Success Stories And Testimonials For The Healing Cure

Jodie W.

I am so freakin grateful for this Healing Cure work.  Thank you Lisa for leading me to this awareness of my True Self. You have been a Guiding Light in my constantly unfolding journey to peace, joy, and freedom.  

The change in my life has been so profound that my daughter labels me as two different people: "before" and "after" Mom became "grateful and blessed".
The truth is, I didn't even know I was so difficult to be around.  There were plenty of signs both at work and at home pointing to my insanity, but it took a cancer diagnosis to motivate me to look inward. I hear your voice in my head reminding me that I am not the healer and that my job is to simply, relax, bless, observe and love.  I can actually feel the energy of God moving through my body like tangible tingles. Thank you so much.

Dr. Sarah S. 

"As a physician, I was always looking for answers, and almost immediately I knew that the answer was not in healing the body. And there were so many things that came as I did the course that I needed to heal, other things in my life that needed healing."


Rieko Y.

"Thank you Lisa."

When you said there is no reaching for's like you've been planting these seeds in me, these practices in me, and the seeds might sprout at different moments or grow into a tree or start flowing and making fruit at different times...but recently, the wholeness and holiness ideas, the understanding is sinking into me at a whole new level.


Julie H.

"The quality of my life has improved so much since I started The Healing Cure over a year ago."

Physical and emotional pains have disappeared. When they reappear and I find myself having thoughts of guilt, anger, resentment, etc. I realize right away that I need to refocus get back to my Source. Lisa, I thank you and I bless you, from my heart.


Andrea H.

"This course is amazing. It's an incredible integration."

It totally changed my life! I can't believe how these teachings land so differently with me this time round. Last time all I wanted to do was heal the body. This time I get what healing is!! You give so much Lisa, I love your clarity! So grateful, thank you. 

Karen W.

"Lisa, I love your humor. I love your clarity. I just love the visual aids and slides. This 8-week course has changed my life."



Michelle H.

"The Healing Cure is a practical and playful course on having more fun in life... and in truly discovering how loved and powerful we are."

It feels so good to listen, to watch. I really desire to remember who I am more consistently, especially as I parent. 

The Healing Cure is life-changing. It has deeply impacted how I interact with others and has profoundly impacted my parenting and our marriage. I am remembering who I am consistently, especially as I parent. Thank you for this course.


Jennifer B.

"Lisa, you are healing me just by showing up with your wisdom and insights. Thank you!"

The slides are awesome, and the teaching of healing is flowing so smoothly from one step to the next. I love you Lisa - thank you for all your work and for the teachings - ho you take complex ideas and make them simple. It brings so much insight and clarity into what simply just IS.


Rose J.

"Brilliant teaching and explanation. Thank you Lisa."

The power and the combination of the two words, observe and bless are simply amazing...the diagrams are very helpful and well done and explained. I was really able to deepen how nothing in the world gives me what I'm really looking for, the ego's plan to seek and never find, t's always right here in the quiet.

Blanca Rios

"The power of identifying with my True Self as holiness is something I learned from The Healing Cure and has been key for me."

Lisa makes healing simple and practical. I was seeing so much suffering in the world right now and I just know that True Identification is the answer. Thank you Lisa for the Healing Cure! Truly unlike any program out there! More importantly thank you Lisa for showing up and shining so brightly, holding space for others to remember the truth, allowing their own healing to occur. I'm showing up and playing. I'm showing up and allowing. It's a whole new space for me.

Cindy G.

"Walking with the heart open has changed my life."


Vicki C. - "I feel I did a 180 in terms of how I look at things now."

I now have a different way of considering sickness, illness or pain. The Healing Cure has helped me change my perspective. 

The 3 biggest benefits received from The Healing Cure:

1. Lisa’s thoughtful videos—so down-to-earth and wise

2. Great materials, especially the workbook

3. A whole new approach to “illness” or pain

Linda S.  - "More 'Being' than 'Doing'".

I am loving how these practices are encouraging me to more being than doing.
Thank you Lisa.

Miriam E. - "Here is what I always tell people: Lisa Natoli is direct, uncompromisingly and unapologetically herself, a fearless example of living boldly in spontaneity and joy. A spark of inspiration that always gets me thinking a different way."

Lisa, The Healing Cure is amazing!! It transformed my life. I discovered how to get into my higher Self in a simple way remembering the practices you gave. For this, your graphics were helpful. I could relate to your stories. We are very much alike. Love your transparency also. you made me see that I wouldn't lose myself if I shifted into being my True Self.

You gave me a jumpstart into being my higher Self! I found I could do the practices as time went by.

The biggest benefits of The Healing Cure is that it’s a jumpstart into living as my higher self. You, Lisa, demonstrating how you are living in as the True Self  - and your stories I could relate to. It gave me the message: “If you can do, so can I.”

The Healing Cure is a tremendous way to learn and practice living from you higher Self. There are simple processes and practices that one can do.

What a brilliant course! While we know we are not a body, we are not ignoring the body either. It’s a way to apply the simple mantras to jumpstart into living as our higher self. You demonstrated how you are living in your higher Self many times. I could relate to your stories. If you can do this, so can I! It's a whole new practical way to see sickness and healing. 

Laurel E.

"The Healing Cure is a mind-blowing paradigm shift in how to define healing and practical tools for its application."

I am an RN and MSN, trained in the medical model, and I can testify to The Healing Cure’s validity. 

I no longer think about how to heal my body. That’s a HUGE relief. Sometimes I still can feel sad about what being ill has cost but I know I am not a victim and that I can choose to be happy. There are so many helpful tools I have learned to apply that shift me into a higher vibration.

I am so grateful that I was led to Lisa’s work. It is so far ahead of what is currently considered as “healing,” and I feel certain is expanding the consciousness of humanity. I also believe that its applications are limitless and can be used for all types of “problems.”

The Healing Cure is the most paradigm shifting material since my introduction to A Course in Miracles  It is perfect that it has an underlying non-dual perspective and the classes are elegantly concise.

Where am I? What’s my location? This question in The Healing Cure has been monumental for me when I first heard it. It took me from the familiar mental constructs of self and Self to an actual experience of them in my daily life. Up until then I had mostly experienced Self in meditation. These images helped me connect with Self when driving or in the grocery store because where I was also correlated with who I took myself to be.

Joan de Groot - "I laugh more, I feel free with whatever is happening."

The Healing Cure has changed so much for me in my life, bringing me ever closer to the message of perfection and wholeness that I am. It has been a total love-and truth-bombing for me. There is so much in it, that I will still gladly go back and re-do the modules, letting it all sink in, little by little.

I am more aware in the present moment and enjoy my life, such as it is. I do what I feel like doing and stop when it doesn't feel good anymore. Life has become more simple and direct, and easy flow. I am prepared to be led wherever, whenever. It feels good. 

Laurie S.  - "Because of The Healing Cure, I see the world differently."

The Healing Cure is absolutely profound. The most powerful, emotional writing I've done in over four years of "sickness." To see and feel where the patterns started and how they repeated again and again until reaching a crescendo that led to a startling wake-up call. Thank you Lisa for generously sharing your experience--it helped me see so much the same in my life, the dimming of the light, the isolating. You are the best.

Because of The Healing Cure, I see the world differently. I still get deeply trapped in “when I feel better” thinking, and a lot of striving. But now I’m aware of it. That switch can be turned off.

Deepali P. - "The Healing Cure is the end of my story."

The Healing Cure is not JUST another course. It’s the final nurturing ground due to which I am flowering and fruiting in my ONE TRUE SELF - as LOVE after 40 years of having hundreds of mystical experiences, existential angst, terminal illnesses, divorces, bankruptcy, more mystical experiences, creating amazing spaces and things, teaching and serving ...YET it was only in The Healing Cure that I have been brought FULLY and IRREVOCABLY HOME. In absolute love to you Lisa for this course and the work you do. 

The biggest benefit of The Healing Cure for me is The END of my story. The stories just vanished. Loving my parents. Living wholeheartedly. Took away the last remaining shreds of grief, doubts and second-guessing. People around me are commenting that I have changed.


Roxanne R.

"I love these practices! It gets me out of my head and back to the present moment."


Laurie Sagalyn - "The Healing Cure is the fast track to healing."

The Healing Cure will show you why and how to get to the root of why you are upset. It's the fast track to healing. It explains the old thought system that we think is normal but is victim based and makes us feel weak, guilty, shame, angry, unhappy, powerless etc and teaches a new way to show up to feel empowered, loved, loving, powerful, engaged, alive, vibrant etc. Lisa's personal examples of what triggered her and kept her feeling she was sick and dying and how she turned it around are worth their weight in gold. Few teachers are willing to be vulnerable like Lisa so she's very relatable and it's what makes her a home-run teacher.

Savina C.  - "My understanding and awareness have opened up." 

When I first signed up for The Healing Cure, I was focused on healing the body through my spiritual beliefs and practices. Not like that anymore. Thank you Lisa.

Andrea B. - "I have done many programs…this one just made everything so clear."

The Healing Cure is an amazing program for awakening. 

Lisa transmits her wisdom in such a beautiful, natural and clear way. The material and slides she uses often invoked an AHA within me. Her personal experiences and stories added up to even deeper understanding and just allowed me to relax into my Being. It is very intelligently built up over the weeks and I feel that whatever challenges I am facing I have such a solid toolbox and understanding and can see where I am coming from and how to shift back into the Truth. I am deeply grateful for this 8 weeks journey.


"With The Healing Cure and Lisa Natoli's work, I've learned to love myself."


I've done and read so many other spiritual books & followed other teachings that made me feel that their lives seem to be swimming in happiness & I just didn't seem to be getting it!! Because I was always trying to do it perfectly & if I wasn't seeing changes (including with A Course in Miracles). I felt that I was not practicing correctly or consistently. With the Healing Cure and Lisa Natoli's work, I've learned to love myself.

Thanks to you Lisa and the The Healing Cure, I’m also learning to chill out - to allow and accept everything. I'm going v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.l.y. and I love it!!