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The next Healing Cure begins in 2022

What if ...

  • You had more confidence and trust in yourself to heal and create?
  • You had practices to help you stay connected to your brilliance, creativity, innocence and power?
  • You had simple tools to correct self-imposed sabotage thoughts and limited beliefs?
  • You had an approach to ELIMINATE worry, fear, anger, irritation, frustration and doubt?
  • You were to write A New Approach that would immediately and instantly change the way you see, think and feel.
  • You were able to do all of this right from the privacy of your own home

The real question is: What if you could walk right out of your old story of sickness and limitation?

If healing feels difficult (or even impossible) - but you know deep down that you want a life of joy, peace, abundance and aliveness then The Healing Cure is for you. 


"Wow, Lisa, this answer in Week 4 in The Healing Cure is a real eye-opener! To focus not on what my brother is mirroring back to me but to focus only on his holiness instead. That takes everything to a whole new level. I've been vacillating between the two states, because I've heard so many times that the world only reflects what is in our minds. But the key is to focus only on the truth of what I am and what my brother is, pure holiness. Everything else is not real. So there is no fixing or changing what is not real. There is only pure holiness. Sometimes, usually, we need to hear the same thing said in a dozen different ways to finally get it. It sinks in a little deeper each time, and the more we practice it. Lisa, The Healing Cure is the most powerful program I have ever done. A couple of things have transpired with my job over the past few weeks, and I woke up a few mornings ago knowing I have to make a major change in my life. It's both exciting and a little scary at the same time. I feel Holy Spirit speaking loud and clearly through my body, so there is no doubt in my mind that I must take this major step. Off a cliff! But I know I will not only fly, but I will soar because I am being guided. This Healing Cure program and process is bringing so much clarity to my life. Thank you Lisa, I love you!



I am so excited to be on The Healing Cure journey with all of you wonderful beings. To me the Healing Cure is all about the release from suffering regardless of its form. 

Today I’m beginning to see the work I’m doing in the Healing Cure as spiritual progress that is evolving into real happiness. I’m so happy and grateful that we all chose to enter into this incredible portal that Lisa co-created with God. This is more like a healing adventure. I love you all!  Let's do this."
-Oliver Blue



I'm Lisa Natoli.

I am a teacher & healer, devoted to teaching healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone. 

After almost 30 years of spiritual seeking which included 10 years of intensely studying every book I could get my hands on about healing (you name it, I've read it) along with the gift of "an incurable autoimmune disease" which I used as my own personal science lab to test these ideas out in my own life, I have come to understand how healing occurs. 

It's not mystical. It's not magical. It's not for the select few. It's simple and practical and ... well ... kind of fun. 

You have the power and ability to change your "point-of-viewing" and see yourself and the world in a whole new way.


If you are experiencing anything other than perfect peace and perfect joy and perfect freedom, then you have not been yourself.

Somewhere along the way, you abandoned your True Self. You betrayed yourself and went into isolation to stay safe, to follow the rules, to succeed, to be good. 

You have been "an image" of yourself you made up - and then you got lost in the image. 

You have been hiding, and the classic hiding spot is inside the body.

At the core of The Healing Cure is the work we do around identifying your “location” which is your thoughts, beliefs and emotions and "moving" to a new "point-of-viewing" - the way you see yourself. 

When you change your thoughts, the world you thought you saw changes. 

We will stay focused on changing your mind, on choosing what you REALLY want, raising your vibration along with your energy level and getting you in the flow of a new story and new possibilities and new beliefs that do not involve sickness, grievances, drama, conflict and worry.

We will work to get you moving and unstuck. You will write your own NEW APPROACH for your new life, chosen by you, written by you, designed by you and created by you that you’ll achieve by the end of this program.

In life, we often feel fear, worried, angry, irritated, overwhelmed and confused.

You may have noticed that these feelings always come hand-in-hand with thoughts. Thoughts like, “I’m sick. I don’t feel good. I’m too old. I’m not ready. I’m unlovable. I’m a loser. I don’t know how to do this. I can’t.”

Healing comes when you notice the thoughts and realize you have the power and ability to change and correct those thoughts and replace them with other thoughts.


This is why healing doesn’t take any time at all. How long does it take to change your mind?


-The Healing Cure Online Video Course - which includes audio and downloadable transcripts. 

-WEEKLY VIDEO CONTENT: Over one hour every week of video with Lisa Natoli leading you through the training for 8-weeks - designed to support you as you develop and strengthen your natural ability to heal and live as the True Self - to stay in aliveness, presence, gratitude and love. 

-In 2021: Monthly LIVE Group Zoom Calls with Lisa Natoli - 2 hours every month - the last-Wednesday-of-every month through December 2021 from 1pm-3pm EST for inspiration, Q & A, support, coaching, community, healing & connection. These calls are all recorded. 


1. You will receive access of the recordings to all the 2020 LIVE Healing Cure weekly Zoom calls that began on January 1, 2020

2. Recordings to the 8-week LIVE group that took place January & February 2020

Waking up to love. It's what we are. 

Hello, My name is Erin McDonald. I love this group, this class, this day! What a beautiful experience the Healing Cure has been for me. I am loving blessing myself and others with my Holiness. It is my daily practice all day long. It brings me such joy and even when I am tempted with feelings of irritation, competition, judgment--whatever, I am grateful for my blessing practice because it brings me right back to God. I finally "get" that the only reason for any discomfort in my life is for the opportunity to forgive and release it. As I do so, I am a Teacher of God, and I love to learn what I teach. I know my purpose now, and I don't have to fight it, or be ashamed or afraid of it. I am the Light of the world! No more guilt, no more hamster wheel of ego. "Wouldn't trade nothing for my journey now!" ❤️

Quiet your mind. 

Stop second-guessing yourself.

Know your True Self through rest, relaxation and acknowledgement of your holiness.

Get unstuck. 

Anyone can heal. 

You got this.   

Lisa Natoli, Founder of The Healing Cure has developed this work over 20 years of teaching, experimentation, trial-and-error and research into the topics of transformation, healing and mindset. She used her own life as the science lab/testing ground to see if you really can heal anything (ps: you can!) and has since worked with thousands of people who have successfully used these principles to leave sickness and suffering behind.

If you’re wondering at all whether or not it’s worth the price, please take a look at our Praise page. These are real people just like you who once were stuck but who now are not.

And if you’re still doubtful, ask yourself:

What if just one Healing Cure idea helped you be more bold, more alive, more joyful, more generous? How much is that worth to you?

What if just one Healing Cure practice allowed you to eliminate the self-doubt and second-guessing that has been keeping you stuck in guilt, worry and doubt for years. 

Honestly, knowing your Self is priceless.

If you have the courage to change the way you see things, you have the ability to change your life. 


The world needs your light. It needs your love.

The Healing Cure will give you practices, encouragement and support to easily remove grievances, judgments and the negative thoughts patterns in your thinking that block the light in you. Are you ready?

Thank you Lisa

Message by a Healing Cure member

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I posted anything here (in The Healing Cure Group) as since our lockdown here in South Africa started near the end of March 2020 I have been limiting the time I spend on social media as I found it very distracting and felt the need to be in silence and peace.

This has been a very interesting time for me as I have been able to come to a place of mostly acceptance and non-resistance to whatever has been happening without and with body symptoms.

I initially experienced huge fear around lack in its many forms - money, food, not seeing my family etc which proved to be totally unfounded in the end, as I came to a place of trust and being in the flow of infinite Self.

I find it very interesting to be able to step back and observe the frantic, frenzied thoughts of the little self - while at the same time knowing the true Self always remains unchanged and not at all subject to world whims.

I have experienced an awareness of my Self without any borders or limitations and know that the body is not solid at all, its just our limiting beliefs that block its energy flow, and it is just the vehicle for us to get around in and interact with others whilst here.

My relationship with my husband has improved tremendously ( most of the time ha ha!) because I no longer have the need to be right and prove anything (most of the time - my buttons stil get pushed sometimes) which is wonderfully freeing.

I am very grateful to all the wonderful, uplifting teachings that Lisa has put out into the world, as well as the presence of everyone in this group. The last group Zoom call was fantastic, thank you.
These practices in The Healing Cure that Lisa has shown us DO work but must be constantly applied and reinforced - I liken it to the ego as the virus and I am the programmer re-programming what has been proven to be a totally non-functioning, delusional program with a loving, kind, compassionate caring new one.

Much love to all xxx

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