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Jul 01, 2020


Monday, July 6, 2020 at 10:30am EST – Register here:

One of the consistent things I’m constantly expressing as a Healing Mentor is the necessity to DEAL WITH FEAR. It must be SEEN and CORRECTED WITH TRUTH. You may have noticed that saying “fear is an illusion” doesn’t get rid of it. You must see all your blocks and resistances, and then deal with them and heal these thoughts and beliefs. Straight on. With open eyes. 

I have a super special guest on TGF TV this Monday, July 6, 2020 at 10:30am EST: Christina Courtney. 

I met Christina online a couple of years ago and then she came to a Healing Cure event in NYC in October 2019 – so I’ve had the chance to get to know Christina personally. Her story is WOW. 

So, I’ve invited her on to share her healing story and also to walk you through a process of identifying resistance and then deliberately changing the dial on your energy. 


The Alignment Formula with Christina Courtney 

What do you want?
What do you want to align with?
What’s holding you back?

Alignment = -R(esistance) + Energy

To get Christina’s free PDF, click here:

We’ll be going over this on Friday morning at 10:30am EST 

Lisa and Christina will share on TRUE HEALING and will guide you through a process called The Alignment Formula that Christina developed to gain clarity about what you want, to see what your resistances and to realize you have the ability to change your energy so that you are aligned with what is already here!

Christina will also be sharing her personal story of healing.

Lisa Natoli is the Founder of The Healing Cure and is always on the hunt and look-out for people that are living in joy and freedom who have experienced True Healing so she can remind the world with yet another real-life demonstration that there is no need to suffer – and that would be Christina!! 

Christina Courtney is a Healer and Alignment Coach specializing in helping people to release whatever resistance is holding them back from fully identifying with their True Self.



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