My Sunday Message May 27, 2018. Clearing your path with the light of God.


May 27, 2018


It’s Sunday morning and I love the idea of a Sunday message to uplift and inspire.

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In today’s message, I give a practice for you to actively begin “working with” and using the light of God to see changes in your life.

This light is more valuable than millions of dollars in the bank. This light is more precious and more powerful than all the connections in the world. And this light is available to you, to use, play with, send out and heal. It will attract to you everything you need. It will re-arrange your life perfectly. But you gotta start paying attention to it and acknowledging it.

Do you think that if only you had more money or better health or more security, then would be living life differently? Do you think getting something you think you don’t have now will make you happy?

The “if only” thought is the biggest ego-trap I know. It’s the biggest place that people get stuck in doubt and confusion.

Your “if only” is like quick sand and mud.

If only I had more money.
If only my health was better.
If only I was x-pounds lighter.
if only those crazy people in my life would stop being so insane (self-centered, judgmental, _______ (fill in the blank)
If only I had a quieter place to work
If only I had more time
If only I could focus exclusively on what I love to do and stop getting so distracted

then I would ______________________ (fill in the blank).

What’s your IF ONLY?

And what is your FILL IN THE BLANK. What would you be doing, if only.

Most people have no idea what they would be doing, what would make them happy, what they want or how they want to feel. Amazing, right.

Why so much uncertainty and non-clarity? Because your “if only” has taken you far away from your true Identity, as Love. So you have NO IDEA what you want.

Your “if only” is what A Course in Miracles calls an idol. It’s anything you put above God, as the thing you think will make you happy, if only you could get it.

But here is the thing: You have everything now, quite literally.

This “everything” is the light of God, the love of God, the peace of God.

This light is the only thing that came with you when you arrived here from your native home and it’s the ONLY thing you need. It’s all Jesus had 2000 years ago and it’s all he needed: the knowledge of his Identity in God and awareness of this light.

This is how he was healing the sick and raising the dead. He knew this light and he knew how to work with this light – and he was very clear – it was the light (God) that was doing the work. Of himself, he knew, he could do nothing.

Joined with God (this light), all things become possible. He looked away from every appearance, acknowledged God, said thank you and that was it.

This world is not your home – you’re an alien here – and somewhere (deep down) you know it.

That’s why almost everyone in the world goes on an endless search to find the things the think will make them happy. They’re disconnected from this truth, their center. That’s why so many people sedate themselves with addictions: shopping, food, alcohol, Facebook, social media, television.

When you are disconnected from your Source, your energy and focus starts to leave you.

And guess what?

It pulls you with it!

Wherever you place your focus, you go there with it.

That’s why you feel confused.

Spend some time today thinking about this.

You wish you had more money. You think about how to get more money. You think about how you can’t pay your bills. You worry about how you will survive in the future. And BOOM. Your mind goes there. And BOOM. You go there with it. And now you are right off your center.

When you are off-center, you feel terrible.

And if you stay there too long consistently, this feeling-terrible feeling starts to manifest as physical problems.


You wish you felt better and you search the internet for cures. Boom. You go there with it. Right off your center.

Wherever you place your focus and energy, is where you go. And when you are off-center, you feel bad.

So what’s the solution. Start bringing your focus and energy back inward, onto the light you are.

Be grateful. Focus your attention entirely on this light.

Know that you are not alone. This light loves you, cares for you, protects you and will show you the way.

But you must stop blocking your awareness of this light with endless thoughts of past and future.

Sit quietly – maybe with eyes closed (but not necessary) – and focus on this light. Put your full attention ont his light. See if growing and expanding. See it moving through your cells, See it dissolving old beliefs and limited ideas about yourself and the world.

You are not helpless and weak. You are not alone. Angels surround you. God is here. And this light is available to you.

Find out what grievances and judgments are still in your mind. Allow the light of forgiveness to dissolve them all, one by one.

Do you have people in your life you don’t like? Send them this light.

This is true giving.

In your mind, send them love. See how much you can give. You can either continue to hold onto a grievances about this person (and this blocks the light in you) OR you can see yourself as truly abundant and send this light to them. Shine this light their way. See it like a river of white light, sparkling like diamonds – this is the light of Christ – and send it their way. Don’t tell them. Just send it.

Let this light flow today. Don’t block it anymore. You will be amazed how quickly you begin to get evidence that this light is real.

This light is AN INTELLIGENCE and it knows what to do. It knows how to heal. It clear a path for you. It brings people to you. It always clears people away from your life. It re-arranges things so that you are in alignment with your purpose. t removes all stumbling blocks from your path. It dissolves doubt and darkness.


This is the real you.

The speed by which you see change in your life is determined entirely on how much you practice this idea – focusing on the light, letting it flow, allowing it to change you.

Try it out. Let me know.

I love you.


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