What are your most alive moments in life?


Jul 30, 2019


If you were to sit quietly for a moment and think of the times in your life when you felt most vibrant, alive, free and happy, what comes to mind?

What are your best and favorite stand-out moments in your life-time?

What are the qualities/attributes that these moments contained?

For me, it’s the moments when something surprising and unexpected happened outside of my normal routine  – and this FORCED me to be present. It’s the moments where I felt connected, centered, clear and powerful. It’s times when I decided to take a risk, do something bold, reach for the stars. One time I was on a NYC subway (on my first week there in 1992) and someone threatened to kill me. I was standing in front of him and he was being quiet when he suddenly went completely and absolutely berserk, filled with rage and anger. Somehow he superimposed his ex-girlfriend onto me and talked to me as if I had left him and kept yelling he was going to kill me – stand out moment! 

I think my most stand-out memorable moment – the one that takes the top prize – is when I made a decision to  leave waitressing in 1988 and move from Stowe, Vermont to Boca Raton, Florida to go to college and get a bachelor’s degree. There are many MANY more stand-out moments because I choose to live my life in a way where things are constantly new –  but this one takes the #1 top spot.

And my first semester in Florida stands out in my life like a bright shining star. 

WHY IS THAT? What happened there that made that time so memorable?

It’s because I made a decision to do something completely brand new and wipe the slate clean. 


I didn’t just think about it. I took action. I was bold. I was fearless, even though I was terrified! lol. The Great Paradox! 

Nothing was familiar … and that made me super alert and present which is a state of being of ALIVENESS. 

My most alive moments are when I say:


And then I go. I figure it out. 

And once you access THIS PLACE and THIS POWER, you find out that you were the one keeping you stuck the whole time.

You discover that …


Everything you need suddenly becomes available to you.

When I moved to Florida, I didn’t bring the past with me. No one knew me. No one knew my history. No one knew my story. No one knew I was a party girl. I decided to start with a clean-slate and live life in an entirely NEW way – as someone who was an A student, who studied a lot, who worked out at the gym every day, who rode a bicycle everywhere and who didn’t drink (that did all change later, just fyi, and my party-girl ways did return, but for my first semester, I did everything in a new way) 

Before then, I had gone to college in Burlington, Vermont and got as Associates degree in hotel/restaurant management. I didn’t take it at all seriously. I was a major party girl, with no clear-cut goals. I earned myself  quite the repetition and everyone knew me as a fun party girl. I didn’t really want that life anymore, but I couldn’t seem to break out of that image, no matter how much I tried. I was known for being a drinker, a free Spirit, someone who goes with the flow. Everyone knew me that way. I slept late. I partied hard. I stayed out all night. I was hungover through all my morning classes. I did the least amount of work I could possibly get by with and I often had very little money, which I spent on partying, on drinks in the bar and on bottles of vodka with limes and tonic to go with it.

I had graduated from Champlain College by doing the least amount of work I could in order to get the diploma. I think my grades were C’s and maybe a few D’s thrown in there. I didn’t care. I was only interested in sliding by  in life, doing as little as possible. That was my story and I was sticking to it.

So I graduated with  an Associates Degree (which to me was nothing more than a piece of paper) and I moved in with friends in Stowe Vermont and got a job waiting on tables in a breakfast/lunch place. I wanted to keep my evenings free for partying.  I didn’t have money for a car. Either someone gave me a bicycle or I bought a  bicycle. I can’t remember which, but I  know that my mode of transportation was a bicycle. I biked to work in the morning, about two miles away. I waited on tables until around 2pm and then I biked home. This went on for several months and I knew summer was coming to an end soon and that there would be snow and freezing temperatures and the thought came: Something needs to change. 

I would either need to buy a car for  the winter months and I was feeling like I was in a dead-end life with a dead-end job. I totally loved the friends I was living with  – that part was great – I loved those guys – we drank and partied together and laughed a lot – but I was 20 years old – and I saw that this life I was living would not go on forever.

I had very little money, the few dollars every week from tips from my breakfast/lunch waitressing gig which went towards rent, and like I said: vodka. My grades from Champlain were terrible and I had zero credit. So I really felt like, how the hell do I move out of this situation? I had no idea.

But I got an idea one day that I could go back to college!

I got really REALLY excited. I biked over to the Stowe public library after my waitressing shift ended at 2pm and started looking around how someone goes to college to get a bachelor’s degree with no money and no credit and terrible grades. I thought: “It must be possible. Right?”

This was in 1988. Back before the internet and cellphones.

I found out that it’s super inexpensive to go to college in the state of Florida if I became a Florida state resident, which I could apply for after living there for 6 months! I could apply for student loans. I could get a job in Florida and go to school at the same time. I started to see that it was totally possible and totally do-able.

I wasn’t sure if I would get accepted with my grades, but I had to at least try!!

I knew that I would never get in if I didn’t at least fill out the application, write the essay and apply.

So the thing  I needed  to do was  figure out WHERE in Florida I wanted to go. That part was easy – AS CLOSE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO THE OCEAN AS I COULD GET.

So I found a map of colleges in Florida and I took my  finger along the Atlantic, starting in the north and with my finger I traced the Atlantic ocean and BINGO: Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida!!

HERE I COME !!!!!! 

And the rest is history. I got accepted to start in January 1989. I moved back home to mom and stepdad’s house to work a job with insane hours to make as much money as I could from September to December. Who was this girl??? Where was the slacker who was stuck? She was gone, gone, gone. I went to FAU. I had an A+ time. I got a job at the Marriott Hotel to pay for tuition, rent and food. I got student loans and I got a bachelor’s degree. And I got a stand-out memory! 

I felt to share this story to get you thinking …


What were some of the elements that the situation contained? Was it new and fresh? Did you make a decision to do something new? Was there an element of surprise? Was it a time of devotion and commitment? What makes it stand-out? 

Post in the comments below and read what others have to say! Thousands of people come through this website each week and your voice and your story can make a difference in someone else’s life! So share from the heart and tell us how you show up! You never know who’s asking for prayer, seeking a change in their life and you can give someone the inspiration and encouragement to do things in a new way by your sharing. 

So thank you for joining in this community and conversation! 

And see if in remembering these moments makes you want to be a little more bold and curious and adventurous in your life now. 

So that this next phase of your life becomes A STAND-OUT MOMENT FOR YOU. 

Is there something you have been wanting to do? 

Something you are afraid of? 

Something you think is impossible? 


I look forward to hearing from you in the comments! 



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12 Responses to “What are your most alive moments in life?”

  1. Nancy Benjamin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Lisa– so true. When you get that inner urge/voice to do something new, take a risk– listen and act. Step out of your comfort zone. You will be guided every step of the way. Going off to college away from home. Taking that new job, teaching, in another state. Coming back home and living with your parents in your early 20s. Teaching where you student taught. Going with the flow and allowing a gay relationship to develop, against all cultural norms in the he 80s. Buying a house together. Splitting up 20 years later, gracefully as possible. Taking a job as a high school principal as the first female administrator. Etc. etc. Most recently, feeling called to move to a Southern town for the winter where you know no one. Exciting and full of feeling alive. Four years later– still loving it and have new, wonderful friends. Life is good. Just say yes when Holy leads you. Thanks for the great reminder, Lisa!! ❤️

  2. Pat Kowal says:

    Here are a few of my stand out moments: when I parachuted out of a perfectly good airplane on a dare from by brother; when I gave another brother a foot massage when he was dying; when I held my granddaughter at her birth; when I wrote a poem called “My Safe Place” while I sat on the rock at Pokai Bay, HI, and looked out over the Pacific and knew this was my spiritual home; when I hitch-hiked through Alaska on my honeymoon; when I rode my bicycle through Grand Teton National Park; when I transported American Prisoners of War from Hanoi Viet Nam back to the US whe I was an Air Force Flight nurse. But best of all lying on a rock in Desoto State Park, Alabama, all by myself, with a small river rushing by and felt held in the palm of God’s hand.

  3. Hannele says:

    Today I felt really stuck and then came your email!! In the middle of reading I got a phone call where I was asked to be a shaman 😀 It was soooo fun! I have been into shamanism few years ago and then I really wanted to be a true shaman (but not anymore since I found ACIM). So I laughed and said, yes I can be 😀 That phone call was so great and brought me so much energy! Thank you Lisa for your valuable work!

  4. Monica-Maria says:

    One of the standout moments in my life has been getting into Master’s degree program after uni. Instead of leaving everything I knew and following a guy I barely knew who suggested I should start a life with him abroad. I never regretted my decision. The next two years were full of work – I was teaching during the week and studying at weekends but it was all worth it. I was doing what I loved – I have always had an inclination towards studying. That’s where I felt I was shining. My university years and then master’s degree were the best. Of course there were other moments before and after these instances in life but I loved these particular ones because I feel they filled me with joy. So grateful to be able to share this with you. I love you <3

  5. Nancy says:

    I can relate to the early years of partying and getting by with a C average. I eventually upped my game the last 2 years of collage. I embraced all of the craziness at the time and felt alive!
    I realize from your writing that when I decided to change things up and take some risk ( I always felt like I was risk adverse) Like go work with abused horses with zero equine background for example. I was happy and alive and never got hurt either!
    So, in short we are here to learn and that is being alive, paying attention and enjoying the ride… without judgement.
    Thanks, Lisa

  6. Margaret reid says:

    Hallo Lisa ,always for me it’s when I go out on a limb ,I call it waiting in the corridor .
    Many years ago in a moment of pain and fear and anger I called out to something and I felt very alive almost unbearably so after that for a while .i think it was a higher power .now that is being alive I think .now I feel alive in the early morning and doing the course in miracles .im learning to express love now that is being alive ..lolol

  7. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Ok here goes, In 1986 I moved to a town Bismarck, North Dakota from a teeny town to go to school and get off of Welfare, my sister lived in Bismarck so I had a Bestie there too. I enrolled in School and it was called Power Plant Technology, I knew I could get a job with good pay and benefits and it would be Union, I knew I couldn’t get fired for no reason. So with a plan, sort of I started, my son at the time was 3 almost 4 and he went to head start while I was in class. Fast Forward a year later right before graduation we had a visit from a company from New Hampshire, PSNH looking for workers and they heard of this school so I said YES to the job after just getting a DUI, Yes the party factor hits most of us my age (60) and no drivers license, and not knowing anyone here really, but I buckled up and moved to NH best thing I ever did. 32 years later I still don’t regret it. Now a caveat is my sister also moved here 6 months after I did and we are still together, raising hell just not in the bars anymore…more Jesus like but she still is the one who makes me laugh the most, gets me to do things I never would otherwise and goes along with me. She is one of the smartest woman I know. I have felt ALIVE since November of 1987 and it goes on forever.

  8. Cookie Gilpatrick says:

    Bravo lisa…love ur story.. I did something similar.. quit drinking and partying when I was 34.. I’m 68 now.. always worked but finally found my bliss in Pacific NW.. got licensed as massage therapist in 93 and been in school ever since.. am self employed for 26 years after quitting my job w fed that I had for 18 yrs.. I teach yoga, pilates, movement therapy, wellness, nutrition.. etc.. never stop learning.. been studying ACIM since 2007..
    My latest challenge while I was doing the 40 day challenge last month… gave up antidepressants that I had been taking for 15 yrs.. I’m still not sure how that’s going to end up.. it’s been couple months and takes continuous thought management…yikes.. holding onto my butt and your teachings… love u and thnx for what u do…💕💕💕

  9. jenne says:

    Gracias Lisa. Salir de casa de mis padres fue un hecho trascendental como ir a la universidad tambien. La amo lisa

  10. Maureen says:

    I work with a client who hires me to produce a “stand out moment” for their charity ball every year. It is an amazing charity and I love working for them. Each year I push myself past my comfort zone and allow God to produce through me. It is always a fresh and surprisingly experience. The vision will come and even if I think “I don’t know how to do that” I just make decision that God does. In the past I have produced shows and short documentaries (they usually only give me 4-6 minutes) this year I got the vision to do a music video. I collaborate with a very talented friend of mine and the words were given to me. I handed her the lyrics and she said the melody was just there. It was already written. It’s one of the most beautiful things that God has done through me. Like a new baby I keep going back and listening and thinking. “God, that is so good.” Lol but of COURSE! Now I am off to whip up the recipe you shared yesterday. Love, Maur 💕

  11. Julia Sullivan says:

    Thank you Lisa! Your blogs are a part of my morning routine and give me so much to think about. There are many moments of feeling alive: the day I got married, the day I acted as birth coach for my niece, the many opportunities I had to travel the world as a medical volunteer… thank you for tickling my mind to ponder all of this and feel gratitude and possibility.🙏

  12. Valentine says:

    I love your story, Lisa. I can relate to this so much! I always feel like I’m starting over and trying new things. Embracing risks is part of truly living! I have felt the most alive when I started dating my husband. He’s the party guy and I was the A student. It was definitely a risk in my eyes, but completely worth every moment. Because of the crazy synchronicities and all-encompassing love I experienced with him I went really deep into my spiritual journey. I believe every word ACIM says because of my relationship with him. I definitely have some other stand out times when I moved places, started new jobs, school, etc. But, the times with my husband stand out most.

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