If you don’t like your life, write a new script and choose a new character


Oct 12, 2017

I loved Jim Carrey’s recent interview about his new documentary “Jim and Andy” about he went ALL IN getting ready to play the character of Andy Kauffman for his role in the movie “Man in the Moon”. Carrey underwent a total transformation in 4 months to play Andy Kauffman. 

Jim said that he went so totally into that role that he started to think he was Andy Kauffman – and that when he was being Andy Kaufman that Jim Carrey didn’t exist – and then he realized that we do the exact same thing with ourselves. That neither character exists! It’s just a part you play when you focus on it. Jim Carrey become aware that he was playing the part of Jim Carrey in his own life, and that’s not who he really is. We go so much into the character (it’s just a made-up role) that we begin to believe we are that character: suffering, depressed, angry, no money, sad, a victim, in doubt.

And then we play out the script, and we forget it just a made-up role.

We forget that we can change the script and change the character anytime we decide.

Jim Carrey was NOT Andy Kauffman, and then he realized he is not Jim Carrey either.

You are not your story.

You are not your name, your personality, your body, your emotions or your thoughts! It’s all part of the script. 

The other day in the 40-Day private Facebook Group someone posted: “My body has a cold but I do not.” 

HA. I love that! That’s it. The body can have things happening to it, but it’s not happening to YOU – you – Spirit – who are eternal, changeless, whole, healed and perfect.

I spent years waiting for transformation and awakening to occur, and nothing happened. I had heard stories of people having spontaneous awakenings, hearing “a voice”, seeing angels, going into the light, seeing the truth how we are connected and one – and because of these stories, I kept waiting for “something” to happen to me. But years just kept passing me by and nothing happened.

Finally, it dawned on me: I gotta change something or I might be waiting my whole life!

What I found out is that you have to go ALL IN and you have to BE all in! 

You can’t play your old character and the new character at the same time. Imagine if Jim Carrey started being Jim Carrey while he was filming Andy Kaufman. It wouldn’t work. Imagine if sweet generous motherly Meryl Streep started being Meryl in the middle of being the bitch-boss from hell in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” (one of my favorite movies EVER) You have to be ALL IN and you have to make it believable. 

Whatever part you are playing, be all in about it. 

When I decided to go ALL IN, I ditched the old Lisa Natoli character. I made a decision to do A Course in Miracles and to do it exactly as it states, making no compromise. 

The best script I know is the script of A Course in Miracles. 

It says things like this:

“We will not let ourselves be sad today. For if we do, we fail to take the part that is essential to God’s plan, as well as to our vision. Sadness is the sign that you would play another part, instead of what has been assigned to you by God. Thus do you fail to show the world how great the happiness He wills for you. And so you do not recognize that it is yours.” -A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 100 

That’s a character description right there! It’s as plain as can be: “We will not let ourselves be sad today.” That’s a direction instruction, with no gray area. If this was a Hollywood movie script and you were the actor, you would be noting that down: I will not let myself be sad today, for if I do I fail to take the part that is essential to God’s plan as well as to my vision. 

So, I have played this entire thing like a big happy game, using A Course in Miracles as my instruction book.

I invite you to do the same.

A Course in Miracles is the script I live by. It’s all there. I don’t have to figure anything out. When I do what it says, I’m happy. When I don’t do what it says, I’m miserable, depressed and confusion.

So there it is: I just did what I says and I continue to do what it says.

What else does it say? That I am the Christ, that we all are. You are Christ. God is here. I am not alone. I am surrounded by the Love of God. That I have everything, that we all have everything. We were given everything in our creation. 

So if I am acting like I am lacking, then I am playing another part. Failing to take my part in God’s plan.

It’s so simple.

I can still remember when it occurred to me that I could experiment with the ideas in A Course in Miracles as if it was a game. I could test out the ideas and give it my all. Why not? I had nothing to lose.

I knew that living as the Christ would be a much funner role to play than the part I had been currently playing which was alcoholic, depressed, food addict, no money, in debt, in doubt all the time, filled with grievances, complaining, criticizing and wishing my life would begin. 

Once I saw what I was doing, I was able to change. The changes I made were deliberate, intentional, conscious, and active. I made them with full awareness. In one moment of clarity I saw that alcoholism, sickness, depression and addiction didn’t serve me at all. It was that simple.

I thought: Yes, being happy and at peace would be a much better character/role to play!

So what did I do? I CHANGED. I just did it, the way an actress goes into a role, 100 percent. You just change. A director tells you what to do, and you do it. You go right into character.

If you’re going to play a role (we all are doing that already), why not play one that’s actually fun, that feels good.

I chose to be the Christ, joyful, generous, grateful – connecting and engaging with people, making them feel loved, seen, heard, appreciated, valued, lovable and needed.

There is even a costume department! Just like on a Hollywood movie set!

I used to wear high heels, tons and make-up and dresses that weren’t very comfortable. I was trying to impress people. That was the role I was attempting for much of my life: to be liked.

PS: for the record: I LOVE when people wear dresses and high heels! I love it, love it, love it. It’s just not for me. 

So one day, I dropped that role. I thought: What the hell am I dressing like this for?? It’s not me. What am I doing? Some people love high heels. I am not that girl. It wasn’t comfortable. I started wearing jeans, flat shoes and a minimal amount of makeup. I gave away all my former clothes that belonged to the other Lisa character. 

I wanted my life to feel authentic, expressing my true Self. 

The moment of changing my clothes and wardrobe came from my friend Flemming Engstrøm in Denmark. I was about to give an evening workshop on A Course in Miracles and I was “all dressed up” and I asked Flemming: What should I wear? And his response changed my life. He said: WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU FEELS GOOD. 

Amen! And that’s been my motto every since. 

For me: COMFORT IS KEY. I don’t want to be “one way” in my every day life and then be “another way” when I show up in front of people. 

The Christ 2000 years ago in Jesus wore sandals and a robe and had no belongings. That was his decision, the role he played as the Christ.

Me: I have a house full of books. I write. I read. I show up with cake to share. I teach A Course in Miracles. I wear jeans and flat shoes, almost every single day. This is how the Christ is showing up in my life.

I just did it. I chose the new script. I decided: that would be a funner way to go through life and I’m doing it. It was a decision. The Heavens didn’t open up for me one day. Angels didn’t appear. I didn’t go into the light. I didn’t hear a Voice. I literally made a decision. I said: Screw it. I’m done being an alcoholic depressed person, who worries what people think about her. SCREW IT. I’m tired of saying “No, I can’t, I have no money.” Screw that story. I’m going to be the happiest person I know. I’m going to find a way to do things I want to do. I’m not going to sit around anymore feeling sorry for myself, feeling jealous of other people who are out there being bold, living their life, doing cool things. Screw it. I’m going to give all to all, because why the hell not? What I have I got to lose? I had nothing to lose.

I decided to be vibrant, alive and inspiring. I chose the script. In fact, I wrote the script!

In my new script, I decided saying “Screw it” was okay! No more Miss Little Innocent Good Girl.

I threw that script in the trash.

I went through my old script and crossed out everything that didn’t feel good, which back then was a lot. I used to walk on eggshells a lot, and I cared very much what people thought about me. I went right through my script and went delete, delete, delete. THIS new character does NOT live that way.

This character, she is happy, connected, centered, in love with everyone and everything. She loves Jesus, loves God, loves people. It’s just like reading a script that a Hollywood director would give to you. You read through it, you see what is needed for you to play the part, you learn the part and then you go all in.

It’s not a big deal.

You might think: well that’s make pretend.

To which I say: You don’t think your depression and sickness is make pretend????

Your depression, sadness, jealousy, competition, anger is ENTIRELY MADE UP because love is what you are.

It’s 100 percent made-up. You play a game in which you don’t know who you are. I can’t think of anything MORE make pretend than that. You got so lost in the role, that you think it’s real. It’s not. Happiness is what you are, as God created you. Love is what you are. You all light.

Don’t waste any more time living on the periphery, outside of yourself. You are the “I” that is the Christ. Everything else is your imagined nightmare and does not exist.

Throw out the old script. Drop out of the old movie, which has you die in the end.

Write a new script for yourself, choose a new character.

There a couple of options for you: 

Do it yourself. Get a copy of A Course in Miracles. Write a new script

Join the 40-Day Program for Transformation – it’s free. Here you LIVE in a new way consistently for 40-Days. You write down your current way of being and you write a new way of being and then you live it for 40 days. 

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Yesterday (October 11, 2017), a bunch of great message were posted in the 40-Day Facebook page about Living in Purpose: 

From Chris: 

“I did the 40 day program 3 times. And at the end of the 3rd time I knew i needed more. I wasn’t getting what I needed from my weekly ACIM group. So I took the plunge into Living in Purpose, knowing I could get my money back after 30 days. That’s what I kept telling myself. I started and I never looked back. I got such an understanding and love for God. I just completed the 24 weeks and I am in such a peaceful and joyous place. I did feel overwhelmed with all the work that was required. But I listened to the Holy Spirit and I did not do the workbook lessons at the same time. I am now into day 8 and am amazed at the wisdom of Jesus. I Just know that now was the time to start the workbook lessons. I feel holy and innocent, as God created me, the light of the world, I am happy and joyous and I know that I am here to join with my brothers as the oneness that we are. Listen to your inner guide, you will get the answer that is right for you. I love you!” 

More JUST-IN! testimonials about Living in Purpose (posted on October 11, 2017 in the 40-Day Facebook Group) 

From Jill 

DO IT! I did not not skip a beat after finishing the 40 day program and went right into Living in Purpose. It’s such an amazing program. The amount of work and love put into these lessons is worth every penny- and more. I start my morning every day with the program work- and I also do the 365 along with it. Love it!

From Jane: 

I am at the end of my 2nd week in Living in Purpose. Next to the 40 Days this is the most amazing class that I have ever taken & I have taken many. 🙂 I promise you that you will love love love this class! It goes deeper into all that was introduced to us in the 40 day program. It ties in all of the loose ends that may be hanging about. Part of the class is doing the 365 days as you know. I have tried doing this at least 3 other times & each time I did it “my” way since I thought that I knew better. 🙂 Each time as well I never seemed to get beyond Lesson 80. I was just reading words, but nothing was planting any seeds in my heart. Now I am following the plan for each day exactly as written. I must say that now I am seeing it all as if for the very first time. I absolutely love the 365 days! It all ties together especially since I took the 40 days first. I find myself saying, WOW a lot 🙂 I also work the weekly plan for the class exactly as written. I began with only the “Living in Purpose” section to start. As I grew more comfortable I added in the “Prosperity” section. These lessons are beyond awesome! I told myself ahead of time to go easy & to not feel overwhelmed by anything. It is not the ego mind that will understand the classes, but rather the inner heart of our knowing. Since I am such a mental person this took a bit of doing on my part to let go & know that each lesson is working exactly as it is meant to. The loveliest part is the time I spend in the morning & evening with God/ Spirit/ Father/ Higher knowing or whatever you may choose to call this. I listen as well as ask questions & just allow my hand to write the messages that come through for me. It’s absolutely beautiful! It’s this relationship that is the icing on the cake of this class. I know that you will love it! It makes me feel like I am home. Already in this short time so many of my irritations about life are viewed in such a different light. I am just so truly thankful to now have a way to leave behind what causes undo pain & to trust the love that is here at all times waiting in the silence to be received. Love to you, & I will see you in Living in Purpose.

From Sue: 

I completed the LIP course in March this year after the 40 day program. I was relatively new to A Course in Miracles and really did not have a good understanding of it. From my perspective doing LIP was the best investment I made for myself, and the returns are continuing to multiply. It totally changed my life, kept my marriage together, is continuing to heal the conflict in some of my relationships. I am continuing daily in strengthening my communication with the Holy Spirit, I am focused on being the Love and that I am. I found for myself that I was guided to complete LIP first, then do ACIM 365 – I am on lesson 187 today. I found my spiritual home on earth with TOG, and am so very grateful for the love and support that I have received from everyone there plus all the participants on the facebook groups. I wish you continuing joy with your path and send love and blessings 

From Bill: 

The Living in Purpose program has changed my life totally for the better. Gone are feelings of fear, insecurities, anger and unhappiness replaced with love and peace and an awakening to who I really am.

From Donna: 

I am half way through the Living in Purpose, I love it. You get a lesson every week so time wise it is very manageable. The daily practice of the 365 really keeps me on course, I take 10 minutes each morning listening to Lisa read the lesson, (my favorite part of the day)I make little notes on a note card which I carry with me through the day to practice each lesson, it really keeps me on track. It is such a wonderful community!


Write your new script

This workshop will be recorded if you cannot make it, and posted in the Living in Purpose Member Area where you can access it anytime.


10 Responses to “If you don’t like your life, write a new script and choose a new character”

  1. patti-jo lennox says:

    I love it, I love it, I Lyle Lovett!! Haha! Thanks Lisa for this affirmation. I had been guided to do the same- change my story/script from the crucifixion play to the resurrection play! And boy does it work well! Thank GOD, literally, that we can change our thoughts/minds and change our lives! I m soooo grateful! I have asked to have everything and one in the dream/script now reflect only gods all encompassing, infinite, unconditionally loving nature to me and everyone in the play. (always include ur “supporting” actors in on the good and abundance too! ) thank u for being the light u ARE and not being afraid to shine like a diamond!! And for being REAL. True and authentic but non-compromising in who u REALLY are- the Christ. Rock on! Peace and Hugs!

  2. Trine says:

    I’ll spend the next hour rewriting MY script!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration and for being so honest about yourself.
    I love your blogs! So please, keep writing and sharing. <3

  3. What a beautiful share, Lisa. Thank you. It seems So simple and yet not believing the role I’ve been playing for awhile feels big. I’ve been in deep. And am working on trust! I’m on Lesson 50: I am sustained by the Love of God. And am working my way through the 40 days again. I am grateful for this lifeline… and continue to turn my eyes to the light.

  4. Jill says:

    Lisa- that girl you describe as you before, could be me! I’m so grateful you wrote this- it was so helpful. Xo

  5. Pam says:

    You inspire me totally, Lisa. Screw it all . I choose to be Happy, Peaceful, child like free. Love

  6. Frans Gemen says:

    Dear Lisa,yes,it is true,I am playing a rol in life and I can choose to play another,more happy role! Thanks dear Lisa for all the inspiration you give me on a daily base! Frans

  7. Irene says:

    LOVED this, Lisa. Thank you for a fun NEW WAY! New script starts NOW!

  8. Ulrike says:

    Dearest Lisa,

    that was exactly what I needed today! 100% the right time!

    I now decide to write a new script and the very first part is to throw AWAYthe script of being a victim of migraine attacks ! I tear it in thousands pieces and give it to the wind. I bury it! I dump it into the bin. It is over! It does not serve at all my needs and my function here! I choose happiness instead! Abundance and joy I will live and share with others! I am love and that is my life!

    Thank you so much Lisa, I love you!

  9. Pat Beckerman says:

    Fabulous blog, Lisa! Will make sure to listen on Friday.

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