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Apr 01, 2019

Every now and again I send out messages to Members of The Healing Cure – my online training program. My messages are usually a result of comments I see in the Member Area in the The Healing Cure or from emails I receive from HC Members. 

Here is one of my recent messages (with a response from someone named Mary – who has given me her permission to post her message.) I am posting Mary’s message FIRST here- so you can read that first. I love how when we tune in and listen the Intelligence Within guides you perfect. I love everything about Mary’s message – how she faced things head on. How she had a realization that she stuff all her anger in her shoulder, and how she talked with her shoulder, in love and forgiveness. This is the work. It’s this simple. Love is the answer. Then my message after Mary’s message. 


“Hi Lisa. Dropping in to say I loved your email on the bandaid. I have not been following your program for the last few months but i have. I have walked into and pulled off bandaids all over the floor in the last few months. 
I’ve noticed as I read your letter that I am so much more open and not hiding my stuff like I always have. I have had a frozen shoulder situation for years and the pain comes and goes. If I go to a chiropractor they say it’s all the work I have done with the factory I owned. I just didn’t buy that and finally this weekend I went and purchased a sling to hold my shoulder in place. I cried and cried, it brought up fear of not being able to move freely, it brought up a lot of freedom issues. And rather than stuff it I just sat with my shoulder and talked to it. I see the pain and I thank you for all the work you do for me. That night I had a dream from my inner guidance on how I have stuffed anger into my shoulder, it’s where I store it. So I talked to my shoulder some more and said I am sorry I stored my anger in you. The next night in a dream I was shown to use tapping to help open up the energy in the shoulder. I had studied tapping but kind of thought it was stupid. I let that go and spent time the next morning tapping. Tears and anger and tears and anger and then less pain. And more clarity. And more freedom in my shoulder. I have been back to normal use of my shoulder the last few days and still have a little pain at times but I am not afraid to face the fear of any anger and the fear of my shoulder falling off or being permanently damaged. I love my body so much more each day for what it does for me in my life. Thank you Lisa.
Facing things head on has been a game changer for me.
I continue on every day with what comes up next. 
My Light recognizes your Light.
In so much Love, Mary” 


Hello my friend, my companion on the path!

I had a thought to show up in your email box and see how it going for you. This is an announcement post so it’s going to everyone who is enrolled in The Healing Cure. You may have just started – and if so WELCOME! – and you may have already completed all 8 weeks – in which case, CONGRATULATIONS and YAY.

I am here to encourage you to post in the Comment Area on whatever Week you are on. If you have completed The Healing Cure (all 8-weeks), please post in The Community Center at the end.

Or send me a email if you want it be private at _____________ . 

Which actually really brings me to the REAL REASON I wanted to send a message to you today. I want to address this whole thing about “private”.

I received an email this morning from a woman who has a skin condition with a spot on her face and she has been covering it up with a band-aid. This woman is GORGEOUS – inside and out. I know her personally.

She so child-like, full of wonder, so trusting and available and open and generous. But then … there is this spot. She feels a lot of shame and feels that it is ugly – which makes her believe that she is ugly – and she is having an experience that everyone is looking at her with “evil eyes” and looking at the spot. She’s been trying to “heal it” and make it go away so she has clear skin and I would like to say a few things on this topic.

What I suggested is that she take off the band-aid.

This will really get the energy moving!!

Sickness is isolation and hiding. Health is inner peace.

Whatever you have been hiding, check in with yourself and see if you are willing to come out of hiding.

Healing is a way to come out body identity and allow yourself to be SEEN.
it’s a way to take down the walls and uncover all the blocks and obstacles to Love’s Presence, which is what You Are.

When we hide and try to heal a body condition, we can’t see the energy field that is operating. That is what really needs to be healed.

The ideas of shame, guilt, doubt, judgements, fear, grievances, attack thoughts. These things are just an energy field – a sensation – it’s not good or bad. But when we label a condition, now we think it’s a real thing. Now we have a story that goes along with it – when it started, what we’re doing about it, how we feel about it, how we think it was caused, what life will be like later when it’s gone, when we are “healed.” Etc.

True healing is to see all the mind activity and to be willing to stand still in the middle of it.

True Healing is for the bold at heart!

Most people just want improved health or a better body condition and then they can get on with their life.

But you must heal THE CAUSE, at the very root, and heal the thoughts that cause the sickness – healing the belief that you are frail, fragile, weak, separate. And that is accomplished already NOW. You are strong, powerful, holy, innocent, radiant, gorgeous, shining as the brightest star, as the brightest light.

All healing is nothing more than a decision to no longer block this light. It’s a decision to allow the light of you to flow.

This is why taking off the band-aid is such a powerful move is because the energy will intensify for a moment – More shame! Greater fear!

You’ll for a moment feel even MORE AFRAID, MORE TERRIFIED – because you’re not trying to cover up the energy. You are no longer trying to control or manage or minimize the energy.

In boldness, here in The Healing Cure, I invite you to allow yourself to be seen, exactly as you are right now.

Be still. Be okay with whatever arises. This is true healing. Enter into the sensation.

Realize: Oh. It’s just energy. Not a big deal. It’s just a vibration. You might even feel a little bit of excitement, being so awake and aware to all this activity!

Without a story on it, it’s just energy. Notice that when you feel sad, in doubt, in shame, afraid, that you still have the power to be present in that very space! You can shift to peace at any time you choose.

That’s a miracle – to be SO PRESENT in the moment that you can enter into the vibration and sensation, and become one with it.

When you do this, the energy begins to change. I guarantee it. When you have the practice of simply watching all the mind activity, to be the observer, the witness, the awareness – to really BE OKAY WITH IT – the energy changes.

Right there in that place – where the pain is, where your guilt and shame is – THERE YOU ARE as pure light, holy and innocent.

You are healed. YOU. The Pure Light That You Are Is In No Need Of Healing.
So here, in The Healing Cure, I invite you to enter into whatever emotion, thought, sensation is arising. Be okay with it. Don’t try to hide it. Don’t try to push it away. Don’t cover it up with a story, or a band-aid (unless there is bleeding and you are trying to stop the bleeding, then yes, by all means, use a band-aid!)

But watch the mind-activity.

And then. HERE COMES THE MIRACLE … realize that you have the power and ability to vibrate and embody joy, gratitude, aliveness, enthusiasm, presence.

In sickness, we allow sadness and doubt to vibrate. We don’t see it for what it is … nothing.
In health, you take your power back. You realize: Oh. I get it. I can shift to gratitude for everything! Even the spot on my face! Even this pain! Even this condition! You become aware that in the midst of whatever seems to be happening to you, that you have the power and ability to identify with the light you are.

And for a moment, this might bring up a lot of fear that was buried down deep. That’s good! It’s coming up to be released. Let it shift and move.

I’m so grateful you are here in the The Healing Cure. Please post in the Member comment area if you need help or if you have a question. Don’t keep this stuff buried and hidden.

I love you.

I love the messages. Thank you.

We are here for you. You are not alone.

My holiness blesses you.

If you want to come out of hiding, be more open and face things head on, click this link to join The Healing Cure:


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