Ready to stop looking for cures and heal? Read this.


May 08, 2019


Here is a video on Prayer and Healing I did May 10, 2019 in the Course in Miracles Friday Morning Group:

If you are struggling in any way with pain or physical symptoms, this might be the answer to your questions and prayers for a cure and relief.

Here is a great email I received on prayer:  

From Pat:

“Hi Lisa, Three or four years ago I had such pain in my hands that I had difficulty dressing, driving, doing everyday life. I starting reading about “my diagnosis,” talking to other people who had similar symptoms, and wondering how I was going to manage as I lived alone. I knew enough about Truth to know this had to stop. So I stopped “looking for cures,” and instead, many times a day (hundreds) I’d replace any thought related to the pain with either, “There is no pain in God and none in me,” or “Thank You for my healing.” I did this for months, then one day I realized my hands didn’t hurt anymore. I could lift a skillet with one hand. I could zip zippers in the back of dresses. I truly was healed. Still am. I’ll soon be 70 years old, feel great and take no medications. And I still say to myself frequently, “Thank you for my healing.” Pat

Just wanted to share this.

Keep going. If you have had setbacks, remember that you can always (always!) get back on track and begin again, starting today.

There is a lot of support and encouragement here for you. 

The Healing Cure


This work (of training your mind) is about making a commitment to catch the thoughts hundreds of times a day and remembering the truth.

Thank you for my healing. I am healed. I am whole. 

There is no pain in God and none in me.



ALSO: Here is a link to this week’s podcast on Prayer by me and Max:

2 Responses to “Ready to stop looking for cures and heal? Read this.”

  1. Britta says:

    Thank You so much 🙂 Lisa and Pat

  2. Julie says:

    Yes, this is the true prayer that the course talks about. 🙂

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