Sunday Message: Our hiding spot


May 17, 2020

A little Quarantine Fun for you: I found some clay out in our backyard yesterday. It was gray when I put it on and it instantly turned green and it turns out to be way better than any expensive spa mask I have ever done. I was laughing the whole time – to get back to playing in mud. Which just goes to show you – everything you want and need for joy really IS in your backyard!!! Even closer than that – IN YOU. 
You don’t need to go looking for a cure outside of you. It’s literally in the place you are now. It’s the Joy you experience when you connect with your Self – and you become a child again, full of aliveness and life and love.

Hello my friend. Let’s mix and mingle – and transform and heal together! This is a real thing – just reading this message, mixing with me as you and me mixing with you as I write is a joining – and healing comes from joining. I know this seems way too basic – but it’s true. Acknowledging our ONENESS is how healing happens. 

A couple of things: 
I love you. 
That’ the first thing. You may think: “you don’t even know me” but I DO know you because you are myself – my perfect whole self – and I love myself therefore I love everyone and everything.
The greatest secret about healing (which is no secret at all) is that there is a light in you and when you connect with this light as your Self, healing is accomplished. This is our hiding spot – in the body. The last place we would ever think to look. We hid this light – our Self – deep under guilt, attack thoughts, judgments, blame, shame, unworthiness, jealousy, rage, anger. WE BURIED IT DEEP!!! 
And what often happens is that when we go “looking within” we got road-blocked at shame, doubt, blame, etc. We never make it. We abort the mission. We abandon ship. We said “YES I AM GOING” – I am going to find the pearl of great price – I am going to find out about this light – and we start on our way and what happens??? We hit the first stop sign – a road-closed sign – and we turn around and go back to our old habits. 
When I think about my own healing, I think “how did it happen?” because at first glance it feels like there are lots of elements, lots of changes that got made in the way I see myself and the world – but the more I think about it, the simpler it gets: I become my own best friend. 
This is really how my healing occurred. I made a decision to be my very best friend and to love myself completely, all of me, including the parts I was trying to heal. A best friend doesn’t blame. A best friend doesn’t condemn. Or attack. A best friend does shame. But that’s precisely what was happening in my own private thoughts. Blaming myself for not being perfect. Attacking myself for “causing sickness”. Would a best friend do this? NO. A best friend would be kind, gentle, loving, welcoming and accepting. A best friend wouldn’t kick you when you down. NO. They would be there, loving you. 
So …. there you have it. The secret to healing. LOVE. Love is your power – and it’s in you. This Love is the Light in You. Love = Joy = Light. 
And LOVE HEALS. it does. 
And when you connect with this Love, Light, Joy (it’s all the same) there is a communication that starts to happen. You start to receive instruction. This is what has happened to me. It guides you perfectly. This “guide” is the Inner Physician that is this Light, Love, Joy. IT’S YOU.
It’s what you buried and hid under grievances, comparisons, attack thoughts. 
I love the workbook lesson that says “Miracles are seen in light. They are not seen in the dark.” The light is here but it is useless to you while you stand in the dark. HELLLLLOOOOOO!!!! 
That’s it. We are already healed but we don’t know it while we stand knee-deep in our grievances. Our healing is over here in the light – and our “work” is to shift into the light (out of the dark) and accept the truth about ourselves. 
As you see, I could go on and on. 
The Healing Cure
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I love you. 
A little Lisa Sandwich here for you – a few things inside love. 
We start with love, end with love and love is all there is. 
There is nothing your holiness cannot do. 
I hope to see you today at 12pm EST on the Facebook Live or next weekend the Conference. 
Be your own best friend. 
It will change your life. 

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