Oprah Didn’t Call. That Didn’t Stop Me!


May 19, 2020


Good morning! I love you.

This is God’s thinking every morning with us “Good morning. I love you” but often because of all “the layers” in our thinking, we can’t hear this voice. It’s shut-out with our to-do list, our worries, our doubts, our fears, our wishful-thinking, our judgments, our attack thoughts.

If you are experiencing any difficulty – and perhaps you have even been praying and nothing seems to change – this message is for you.

I know this one ALL TOO WELL from my years of “praying” for life to change.

There are so many departments of difficulty I had in my life that I don’t know which one to choose as an example in this email. lol. Money was a big one. I had none. So that was a big block and “problem” for me for years.

I thought if I had money, I would feel safe, which would lead me to do things differently and I thought I would be inspiring and helpful and be a light in this world.

With no money, I was in survival mode – no time to be the light of the world! No time for helping others! No energy for doing what I love. No money to do fun things.

I mostly just stayed at home praying for a miracle and hoping life would change. I spent a ridiculous amount of time begging to Jesus “to show me the way”.

I would get all sorts of ideas, but those weren’t the ideas I wanted to hear, so I kept praying “show me the way! I’ll do anything!”


For a long time – 10 years or more – I thought “if only Oprah would invite me on her show then I could really reach a lot of people”.

I seriously thought this! I receive letters all the time people telling me I’ve changed their life. I’ve received letters of dramatic healing – physical, emotional, spiritual, in relationships.

So I used to think: Someone is going write to Oprah and tell her about me. I’m sure she’ll be calling any day. With all these letters, I’m sure someone is going to sing my praises to someone with influence and reach.

haha. And it just didn’t happen. And I just kept waiting, praying, sending out blogs, receiving love letters of gratitude every day, all the while having no money.

With the little money that did come in, from various jobs I worked – as a hotel server, at Land’s End in the packing department, as a waitress, as a housekeeper in a B & B – I paid rent, bought cat food, coffee, put gas in my car, paid the $10 a month to keep my website up and running and a little bit of food.

I would pray and hope this situation changed.

“If only Oprah would call me”

“If only someone would help me.”

“If only I had money.”

This went on for 10 years. Praying and hoping for a miracle.

Finally, I realized the miracle was always here. I WAS JUST IN THE WRONG PLACE!! Standing before a closed door, praying and hoping the door opens. lol.

Imagine if you did this on a trail in the woods. Come upon a huge wall that you can’t get over – and you just sit in front of it, waiting for someone to come along and blast a hole through it so you can move forward.

Or imagine a road-block while you’re driving.

Imagine a road is closed, and you sat there for 10 years waiting for someone to fix the road an open it up again.

This is what we do in life, and we call it “normal” and “spiritual practice.”

So what finally happened with me? What was the way out of difficulty?

I said: I’m done with waiting. I don’t care if Oprah never calls. And I’m not waiting for someone to help me.

I have everything I need. I’m not waiting one more second of my life to start living. screw that.

And I wrote The 40-Day Program for Transformation.

At the time, I had no money. I was a Zumba instructor with a donation box. In the past, I would just pray for a miracle that someone would help me and then I could start creating, writing, being alive.

This time I knew: Move it, Natoli.

And I started right there. I wrote the first Day 1 message – and then shot a video. It was not easy. But I did it.

I judged myself the whole time. I did about 20 takes of the video and still wasn’t happy with it. I thought it was a disaster. That it was stupid.

But I did it anyways.

I sent an email invitation to my mailing list telling people I was doing this “40-Day thing” and they could join for free. 289 people signed up – and that was my incentive to do it.

And every day, I wrote another message, shot another video, judged myself the whole time. lol.

I thank God for my husband Bill who has the patience of a saint and who was totally supportive of the idea.

And I got a first-hand glimpse of “the way out of difficulty”

Stop waiting for the road-block sign to be removed.

Stop waiting for a door to be blast through a wall so you can walk through it.

The miracle and your fabulous life is already here – you just have to find another route to it IF the way you are going is blocked.

Don’t stand before a closed door, praying that it opens.

Don’t sit in your car at a damaged road waiting for the road to be fixed. Go around. Find another route.

This is it.

The light has come. It’s already here.

I didn’t need to go on Oprah to serve. 40,000 people have taken The 40-Day Program and I get letters all the time thanking me for it. People telling me it has changed their life.

I’m very grateful for these letters and very grateful I stepped through my fear. I created it when I had no money. I created it when I was afraid. I created it when I thought “I’m just a no one.”

I simply took the next step in front of me.

If you are one of those people whose life was changed, aren’t you happy I didn’t wait for Oprah to call????

Me too!

She still hasn’t called and there would be no 40-Day Program.

I had my computer. I could write a message and film a video. I took that step. Then I took the next step. Then I took the next step.

And it hasn’t always been easy – but I’m not stuck anymore.

And this is how it works for everything – for every problem, every difficulty – stop praying for closed doors to open.

Find another way to the life you imagine.

I love you with all my heart.

You have gifts to share and offer. Someone is out there whose life is going to be dramatically altered because of you.

You are brilliant and powerful Lisa.

Every day is a New Beginning – full of possibility and joy and aliveness. There is no need to be be stuck or suffer.

Instead of “praying” for a miracle, ask “What is my next step?” and then be still and listen … and then take that step.

You are the light of the world.



PS: If you have been wanting to take The Healing Cure – my Online Program for True Healing – or to join The New Beginning World Conference this weekend, but you don’t know how you can, think of it as standing before a wall with no door or a blasted out road. There IS a way around. There IS a way in.

This becomes a huge gift to yourself to see all the stories the mind tells you, all the beliefs that are there in your mind that can be SEEN and CORRECTED by YOU.

No one can do this work for anyone. You have to do it. Each of us has to find the door. Each of us has to make the decision to go another way when there seems to be no way through.


The Healing Cure:

The New Beginning Online World Conference May 23, 24, 25:

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