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May 06, 2020


There is a new blog post written by me over at the Teachers of God Foundation website on healing – just got posted today.

Click here to read and watch:

There is a video of a guy named Ted in our last 40-Day Zoom Call – he was asking for help and says he has cancer. It’s a great demonstration when you see Ted on video – how totally NOT sick he is!!!



There is no order of difficulty in healing and no difficulty in miracles.



PS: I opened up The Healing Cure today, at long last. I’ve had it closed since 2019 while I worked with different groups over the past couple of months – which has been AWESOME. I re-opened it today.

Once you watch Ted’s video and read my blog over at TGF by clicking this link, this will give you a good sense if you want to join The Healing Cure and work with me.

My style and approach is NOT for everyone.

I know this might sound weird that I don’t want people who don’t know me signing up. I really don’t want anyone joining The Healing Cure unless they have seen or heard me teach in other places – or have taken The 40-Day Program or seen some of my videos on Youtube or listened to my podcast. My style is not for everyone. It’s really only for the ALL-IN ones who are done with their current life and don’t want a halfway approach anymore.

If you are looking for a magic cure, this is not for you.
If you want me to heal you, this is not for you.
If you are looking to keep your current habits AND change (while keeping your old habits), this is not for you.

If you looking for serious, this is DEFINITELY not for you.

We like to laugh in The Healing Cure and have fun like little kids.

The Healing Cure is only for people who are READY to let go of their old life, transform self-imposed limited thoughts, let go of attack thoughts and grievances, be a child again and be totally ALL-IN committed (and not just sometimes) to a life of aliveness, joy, gratitude and peace.

Here is the link for The Healing Cure with details:

I added some new bonuses: a private Facebook Group for Healing Cure Members and once-a-month LIVE group Q & A Zoom calls through 2020.

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