shame – all the things that have been keeping you in bondage. And you go “the ruler” – you go to your emotions  – and you say: Okay. This is how it’s going down. We’re leaving now. You can’t keep us here anymore.

And “the ruler” says NO. King Pharaoh say NO to Moses (when Moses requests to free the slaves from bondage) nine times. Nine times Moses says “we’re leaving. we’re getting out of here” and nine times “the ruler” says no. And this is how it goes with you, right? 

You go to your emotions and problems and conditions – the things that have been ruling you (sadness, conflict, sickness) and you say; I’m done with you. 

And nine times, the ruler says NO. 

Usually, most people will not keep going back. Most people do not have that kind of perserverance, to keep getting up again after being told NO. Most people say: Okay. Oh well. I asked conflict to free me and conflict said NO. Oh well. I guess I just have to live in bondage. 

After every request, there was a plague. This is described in A Course in Miracles as “a catalyst into false thinking which shakes up erroneous perception” In Unity, it’s called chemicalization. It means that every time you face your emotions, there is going to be a period of dismantling and disorientation – a “plague”. 

Most people back down here too. 

But Moses, in the face of his fear, kept going back. 

And after nine NO’s, he went back for the 10th time to request the “king” to release the slaves, Pharaoh said NO, another plague and Pharaoh’s child dies – and he finally says YES to Moses. 

The revelation I had in the car ride home from the Friday morning group is that when you keep going back to the emotions that are ruling you, keeping you in bondage, at a certain point, they: 

A. See that you mean business and that you are not backing down
B. They realize that there is a Power and Presence that is operating that is way bigger than you and they finally collapse under that kind of light. 

Don’t be a person who gives up when you go to “the ruler of your mind” to command freedom. Know that YOU’RE GOING, no matter what. 

Be prepared for a little disorientation as the light dispels the darkness and as you leave the darkness behind. It can feel like a plague. Be okay with it. It will pass quickly if you don’t try to analyze it. Don’t try to calm the storm. Just calm your mind. 

Enjoy this talk. 

I come as a light in the dark to free you from bondage. 

What I say in this video is that most people do not want to go. They don’t want to leave slavery. They don’t want to leave their conflict, even though they say they do. 

Many people “say” they want the peace of God, but very actually mean it. 

At least in conflict, you know what to expect. At least in chains, you feel safe. Out in the wilderness, as you leave the darkness, you don’t know what to expect. And I can’t tell you what will happen, because I have no idea. 

Only YOU can make a decision to leave the slavery of being ruled by your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions. 

I come to tell you THE DOOR IS OPEN. 

You have to make the decision to walk through the door. 

I will tell you: You can take nothing with you. When the Christ appears and says “follow me” you have to be willing to go on faith. 

I can tell you that when you find the courage and trust to follow this path, it will blow your mind in joy, gratitude and a feeling of excitement that will be like nothing you have ever experienced. 

But first. You have to face your fear. It often will feel like you are being asked to sacrifice something. If will often feel like you are going to lose something. It requires you to leave your comfort zone and your “place of safety.” 

If this is you. Enjoy the video. 

I love you with all my heart. 

Buen Camino! I’m going out into the wilderness myself. 

And I have zero idea what to expect, but I’m excited. 

I’ll send photos by email. 

Again, if you like this message please share it by clicking on the social media buttons and invite your friends to join my mailing list. There is no need to suffer. Ever. 



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