New Podcast! Max & Lisa: All Your Problems Have Been Solved


Apr 02, 2019


We’re baaccccck!! 

At long last. I’m doing Podcasts again. 

Last summer I went on the Camino from Portugal to Spain (150 miles) with friends and when I came back to Maine three weeks later, my life as I had known it was gone. I had no interest in doing anything of the things I had done before I left on the Camino. I tried to do things for a while – trying “to make it happen” – and all the things that once has been effortless to me were suddenly a major effort. 

I’ve had this happen a few times in my life where my old life suddenly isn’t my life anymore. This is the transfiguration and transformation. 

So I let everything go – all my patterns, all my routines, all my ideas –  and instead, in that place, I allowed new things to reveal themselves to me. 

It has been so lovely to live in this new way. 

And then last week, out of the blue, it came to me to begin broadcasting again.

And then one day later, my friend Max reached out to me and said: NATOLI. WHEN ARE WE DOING A SHOW AGAIN? 


I love life so much. It’s always unfolding before us. 

So here we are: a one-hour talk with me and Max. All your problems have been solved. 

I love how Max expresses things so simply. He tells a funny story about how Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones solves his problems. 


You can click the Play button or Download it. 

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Thank you.



PS: For all previous Podcasts of The Lisa Show, please check out the Podcast Page:


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  1. Chris says:

    Max is back on…wonderful

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