The end of self-help, the end of law of attraction, the end of channeling.


Apr 08, 2019


Slight – but big! – difference! Christ is not working through you. You are Christ, appearing as you (insert your name). This world is about to see the end of “channelling” and the end of you being a communication device for the light. We are about to see the end of self-help, the same way we have seen the end of the law of attraction. No one cares about that anymore – because that’s like children’s blocks in pre-school compared to the big toys knowing how to use the Vibration of God to create, knowing your Self as Christ, one with God and one with everyone and everything.

Being a messenger of God or a channel for God or a communication device or a minister of God is just a beginning step in the journey on your way to full identification as Christ. It’s a great step actually – a far cry from holding grievances and complaining and being afraid. So the first step is you – the person – wanting to extend love and light, and wanting to be truly helpful. This a great step, a decision you make. But you probably notice that you still are afraid, you get overwhelmed. Why? Because the person – “you” – is still operational. There is still a “you” – a body identity – that is extending love and light. You must allow “you” – the body identity – the person with a past and future – to disappear. You do this by no longer wanting to hold onto grievances. You want to see things differently. You want a new experience, above all else.

Then that disappears as you become the light, the Christ, in full recognition of your True Identity. I often hear people say “I’m just the channel” and I want you to think about who the “I” is that is the “just the channel.” That’s still the person. You ARE the light. Once the integration occurs, you are not channeling. You ARE Christ, appearing as you. The only work that needs to be “done” is your collaboration and willingness and participation to allow the blocks of fear, grievances, judgement, attack thoughts to be removed. You have to want to let it all go, to hold onto nothing.

Almost no one is ready for this kind of journey, because who are you without your stories and grievances?

This is the purification that A Course in Miracles talks about that is necessary first, before miracles begin occurring naturally. THEN, comes the integration of the Christ Light with you, the person, the personality, the image. And then this light dissolves the image. It’s the end of you. Almost no one is ready for this journey – too . much investment in themselves as bodies. But if you are ready to let go of all your plans, hopes, dreams, desires and you want nothing in the world except for this experience I am describing here to occur, well, WELCOME TO THE RIGHT PLACE !!!!!!

My advice to anyone who wants this experience: GET A COPY OF A COURSE IN MIRACLES AND DO WHAT IT SAYS. There are 365 workbook lessons. It takes one year to complete.

This is the fastest way I have ever seen in all the world to prepare yourself for this Christ light to come into your awareness as your Self. The mind-training of A Course in Miracles is your one year dedication to remove all the blocks and grievances in your mind, to be healed completely of your belief of yourself as a person, body, identity, image.

The integration occurs naturally once enough of “the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence” have been removed from your mind. Your part is to not want to suffer anymore. Your part is to say (and really mean it), I want to be happy. I don’t want these grievances. I don’t want to stay pissed off. I don’t want to attack myself or anyone. No one can do it for you. Only you. But once you get to this realization, the rest is very easy. But that first decision to let the past go, can seem almost impossible. I love you with all my heart. You don’t have to suffer. To get a copy of A Course in Miracles, click here: and make a one-year commitment to do the workbook lessons. It takes one year to complete.

If you like the way I teach and you want my voice in your head every single day for 10 minutes for every single Course in Miracles workbook lesson, you can join my one year audio program called ACIM 365.

You get one 10-minute audio per day with my commentary on the workbook lesson for the day, and it comes as a written transcript also.


You can also check out The Healing Cure – my 8-week online training for True Healing. This is an 8-week commitment to identify completely with your holiness (instead of identifying the body, thoughts, feelings, sensation and time-spaced based grievances) 

4 Responses to “The end of self-help, the end of law of attraction, the end of channeling.”

  1. Shawna Lafreniere says:

    God morning my friend 💕
    I think the surest way to remove the blocks to love is to first truly understand and knowing what the course is saying in T12.V.6:1 FIP
    T12.V11.7:1 CE
    You do not know the meaning of love, and this is your handicap .

  2. Sharon Tierney says:

    Thank you, Lisa! I am fully dedicated to the mind training of ACIM, to allow the integration of the Christ Light with me. I’m glad to have this clarification of “ integration” after hearing about it at the Spring Clearing retreat. I just love you and your teaching!
    Thank you again!! I’m so excited for my healing and to feel this integration happening right now!!

  3. Lynn Tempesta says:

    Thank you! It’s like I was saying when I first met you all upstate NY, why do I have to ask all the time. I AM, so why can’t I always BE?! Let’s DO this, DONE!

  4. Kathryn Duflo says:

    Bravo Lisa!! this is definitely advanced ACIM/ACOL and I loved it!!
    Thank you for all your love, kindness and caring. It shows, and I always love being reminded!! xo, Kathryn

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