(New Video) Super Abundance begins Monday August 3, 2020


Aug 03, 2020


I love disrupting my routines whenever I see I have one. I love throwing stuff away. I love giving stuff away.

I’m a minimalist and I love living simply.

I’m constantly clearing stuff out – clothes, paper, jewelry, furniture – and my “getting rid of stuff” includes worn-out thoughts, limiting beliefs, fear-based attitudes and emotions.


My garbage pile includes the past and the future. Don’t need it!!

Don’t want it!!

I throw away grievances, judgments and attack thoughts.

I gave a talk yesterday on my upcoming 4-week course called Super Abundance, which is in the Presenter’s Series for the Teachers of God Foundation.

You can watch the video here on Youtube:

Super Abundance is for anyone who wants to experience for themselves AS A FIRST-HAND DIRECT EXPERIENCE – SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES – all the abundance that is currently available to you.

I talk about this in the video.

All that you ever wanted – ever desired – is in you but which you may be blocking with those worn-out thoughts I mention above.

During the call, on the Chat Board, someone wrote that the first Week 1 assignment will be difficult for her because she doesn’t want anything and that there must be something wrong with her.

She wrote this!

And I responded with: “Well. Something you could “want” is to stop attacking yourself, like that comment you just posted on the board.”

“There must be something wrong with me.”

We often don’t even SEE that we attack ourselves, on a continual daily basis.

We just think thoughts like “I’m weak. I’m guilty. I have nothing. I am nothing.” and take these thoughts as fact.

So Super Abundance is a way to begin to identify with your brilliance, your creativity, your innocence, your power, your abundance, your inheritance, your value, your worthiness.

To live life in Super Abundance – in generosity, and love and peace.

No one living in Super Abundance would ever think about themselves “there must be something wrong with me.”

You would know your Self as God’s treasure! You would know yourself as loved, loving, lovable, adored, adorable – a Powerhouse of God Healing Power.

In Super Abundance, you receive all the gifts of God that are yours: peace, joy, love, enthusiasm, a quiet mind, the gift of healing, the gift of your Presence.

It this sounds like something YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF – Super Abundance begins Monday, August 3, 2020.

Imagine that one month from now, on September 1st, you’re a totally different person – living in joy, gratitude, peace and freedom, living a life you love.

There is no need to suffer. There is no need to be sick. There is no need to be in lack and limitation.

There is no need to think thoughts like “there must be something wrong with me.”

You are brilliant. And powerful. And this is your time to see it for yourself.



To register for Super Abundance now and to get on the inside of this Super Party, click here:

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