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Feb 19, 2017


You may have heard there is a new version of A Course in Miracles. At first I had zero interest in it and refused to even look at (more on that below), but once I did decide to open my mind up just a little bit (and let go of my judgment and resistance which occurred through gentle consistent nudging from my husband Bill Free) to at least look at it, I fell madly in love with it.

I contacted Robert Perry, the editor of this gorgeous new book, to see if he wanted to join me on Unity Online Radio for an interview and he did!

You can listen to this one-hour talk here:

Also here is a message I posted this past Friday on Facebook which describes more in depth my feeling about this new Course in Miracles:

Robert Perry s the editor of the new version of A Course in Miracles: the Complete and Annotated Edition, by the Circle of Atonement. AT first I was completely not interested at yet another version of ACIM. I had zero interest. I didn’t even want to look at it.
I have read every version ever put out, including all the original manuscripts, plus I feel deeply loyal to the Foundation for Inner Peace so I felt that another version was just not needed.

Boy was I wrong.

This new version is clear, with a directness and clarity from Jesus that I always thought was missing from other versions. Also there is never-been-seen-before material, along with 33 incredible essays with early instructions from Jesus to Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford about discipline, listening, asking, prayer, giving miracles.

This is officially my go-to version of A Course in Miracles from now on and the one I encourage everyone to buy. The editing has been done in such a beautiful way that it is clear and easy-to-understand and in my recent experience has brought me into an even deeper connection with Jesus.

Come listen to Robert Perry talk about it! Click here:

The only one drawback (and as far as I can see so far it is the ONLY drawback) is how heavy this book is! It is ridiculously heavy but I love it so much that I carried it all the way to Denmark where I am now. I will continue to carry this book with me as my go-to-Course in Miracles book.

I was thinking how great it would be if this was made into a 3-book course, just like the early version.

I am deeply and forever grateful for the 10 years with of work and love and care that went into this version.

Enjoy the interview. If you already own this book and love it, please share this email with friends and family to to let them know of this new version. You can also do a shout-out on social media to help spread the word!


Here are some of the links to purchase this new version of A Course in Miracles on Amazon, through the Circle of Atonement website or through the Community Miracles Center.

Circle of Atonement


Community Miracles Center

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2 Responses to “My thoughts about the new Course in Miracles”

  1. Ann Farrington says:

    The new version is not in conflict with the FIP, so there is no reason to fear division in the Course community into various “churches.” The same message, that a miracle is the extension of love to a brother is definitely all over the FIP, the new CE version just makes it a lot more plain and obvious in the early chapters. I think this is helpful because I have heard a lot of students say the miracle is merely a shift in the mind. But the truth is that is only phase one in miracle working; there is also asking for guidance and acting on it. When ACIM first came, Bill was supposed to approve all edits and he didn’t want much changed, but Helen insisted on making the earlier sections more “poetic” to match the latter sections which came out in iambic pentameter. So it is possible ego crept into the production of the FIP a bit and that the CE is giving us a look at what the Voice originally intended. Anyway, the message is the same in both books, just comes a bit clearer in the CE version. So no worries.

  2. Lynne Lightowler-Buck says:

    I thought the only Jesus authorized version was the original ACIM course . . . and that there were His reasons for what was included. It’s confusing to see the establishment of another “church” of ACIM. Perhaps a listing of all materials available might be good . . . though this version and that is going the direction of Christianity’s ever so many differing viewpoint churches!

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