Heal your Root/Base Chakra and Start Moving Forward!


Nov 14, 2016


I find that one of the fastest way to achieve healing is to be super present in your body, to be alert and aware in your present situation. 

I feel that the reason that many people are disoriented, lost and confused, with no solid grounding and often with financial instability, is because instead of being IN their body, they send their energy UP and quote spiritual sentences to deny their physical existence. They live in the upper chakras, attempting to transcend the body, escape from the body instead of being IN IT.

I see this a lot in A Course in Miracles community. I did it myself for years.

I would say “There is no world. I’m not a body. I need do nothing” and I used this as an excuse to lounge around and wait for something to happen.

I would say “There is no world” but then I would privately wonder when my life was going to change.

The ideas from A Course in Miracles are true, but often misused. I used them as a way to avoid whatever is coming up for me. It was easier to express a sentence I read in the book “I’m not a body!” than to actually DO THE WORK – to uncover and heal my feelings of guilt, shame, unworthiness. I didn’t really want to look at my buried anger and resentments. I just wanted life to get exciting and for someone to give me a unlimited stack of money!

Back then I was unwilling to be present in the discomfort of whatever situation what coming up for me. I would say ‘I’m okay, I’m not a body” but secretly and privately I would be thinking “I’m afraid. I’m sad. My back hurts. When is it all going to end?”

I spent much of my time in fantasy – daydreaming, praying, visualizing my perfect life, begging to God, pleading, wishing, hoping … hoping that “miraculous” something would happen – I was always “waiting for a miracle” or that someone would come along to help me & support me and my life would magically transform.

20 years went by in this way. You might think “20 years!” Who would be dumb enough to put their life on hold for 20 years, waiting for a miracle??? GOOD QUESTION. But look at your own life, and then look around you.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” -Henry David Thoreau

I snapped to my senses back in spring 2011 when I a book called “Eastern Body, Western Body” (a book about Chakras) landed on my night-stand near my bed, where I was doing a weekend workshop on food addiction with my friend Marielle School.

It was an eye-opener! It said many spiritual people send their energy UP trying to escape the body (trying to achieve enlightenment) when actually, the energy needs to be balanced – moving in both directions – up and down – in a balanced way – and that the reason many spiritual people are sick with no money, with no job, sluggish, and no desire “to do” is because they are not grounded, not present in their body.

The Root Chakra is all out of whack. So there is little energy.

I made a decision right then and there that I would begin to BE IN the body. I started “to send the energy down”.

I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I was determined to begin showing up differently every day. 

In the beginning, doing body/energy work felt like a total corruption to me – to be A Course in Miracles teacher and to be focusing on the body and on the world. I kept it my own little secret.

I did the work on my own.

The Root/Base Chakra (Red) is all about Grounding and Connection to the world, to the earth.

As I started “sending energy down”, I started to feel excited to work again, make money and pay off all my debt.

Being spiritual, I had decided 10 years earlier that I didn’t need money, didn’t want money, didn’t want to work, didn’t need to work and that was that! I decided that my 10-years of accumulated credit debt didn’t matter because “there is no world! It’s an illusion!”

Do you know that this is??

A Root/Base Chakra that was completely non-functioning and stuck!

I kept all my learning and knowledge about chakras to myself over the years because of my fixed belief that “I teach A Course in Miracles” and I shouldn’t mix the levels. 

And yet, I have experienced total healing in every area of my life using the ideas from A Course in Miracles ALONG WITH other mind-body approaches. So why would I keep this to myself? 

I want to share it with you. 

People often ask me how I have done so much in a short period of time and the brief answer is that I TAKE INCREDIBLY GOOD CARE OF MYSELF. 

I’m fully in my body, knowing that I am not a body. 

When ideas come to me, I act on them. 

Take it or leave it. Try it and see if your life changes.

If you have been feeling stuck, then you have nothing to lose.

When the root chakra is clear, you feel aliveness to do and to act. New ideas came to me and here is the difference: I followed through on them!

In the past, new ideas would come to me constantly but I didn’t follow through on them because “Why bother? It’s all an illusion anyway!”

Suddenly, I was active. Money began to come to me. I paid off my credit card debt in 9-months. I created work for myself that I love.

Healing the base/root chakra will shift all the other blocks in the system.

A solid foundation is needed, and that foundation comes from knowing you are safe, supported and loved – and when you feel that way – you know you have a good strong balanced Root/Base Chakra.

If you do not feel loved, safe, supported and grounded, be willing to start being more in your body.

Stop daydreaming, fantasizing and hoping.

Heal your Base Chakra and Get Moving.

I will be introducing all these ideas about healing and chakras this weekend at a 2-Day Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For information and to register, click here:

You know the Red Chakra is functioning again when you START ACTING on ideas – and no longer just “thinking” (upper chakras) about them. 

If you are ready for transformation then my advice is to get your head out of the clouds, get back into your body, stay totally present – and act on the ideas that come to you. Don’t wait. 

It will be great to spend a weekend with you in Denmark!


23 Responses to “Heal your Root/Base Chakra and Start Moving Forward!”

  1. Liliana Remis says:

    How can I learned and practice this Lisa. I dont’ feel loved, not even I Love me, feel lost unsupported and very sad. I will retake the course but at this moment have o energy al all. Please help me I feel dispear and unbalanced

  2. Phillip cooper says:

    Lisa, will there be a video of this seminar available?

  3. Leontine says:

    Thank you so much Lisa. It is a great help to be more alert when there is a feeling that wants to be seen,, to be held.. II love you,

  4. Lisa Natoli says:

    I love you guys! Thanks for these great comments. Thank you for showing up here and for sharing your joy and gratitude.

  5. Lisa Natoli says:

    Hi Renee, I suggest you to read it again. I tell exactly how to do it. Be fully present in the body and send the energy down. If you would like even more detailed information you can purchase Eastern Body/Western Mind, but I have mentioned everything I did that got me started – making a decision to be present, get a job, pay my debt – to get out of the head and wishful fantasy thinking. It’s all here.

  6. Sue Lippiatt says:

    Hi Lisa, I had a good laugh over this – how can we deny the perfect body that God has given us? Yet it is what I have been doing for years as well and reading this makes so much sense to me now. It is up to each one of us to take care of the wonderful gift we have given and treat it with love – after all, it is the Temple of the living God! Thank you Lisa for sharing this xxxx

  7. Robert says:

    I would love to see this in the LIP program Lisa. Or it almost feels to me like part of a whole “Accomplishment of Healing” module to be offered invetween the 40 day program and LIP. It feels very inspired and sparkly. Wow! I love it, and I love you and I love the way you show up in the world, Lisa. So good!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I agree 100%. While we are in our human bodies we need to take care of them. I am a Reiki Practitioner and have now become an Aromatherapist to help myself and others heal their bodies. I still am practicing what I learn from ACIM and the Unity Church I attend. I think I have found a good balance. Check out my website to see how I have started helping others as well.

  9. Pam Kapur says:

    I love this article. I have been living in my head and feel depleted. Just by recognizing it my root chakra got energized and I can see that I ACTUALLY am safe, supported and healed and balanced. I have been putting on weight and now I can see that is because of neglecting the lower chakras. Balance just what the cross represents is the way.

  10. Renee OConnell says:

    I kept reading for you to tell us how to clear the first chakra. I was disappointed when it turned out to be an ad. I’m glad for you though doing this.. but thought the blog was going to give us some directions. Oh well.

  11. Shasta Rose says:

    Thanks for coming out with this! I, too, have been thinking that all I need is ACIM. Is this something you can offer in an online class?

  12. Joan says:

    Lisa darling, you wrote this for me?! Right? And the most awesome thing about it, is that I will be learning how to work with my blocked, stuck, root-chakra coming weekend in Copenhagen! Yeaaaah! What a miracle! I am so exited. Can’t wait to get my life running and unstuck again. The time is NOW! Love and hugs from Joan

  13. Kim says:

    This was a great article Lisa, I, like you was not present and completely ungrounded. I didn’t know I wasn’t in my body until I started doing energy work. It ties so nicely to the ACIM. If I had not done the energy work I am pretty sure that ACIM would not have landed in the same way as it has now. Sharing your love of the chakras is a gift to others Blessings

  14. Jane Marie says:

    Hi Lisa!
    OMG – Keeping it your own little secret because it felt like corruption! This made me laugh out loud because I would do the same thing with yoga – teaching or just taking a class. I had such a conflict in my mind about whether it contradicted all that the Course was teaching. I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing and freeing the rest of us who have felt the same way. We can laugh at it now.
    Love you!
    Jane Marie

  15. Brenda says:

    Jesus never healed the condition of the body – he healed the belief that God’s child could have a condition. That someone could have a body that decays – or a body without fully functioning capacities.
    Healing will not occur if you start from the premise that you have a real condition.
    We are only healing the BELIEF that you have condition in the first place.
    As I heal my thoughts, the body is harmonized.

  16. Karen says:

    Lisa like you I have believed this for a very long time and have include it in my ACIM workshops. Three years ago I was gifted with this chant that opens the Heart Chakra wide. When I come to do my Friday morning debut I will share it with everyone. Love You❤️ Lisa

  17. Danna says:

    While I love ACIM, I’ve struggled with many concepts and one is that I am not a body. Metaphysically I “get” that but, I too have found great healing in body-mind-spirit practices and regularly do chakra clearings for clarity in all aspects of my life. It’s brave and beautiful that you are articulating your truth and challenging a “fundamentalist” ACIM mindset. The profoundest truth is following your guidance and you are such a wise and loving teacher of that truth–as this post clearly demonstrates!!! Sending you a big hug!!! ❤️

  18. Julia Oliver says:

    Hi Lisa. Love it! I have that book, started reading it two years ago when I’d got majorly stuck, come to an absolute halt in my life. However, as you say, spiritual people have a habit of head in the clouds day dreaming, totally out of body, which absolutely applies to me, as I’ve just been waiting and waiting for something to happen, haha!! This last week though, during week 2 of LIP, I suddenly realised what I’ve been doing and then wow to back it all up your fabulous blog entry about the root chakra. Thank you so much for reminding me of all the things I already know and just choose to forget! Love you Lisa xxx

  19. Susanne says:

    🙂 Love this. I can so much understand and feel what you write. We can all misunderstand this illusion-thing. I figuered out that the illusion is our thoughtsystem, but the manifestation itself- body,world is super-real. We have this body and this world for now and it is an extansion of the soul for more experiences and lessons of love, and still it is the goal to love ALL, including the world, the body, because these are presents of God for us to remember who we are and who we will become again one day – honoring our real home: Spirit! It’ s a little like rejecting something, what has been giving us with reason, it shall help us! The real Illusion is the detachement from another-not the body. The body is a circumstance and part of the party! We can use it to connect with love through many ways! Feel joy! All senses remind us of God! Taste, touch, dance, work .. ONElove 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. La Tanya says:

    Love this! I am so glad you revealed this because I love chakra healing work too, cards, and a few other healing modalities! Yay! Love you Lisa!!! You rock!!!! 🙂

  21. Julia saroja says:

    I love this. I found exactely the same that by Moving into the body with full awareness i Will see that i am not the body. Once again up site down. Thank you for pointing towards the light once again. With the chakra work.

  22. Ngaire Shaw says:

    Thank you Lisa. This has been so helpful. Much Love <3

  23. Pam Thivierge says:

    Thank you Lisa for the reminder! When I am not grounded I can not think! I am all over the place, I am so disoriented! My energy has no where to go! I need my energy to be flowing in a beautiful pattern! When my all my chakras are open and moving in the right direction things flow and energy does not get stuck! When things are flowing I have no pain or fear!
    I tend to forget to take care of my root! For me touching the ground , holding a tree yes I’m a tree hugger and working with crystals really help! When I am grounded I am free! Free to be me! Thanks so much for this! I really hope you put this course in video format! I will purchase it in a New York second! Have a wonderful weekend, all
    of you! Sending lots of light & love!! ❤️❤️
    Pam Thivierge

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