The Healing Cure Interview with Lisa & Jennifer Hadley


Mar 05, 2019

My dear friend Jennifer Hadley and I are getting together this morning – Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 – at 11am EST to have a discussion on healing, our favorite topic ever.
And today you are invited to listen in! 
Click here to tune in during the LIVE broadcast:
RECORDING: If you can’t make it to the live show today, you can listen to the recording later today after it’s been posted: 
Jennifer and I have been friends for years and we talk a lot on the phone – and what’s funny to me is that whenever we talk, we don’t do “small talk” – I know almost nothing about her and she knows very little about me – because we go straight into animated conversations about healing and transformation. haha! Which is how we both love it!
So today we’re opening the doors on this phone call for everyone to listen in! 
There is no need to suffer. Healing is an ability – one that everyone can and must develop if he is to be healed. 
Love is your Healing Power. 
You have the power and ability to change your energy and to focus entirely on the truth – the light within. You have the ability and power to feel connected, uplifted, joyful, grateful, at peace, in love with life, in love with others. 
And healing occurs. 
PS: Come join me, Jennifer Hadley, Corinne Zupko and Jon Mundy at the Spring Clearing Retreat in Hudson Valley New York March 20-24, 2019Spring Clearing Retreat 2019
I know it’s going to be amazing. For those of you here in New England, it’s a road trip!! Just hop in your car and BOOM! you’re there! This is what I’m doing. I’m driving there on Wednesday March 20th. I hope to see you there. Something magical and miraculous happens when we’re all together in person. Live events are different from the internet, different from watching videos on Youtube or listening to audio podcasts … they just are. 
We have meals together and do yoga and dance, and play and celebrate. And most importantly: bust through all blocks that are holding you back and keeping you in limitation. Time to get the energy moving and allow the light you are to flow again. So, if you want to be in a healing space for 5 days with us, come join us. 

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