VIDEO: Renouncing magic. Using your abilities only for God and for helping others.


Apr 15, 2018

Here is the recording from the ACIM Friday Morning Group, from April 13, 2018.

In this video above, I read and teach from Cameo Essay #32: “God Is” from A Course in Miracles 

These Cameos are my new favorite part of A Course in Miracles because they show us directly how Jesus was training and teaching Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford to listen, trust and follow. 

In this particular Cameo, Helen makes a decision “to renounce magic” which means that she was not going to use her abilities (being psychic and hearing Jesus’ voice) for fame, success or anything worldly – and that she was going to devote these abilities only to God to helping others. 

These stories in the Cameos are clear examples of what we are invited to do in our own lives. We can follow Helen and Bill’s demonstration. 

Also in this Cameo is one of my favorite stories of Joe, Bill’s friend, who was thinking of killing himself and what happened there. Another clear example of how to “reach another” with our mind, through remembering the truth. When we remember the truth in our mind, it reaches another mind and every mind. 


If you are ready to renounce magic – if you no longer care about using the power of God to get things or improve your life, and you want a place to announce it, please do so in the comment area below! 

If you are ready to devote your abilities and your life to God and to helping others, post it here! 

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