The #1 Healer in the world: YOUR HOLINESS


Mar 18, 2019


The #1 Healer in the world is the light within you.

Almost no one knows this.

Everyone is looking outside of themselves for a pill, a cure, a remedy.

But “the Greatest Healer” who ever lived and walked the earth is right within you, closer than your hand, closer than your breath.

All the way down to the bottom of this message is a testimonial from a woman – Sandy Zimmerman – who made a decision to focus on her holiness for 8-weeks consistently, and what happened there. Keep reading (or scroll down).

When people say that Jesus is the Greatest Healer who ever lived – what do you think that means? How was he healing?

He was healing with the same exact power that is within each and everyone of us: THE LIGHT WITHIN. 

He become One with the light – and it was this light that was doing the healer.

Jesus was simply NOT blocking this light with grievances. He was allowing it to flow. He w as a perfect channel for God’s Love and and Light to flow into the world, to others.

If you have ever read or studied the bible at all (or even just heard a few phrases) then you will know that Jesus said stuff like: “It is not I, but the Father within me that does the work.”

The “Father” is the light within you.

Jesus just happened to be a guy who knew this, who learned to work with this light, extend it, embody it, give it.

He didn’t see sickness. He saw only the truth. He saw through every appearance of limitation and disease and saw only the light there. THIS IS WHAT HEALS.

And you and I and everyone have this exact same ability. Healing is No. Big. Deal.

There is a light in you – which is your innocence and holiness – and while you have spent your entire lifetime focusing on the body – believing you are a person – separate from other people – you didn’t know this holiness and light was there. It became this tiny little flickering light, so small that mostly you don’t know it’s there.

And if you don’t know the light is there (even though it is there), you are not working with it. You are not acknowledging it. You are not extending it. You are not using it to heal, comfort and bless.

It’s like having a multi-million dollar bank account and not knowing about it.

Only this is even BETTER than a bank account with money, but this power and light heals all things.

You have this light – it’s right here within you now – IT’S YOURS – and you can dedicate yourself to learning how to use it to heal.

The first step is acknowledging this light.

It’s within you.

You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to find it. It’s right where you are, in the place where you are.

It can be helpful to simply sit quietly with no distraction and let your attention and awareness be directed to this light.

Instruct yourself to sit quietly and focus on this light. Be determined to find it.

Everyone has experienced this light before – it’s those moments of freedom from the body, moments of joy and love and creativity. it’s the moments when you feel fully alive, when you feel there are no limits. You are feel grateful and happy, in love.

That’s the light of God.

But here’s the thing: Our identification with the body runs deep and thick! Our belief in separation – in the belief in bodies separate from us – is, in most people, fully entrenched and embedded as our “reality” – so it can take a moment to shift from body-identity to Christ-identification.

Christ is the light you are, which is our shared identity.

This is the Love you Are – and everyone is joined in it.

This light is whole and healed and perfect. This is what you are. This is your True Self.

What You Are is not an age, a gender or a body. You are Love. You are Light.

Eternal and Free: Joined with everyone and everything.

Light cannot be sick or in pain. It does not experience loss. It does not suffer.

So if you are experiencing pain, sickness or suffering, you are identify with the body as your self. And sickness, pain and suffering can seem very real!

If you are sick, you are not being yourself.

In sickness, you have isolated yourself from the light you are, from others and from God.

Sickness = Separation.

If you are in pain, you are identifying with the body as what you are.

You’re not guilty for it – almost everyone who walks this world thinks they are a body (until they don’t) – so don’t feel bad about it. Just keep an open-mind and see if you are ready to experience yourself as free from pain, sickness and suffering.

Here in the world, almost everyone – out of necessity – had to learn survival mechanisms to “stay safe”. You have to learn how to stay quiet or the opposite how to be visible so you could be heard and seen. You had to learn how to get love, how to get attention. You learned how to play small. You learned how to be loud. You learned how to effort and struggle and strive. You learned to be good. You learned that being bad could get you attention. You learned that being sick got you days off from work. You learned that being sick resulted in free money from the government. All the survival tricks we learned.


Only one thing – one drawback: It requires you to be sick and in pain.

Healing is a way to recognize you don’t need all those games anymore. You don’t need to hide anymore. You don’t need to be afraid. You ask for what you want. You can begin taking steps to be your authentic lovable self.

You can now begin to train yourself to do things in a new way, show up in a new way.

Remember: If you are sick, you have been hiding.

How have you been hiding?

How have you not been yourself?

What are you doing out of obligation?

What are you doing because you feel like you “have to” (but you don’t really want to)?

What are you doing that you don’t like doing?

What are you not doing because you feel guilty doing it?

We have become a society of work, work, work, guilt, guilt, guilt.

When was the last time you had fun?

When was the last time you did something just for the sake of it being something that made you happy?

When was the last time you felt truly alive and authentically YOU?

The very fastest way I know HOW TO HEAL is to do what Jesus was instructing 2000 years ago: PICK UP YOUR BED AND WALK.

Questions to ask yourself.


Take out a blank sheet of paper and write at the top: THIS PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED.

This is from A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 80: “Let me recognize this problem has been solved.” 

Whatever your problem, know that it has been solved. Just imagine it has been solved. 

You don’t have to spend even one more second thinking about nor trying to heal it. IT HAS BEEN SOLVED. Imagine what that feels like, to not have this problem anymore. It’s gone.

Now on a piece of paper, write down what your life is like NOW THAT YOUR PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED. How do you feel? What kinds of things are you doing? How are you showing up? 

Now: step in and be what you have just written. Do those things. Feel those things. Pick up your bed and walk. Don’t look back. Don’t judge by appearances of what the body or emotions appear to show you. 

Accept your healing, now.

Healing is simple. It’s a way to come back to your wholeness and holiness.

I love you with all my heart.


If you want to dedicate 8-weeks of your life to focusing 100 percent on your holiness (and taking your focus OFF the body and off body-drama), there is my 8-week online program The Healing Cure:



Hi Lisa, 
I wanted to share my experience with you about The Healing Cure. I signed up for the class because I love your teachings…I always feel loved, supported, and held in your surety and conviction to A Course in Miracles. I never thought for a second that the class was about healing the body. I’ve been a Course student for way too long and heard you speak too many times to think that we were here to heal the body. I know it’s about healing the Mind that thinks it’s a body and believes that it could be sick. Not that I don’t experience issues with the body! I have a variety. One of my issues is a skin issue that is not serious, but it is bothersome and I have felt embarrassed and have tried to hide it for about 5 years. I had been to three doctors for it and have tried multiple medicines and treatments. Nothing worked, and as a matter of fact, the medications and treatments were making the issue worse. So I did the class, enjoyed the videos, read the lessons, and did the assignments. I was not focused on my body. I loved how you said, “All sickness comes from Guilt”. I acknowledged, “Yes! That is definitely true for me”. So I finished the class and about a week later, I was at home and I looked at my skin. The issue appeared to be gone. I saw my doctor a few days later, and she said that it was in fact gone. She could see no evidence of it. HA…interesting! It disappeared when I was doing the class. What came to me was that I was not focused on the body for 8 weeks, I let the guilt rise to be dispelled by the light, and I was in a state of joining Minds. Whatever it was that I was hiding and embarrassed about was really nothing, because there is no guilt in me. 
Thank you, Lisa Natoli! 
Love, Sandy Zimmerman

Want to do The Healing Cure and stop focusing on the body and focus on your holiness for 8 continuous weeks instead? Sign up here:


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