New Video: Practice for “Going Beyond the Body” for healing, health and happiness


Nov 06, 2017


I did a video and wrote a blog over at the Teachers of God Foundation last week on the practice from A Course in Miracles of “Going Beyond the Body.”

WATCH THE VIDEO: You can watch the video and read the blog by clicking this link:

You are already going beyond the body, several times a day in fact, but probably you are not conscious of it. We all do it, several times an hour actually.

But for most people, it’s unconscious.

When you make “going beyond the body” active, deliberate and conscious, you start mastering your energy, mastering your thoughts, mastering your emotions. You start knowing how to redirect your energy from people, places, stories, things, objects, the physical world – and you suddenly have the ability to “turn the energy around” and bring it back inward. Once you are in control of your energy, you can use it for whatever you want – healing, blessing, inspiring, joining. This energy is the Power and Presence of God – and wouldn’t you just LOVE to know how to start working with this light (this energy), commanding it, directing it and using it for good?

If so, click here:

Think about how you much of your energy you scatter (and waste) during the day with distractions, judgments, anger, worrying, blaming, criticizing. It’s why so many people feel tired and sick.

Now think how powerful it would feel to be conscious of how many times a day you go unconscious – and to know how to redirect the energy and thoughts – to stay conscious. This is what it means to be awake. It’s not complicated. It’s simple. 

And you can do it, starting right here, right now. 

See how fast your life changes.

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  1. Janne says:

    Hi Lisa. Many things have happend. I was connecting with a light and love.3 week ago. It was om ny leg, the day after in my arm, 2 days I did’t feel anything, then it came back but didn’t heal the CFS. I seeked alternativ treatment that helpes, but I relapse all the time. Events occurse that triggers and i fall back. Then I felt this big presence of light again. I thought it wpuld heal. And I had a pressure on my job, and felt I needed more time to heal with this alternative treatment. I was to call my boss, and right before it was a slight of fear/ stress, and then I relapsed again. Now I panic and don’t know how to come back to work. I don’t feel this light now, instead am stressed and really panic. I know this light is there…I thought it would heal me faster…I had a car accident 9 days ago and don’t have drivinglicence at the moment or money to this treatment. I’m isolated and it’s really a crise now. A lot of fear and the CFS is worse. Some days ago I heard a voice in me head said “open up for love”. I tuned in and I had this presence of love, warmth and love again. But now is only fear because of this relapse on my health. I know so much and do 365 ACIM and 40 days program. I been on the spirutal path for 20 years. I have tuned into Neal Donald Walsch and some of Joe Dispenza…and still my life and health just crashing…pls leave a note I just need some support. Some months ago I was also fraud big time…lot’s of love 💛Janne Ferenczi

  2. Dora says:

    I Love this! Thank you Lisa!

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