The Widow’s Oil: What is in your house? Start pouring.


Jul 04, 2016


I’m on the road traveling with my gorgeous husband Bill right now – we drove our RV bus this week from Orlando Florida to San Antonio Texas, where we are right now celebrating the Fourth of July weekend with family and friends.

One of the greatest surprises to me is that whenever I teach A Course in Miracles “formally” like this past week when we were invited to St. Augustine, I start talking about the metaphysics of the bible.

I don’t plan to do this. It just happens. It’s a surprise because I never even picked up a bible until I was 33 years old. I have no religious upbringing. But somehow I know bible stories and how they relate to our lives today.

I find myself telling bible stories and the meaning/metaphysics of them and I have no idea where I learned it. I love seeing all the “hidden” messages in bible stories which are not hidden at all but right there in plain sight!

This is great fun for me to see so many hidden gems that show me specifically and exactly what to do to have a changed experience.

This week I was talking about the woman in the bible who was a widow and totally destitute so much that the authorities were about to take her two children away in slavery and she went to the prophet Elisha for guidance and he said to her: WHAT IS IN YOUR HOUSE??

And she said “nothing except a small pot of oil” and he said, “THAT IS ENOUGH”. Find every pot you can and begin pouring the oil into it. And she did and that little jar of oil filled every pot.

This is the key to miracles:

This is the KEY to miracles: Use what is at hand. Start pouring. Don’t wait.


En route to Texas, I stopped into a bookstore to buy a new KJV bible because I wanted to read the story directly. Kings 2:4.

The story is amazing. Elisha tells the woman to collect every empty vessel, not a few but as many as possible and to “shut the door” and they fill the pots to fill and then there are no more vessels and she says “there are no more vessel’s and then the oil ceased to pour!!! 🙂 Which is PRECISELY and EXACTLY the way it works!!!

“Shut the door” – close off other options.

Oil is whatever you are pouring! Love, money, kindness, generosity, gifts, goodness. And when you say there are no more vessels, you stop the flow.

You have everything you need right now to begin multiplying. Love, Gratitude, Joy, Power, Grace, Light, Christ Vision, the peace of God. What is in your house? I love that. Now take a step. Take an action. Use what is on hand. START POURING. Don’t wait.

I would love to hear from you. What is in your house? Are you pouring what you have into vessels? What actions are you taking? What does pouring oil into vessels look like for you in your life?

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  1. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Thanks so much for the blog. What a great lesson and one you teach everyday….Just Pour. I love it.
    PS. I was a bit amused you didn’t have the bible with you… there is one for the RV. I love and Miss you and Bill

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