How to tell if you are projecting guilt onto others (and how to stop it!)


Sep 09, 2017


A Course in Miracles is a great fast way to undo everything that hurts you HOWEVER, in order for this undoing to occur, you have to become aware of what you have been doing. 

You must become aware of the thoughts you have been thinking, the beliefs you have been holding, the words you have been using. Almost everyone is sleeping, with their eyes wide open. 

Until you become aware of what you are doing, how automatic you’re thinking is, you’re sleeping. And there is only one thing to do: WAKE UP. 

Once you become aware of how insane the mind is, you can do something about it. But until then you will continue to sleepwalk through life, thinking that other people are doing things to you, and believing bad things are happening to you. 

One of the most powerful ideas in A Course in Miracles is that once you project guilt from your mind onto others it cannot be undone. 

“Project it not, for while you do, it cannot be undone.” -A Course in Miracles 

So it’s important to become aware IF you are projecting guilt onto others. 

We can’t stand our own guilt so we do what we can to get rid of i  and the way we do this is to focus our attention on other people. 

Here is what projected guilt looks like: 

You think someone should be doing something different than what they are doing right now
You think someone else should have done something different in the past and you keep remember the story (about how they hurt you, how they were unkind, how they were careless and unthoughtful, etc) 

If you do these things, it means that are projecting guilt, and that it cannot be undone. While you project you guilt OUT THERE onto others, it cannot be undone. 

So what do you do? BECOME AWARE. 

See yourself as innocent and see everyone else as innocent. 

Become aware of when you think things should be different. 

Pay attention. 

Release the person or situation from your version of how you think things should go. This returns to the guilt to you where it can be undone easily. 

How do you stop projecting guilt? 

Easy … STOP IT. 

Once you know you’re doing something that is meaningless to you, you just stop it. 

I have heard people say “I don’t know how to stop (how to stop attacking, feeling guilty, feeling afraid) and that can only be because you haven’t seen its meaninglessness yet. As soon as you see the utter meaninglessness of what you are dragging around with you, you will no longer do it. At that point, it’s not even a matter of dropping it. It will drop of itself really because it will hold no interest for you anymore. 

This is why in the 40-Day Program for Transformation, I encourage people to stop telling stories for 40 days – to make a commitment for 40 days to watch your thoughts, feelings, words, emotions LIKE A HAWK so that you become aware of the insanity of the mind. Once you are aware of how crazy the mind is, you can do something about it. 

Below are the links to 2 new shows I did yesterday – on Unity Radio and in our ACIM Friday Group. 


The video from the ACIM Friday morning group is a reminder to NOT WAIT one second longer to wake up. Don’t keep sleepwalking through life. Don’t wait for healing. Don’t wait for other people to change. Don’t wait to have more money. Don’t wait for your body to change or for your health to change. Don’t wait another day – don’t wait another minute! – to be alive and to love. 

You are Love’s Presence. As you allow the blocks and obstacles to be removed from your mind, you become aware of love’s presence – which has always been here, but which you could not see while you were blind, deaf and asleep. 

Here is the Unity talk: How Healing Occurs with Lisa Natoli

Here is the ACIM Friday Group: Purification & Integration with Lisa Natoli

For those of you like me that want to practice and apply the ideas in A Course in Miracles with NO COMPROMISE, here is the version I love the best that I am using that you can buy from Amazon: A Course in Miracles

Now, it’s your turn! Please use the comment to express HOW ARE YOU BEING AWARE?

Are you aware of the places and people you are projecting guilt onto (remember, it’s easy to know if you are projecting guilt – you are talking or thinking about someone thinking they should be doing something different or they should somehow be different – whenever you do that, be aware: PROJECTED GUILT! What you project, cannot be undone).

10 Responses to “How to tell if you are projecting guilt onto others (and how to stop it!)”

  1. JOAN ACKERMAN says:

    An eye opener,k Lisa ! Thank you. I immediately became aware of guilt I was projecting onto someone dear to me…wow ! all those uncomfortable feelings gone !
    Thank you, Lisa. I love you.

  2. Frans Gemen says:

    Two sentences above -STOP IT- This returns the quilt to you…..right?

  3. Frans Gemen says:

    I am greatfull for this insight you give on guilt

  4. Linda MacKay says:

    On, Lisa, i am so glad that some one told me about you and the Teachers of God. You constantly say just what i need to hear. On the Friday class you talked about healing and immune system illnesses, etc. Linda talked about loosing friends because you don’t have any more drama, all very familiar. The big one this week was don’t wait until you are healed, have time, etc That hit home. I heard you. You are the friends I love on the other side of the country, Much love,

  5. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Elizabeth! HA. I love this message from you! I love that you were able to see what was actually occurring. so great. it’s very subtle the way each of us has decided we know what is best for everyone (lol, right) and how freeing it is when we SEE (Jesus opens the eyes of the blind) our own emotional charges. It does not mean that from time to time we will suggest something to someone to steer them in a way that maybe couldn’t see, but it’s done from our center, from a place of peace and joy, with no attachment on what they do, or whether they follow our advice. the whole entire work of transformation and awakening and undoing is to see when we are off center, reacting from that place – and how to get back to center, back to the peace of God. Love, Lisa

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I love the clarity of what you said. I devote so much time mentally critiquing what my friends, family, elected officials are doing. On Friday I was furious at dear friends who decided to stay on Florida’s coast. Wow, all of that is projected guilt! Thanks, I never saw it that way, but you’re so right. And it’s so meaningless!

  7. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Robert! I corrected it! xoxoxox I love your message. It cannot be undone because while we are projecting we are still participating in the belief in separation. That’s why asking the Holy Spirit’s help is so valuable – it creates the willingness and openness to be wrong, to take responsibility again for what seems to be happening and then change can occur.

  8. Jay says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for this wonderful message. I took the 40 Day Program and love it. I practice the principles of this program by always watching myself like a hawk. I never realized in all my years of studying ACIM how easy it is to fall back into old patterns. But now I catch myself a lot faster then before and “turn the other way”. I love you and the Teachers of God Foundation.

  9. Robert says:

    Typo: years (not wars) lol …. talk about a Freudian slip!

  10. Robert says:

    Hi Lisa,
    The idea that projected guilt cannot be undone really struck me, because I am feeling that I’ve never seen that written before despite my many years studying the course. Lol omg! Why didn’t I see that? And …. does that mean that we project guilt (onto someone/thing) that it cannot be undone because it’s then “out there” and that person/thing/situation taken it on and then the proverbial horse has bolted from the gate? Am I getting the correct sense of it here? I suddenly got the shivers that all this time I thought everything could be “undone” by the Holy Spirit if we asked sincerely with a little willingness and surrendered to Him. Would love some clarification on this. I’m so grateful you brought this up, as I was on my way to work and have had to sit down and take a few moments before starting work to absorb this concept. I love you.

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