What is the common denominator in healing?


Jul 13, 2020


I’ve been researching and studying the topic of healing for over 10 years. 
In all the stories, the one common theme in healing is that the person completely changed everything, starting with their attitude and mind. 
They changed from the inside out.
In all the stories of healing, people realized that guilt and stress and living someone else’s life was the problem. A lot of them realized they weren’t happy and decided to start living a life that was authentic for them, in joy.


They began to love themselves.

They began to love life.

They dropped their grievances and differences and attack thoughts.
A lot of the stories I’ve read about healing happen on death’s door – when someone is given a couple of months to live.

The ones that heal decide to live.

That ones that heal decide to love. 

That’s the common denominator!

A decision to live, to love, to forgive – to stop being guilty, to stop feeling shame, to stop hiding in fear.

Many people who heal quit the jobs they never liked (might as well, they only have 3 months to live!), they start reaching out to friends and family, they start expressing themselves authentically, they realize grievances are a total waste of time – and so they make a ton of changes – and then they don’t die!

When you know your time is up – and that you won’t be on the earth for much longer – it puts a lot of things in perspective! It’s an opportunity to get your priorities straight!

That’s how it’s been for me. When I thought I was dying, for years I tried to heal myself and nothing worked.

Then I thought: Screw it. I’m going to be happy.

I’m going to be alive. I’m going to express love.
I’m going to be my authentic spontaneous brilliant childlike self.

I’m going to do what I want to do.

I’m going to live!

I realized in a moment of absolute clarity that the body had no power over me. NONE! Pain didn’t have power over me. Body symptoms didn’t have power over me.

I realized I was totally powerful and unlimited, all the while acting like I was weak and scared.


I “got it” that I didn’t have to wait express joy and gratitude.

We all have the ability to express love.

And VOILA: I stumbled upon the key I was looking for!


It is quite literally a vibrational energy field of light.


It’s an energy field of light that dissolves darkness.

All the time I was “trying to heal” I was in darkness. The light was there in me, but I wasn’t connected to it. I was in the dark.

I was in fear.

I was worrying about what I had done to cause sickness.

I was in total darkness, full of shame and guilt and blame.

In darkness, there is only darkness. There is no light there.

So all healing really is a shift into love – it’s a conscious deliberate decision to JOIN and CONNECT with the light and love and peace within you – and TO BE IT.

It’s a journey inward.

And BOOM! Once you connect and plug into this light – BOOM – you’re healed.

This has been my experience.
It was a moment of: Oh my God. I’m not a body!

I AM this light!

And light cannot be sick. Light doesn’t have a body. Light doesn’t experience pain.

And the adventure begins.


But you gotta use it. You can’t just think about it.

You gotta pick up the wand and use it – like the fairy Godmother in Cinderella – Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.

The light is real.

We all have a Godmother. It’s the Power and Presence of God – available to you to use – to heal and bless. Love is pure light and light dispels darkness – as A Course in Miracles says – “by definition”.

When you switch on the light, darkness disappears.

When you connect with the light you are, sickness disappears. Problems dissolve. Pain is gone.

Obviously, this is a direct experience – one only you can experience for yourself.

Most people just never plug in. They stay in darkness, confusion, worry, fear – standing on the perimeter of the light – and say “it’s not working”.

Exactly: It’s not working because you didn’t plug in. You gotta plug in and become one with this light.

And the best way I know to plug in is to begin offering light to others.

Be love and give love.

Get love moving. Start circulating it. Share it. Don’t hold it in.

Don’t wait for love to come to you – give love.

Give love so you can see its power. So you can see for yourself that love is an energy field that heals.

Don’t wait until you think you are healed and ready.


Give everywhere in every direction – this dissolves all the blocks to love in your mind.

Don’t just give to those you know and think you love. Give everywhere, to everyone – simply to get love flowing.

When you do this, you’re using love as your power now – not holding it in.

LOVE HEALS. It’s the common denominator I have find in all my research on healing.

Someone decides to love themselves – they decide that they will stop criticizing themselves for excess weight or for past mistakes.

They realize time is precious and they don’t want to waste one more second in fear or condemnation – worrying about how old they are, or how much they missed out on in life.

All the stories I’ve read on healing have the same common denominator – A DECISION TO LIVE.


A decision to live in gratitude.

And one thing it seems to run through all the stories I’ve read – is a decision for CONNECTION.

Connection with their inner Self. Connection with God. Connection with others.

Your holiness blesses me and the world.




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  1. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely brilliant article!!!! Thank you. I am ALL in!

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