Video Interview with Stephanie Mancini


Mar 15, 2020


This past week – this past Tuesday – I asked my friend Stephanie Mancini to hop on Zoom with me so I could get her to tell her story of True Healing – and her story of coming back to life from 72 pounds – through what she says “I saw what brought me back – my connection to the light. God.”

I just posted the video today on Youtube and you can watch it here:

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this email, I posted ONE of her many emails I have received from her. I’ve been encouraging her to put her writing together and publish it in book form.

I learned of Stephanie maybe two years ago when she started emailing me – and wow.

I am honored and happy that so many people write to me personally to share their stories of healing and transformation – just normal every day people – who are just quietly doing the work – and experiencing changes in their attitude and their way of looking at themselves and the world.

I didn’t have a plan with this video – all I knew was that I wanted to make sure Stephanie’s story was told – because you know – there are loads of people in the world with sickness, symptoms, pain, fear – I was one of them – Stephanie was one of them – you may be one of them – and right there in the middle of it – you can make a decision to identify with the light you are – the truth of your being – and move into aliveness and joy and gratitude. Right on that day.

Perhaps even today!

Love you.


PS: a little correction in this video: Bill and I had plans to fly to Florida today for a week but a few days ago we decided to cancel and stay home – and so when Stephanie and I had our Zoom call this past Tuesday, Bill and I were still all set to go. So that’s OLD NEWS in the video when you hear me say to Stephanie “maybe I’ll see you next week in Florida.”

If you like this video and think it’s inspiring, please share it with friends and family. Thank you. And check out Stephanie on her website.

She’s “2 lit to quit”!

Here is one of Stephanie’s emails to me, written on October 10, 2018:

Hi Lisa, I’m back again- you know- cause we run the same circle (the circle of atonement that is!)

Ok, I thought you might be interested in another part of my story for your own personal interest into healing…..

I just read your new blog and an aha / light bulb moment came when you mentioned the pyschoneuroimmunology (can’t spell it, can’t say it either!)

But here’s the deal:

Obviously I didn’t end up weighing 72lbs overnight while still eating.

It was all a very gradual isolation and emaciation- first stemming from my mind and then taking hold of my body.

I always questioned if I had an eating disorder because at many moments I was labeled that —but I never felt or believed I did- I always knew it was an energy distortion (two different ED’s here). Perhaps a similar experience to how you explain drinking. It was never about the drinking and you never went to AA to ‘heal it’

Stick with me here for another minute to get to this good stuff…..

So I saw the power of my mind. How it literally almost killed me.

And- I saw what brought me back- my connection to the light. God.

(Btw:: this all happened in Spain which is like my heart’s second home and perks me ears up at your experience with the Camino)

I knew exactly when I disconnected from it – the light- and I now to this day when I first truly knew what it was—— and in a way took on a victim mentality to suffer almost as a payback to everyone who suffocated my light or dreams and didn’t know the light and told me to live like the rest of the world (that’s the way I saw it then/ they won’t let me do this, they don’t understand me, support me etc- saw no way out and it became a mirror of my thoughts- attack attack attack- so it attacked my body).

Ok- so I was somehow attacking my body unintentionally and I almost die.

Then my body starts decaying- osteoporosis

No period

List goes on

***Immune part // all through this my white blood cell count tanks/ like low 2.0s (I think it’s supposed to be around 5.0)

For years chronically low WBC which is your immune system!! For almost a decade

All right there:

1. The mindset (the thoughts, beliefs, behaviors)

2. The science (I got the test results to prove it)

3. The immune system

And then ultimately the LIGHT.

I never wish this experience on absolutely anyone but I will say, my intuition, senses and connection to Love haven’t been this sharp since I was a young child. Sickness can bring us back home but we do not need sickness to find out who we are or connect back to it.

It blows my mind that now only am I finally able to put this experience into words but that there is something out there like YOU who understands it and sees it without me doing a very clear job explaining it because it is almost inexplicable at the body level.

This is the deep cellular healing and LISA YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON —- “I hope that you become filled with so much happiness that it heals every part of you”.

If you ever would like to pick my brain some more on this I’m all yours!

Happily in love with love,

Thank you Lisa—


Watch the video of my interview with Stephanie Mancini on Youtube here: ENJOY!!

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