The Healing Cure: You have the power and ability to remove all pain and sickness, end all sorrow, solve all problems.


Oct 01, 2018


I sent out an email a few days ago about my daily Prayer Practice for Healing (Are you on my mailing list?? If not, you can sign up at the bottom of this page. I don’t always post all the emails on my website or social media, so if you don’t want to miss a thing, make sure to sign up) and I have received the most amazing beautiful messages back. THANK YOU.

I know I said I don’t write anyone back (because of the volume of emails I receive) but I have been so touched and so moved by the sincerity and gratitude of everyone that has written in to me, that I have found myself automatically responding back. If you did write in and have not heard back from me, it means it’s probably still in my email box unread. I will get to it.

Mostly I just want to say thank you.

As I said, even if I haven’t read your message yet, your request was answered in the moment you asked for help and healing. Because it’s not me who does the healing, IT’S YOU.

When you ask for help, you activate the Truth within you. Your prayer for help and healing is your invitation to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Healer within, to come into your awareness.

You are not alone. You never were alone, but in darkness, in sickness, in pain, you thought you were. When you ask for help, your acknowledging that help is available.

Now: Decide on the outcome you want.

If you want change to occur, if you want to leave the darkness, you can’t keep doing the things you have been doing. You can’t keep thinking the things you’ve been thinking. You can’t keep holding onto grievances and judgments. You must change.

Healing is a change in direction. COME ON HOME to the Light You are.

Don’t stay in darkness. Don’t stay in fear. Don’t doubt. Don’t stay in guilt. You are all light.

“Guilt is the killer” -Max Just

Don’t keep “waiting, wishing, hoping” for a miracle. You are healed. It may take a moment for the body to catch up. Don’t worry about that. The light within you is doing its healing work now, inspiring you with new ideas. Dissolving darkness. Rest. Relax. Stay in wonder and gratitude.

The Light within you knows what its doing. It’s highly INTELLIGENT. This light is LIFE. It’s what you are in Truth. Your part is to not block the light with fear, guilt, shame and doubt. Stay open. Keep listening. Acknowledge this light and be it.

When a thought comes to you to do something or change something, trust in it and do it.

The Light Within you is the Healer, the Great Physician – and it will instruct you when you make space in your day to LISTEN.

What I want to say about the messages I have read is that there is a general theme, a general thread that I am seeing in each message: fear, guilt and doubt.

The big one is “I must be doing something wrong” (because I’m still sick, still in fear).

Many have tried everything to heal and still no change.

Built into this (and usually without conscious awareness) is the belief that you are alone and have to take care of the healing yourself. This is the problem. You can’t heal yourself because you didn’t make yourself.

All sickness and lack means you have wandered away from your center, away from the Light you are. You wandered away from your home in God, into darkness – and you are getting the results of that “off-centeredness.”

You’re east of Eden.

It’s the prodigal son story. You wandered off. And kept going further and further into darkness with external solutions. Now it’s time to pick up your bed and walk.

You have the POWER and ABILITY to change your life, because you have the POWER and ABILITY to change your thoughts, feelings, words, beliefs and attitude. You got this.

You were created in love, as love, and you wandered off into darkness, believing you are alone, believing you are a body.

When you identify yourself as the body, you get the results of what bodies experience: sickness, pain and suffering.

All healing is a return to wholeness, a return back to your center, in God.

How do you get there? How do you get unstuck?

By being still. Go within. Reach the light. It’s within you. This light is what you are. This light IS the Healer. Rest here. Relax. Breathe. Feel the love of God. Take time today to be a child of wonder, a child of light.

Feel your wholeness, your innocence, your holiness. This is what you are.

The main thing is this: Know that you are NOT alone.

All sickness and all problems come from the thought that you are alone. You are not alone. With you is the Presence and Power of God.

You are not helpless. You absolutely can leave the darkness.

You can leave all fear and sickness behind by noticing the thoughts that put you there in the first place, and replacing these thoughts with the Truth.

Change your direction. Change your attitude.

You can heal anything because your holiness has the power to end all sickness, solve all problems, end all pain, suffering, guilt and sorrow because the Power of God is in it. 

I love you.


PS: In two weeks, I will be offering an 8-week online healing program called The Healing Cure. It’s $297 for 8 weeks of brand new videos and practices from me. It’s a way to dedicate 8-weeks of your life to staying centered in Truth. Just like the 40-Day Program (but totally different from it), you’re going to commit to watching your thoughts and feelings like a hawk and replace them all with the Truth. You’ll understand what the illusion of sickness is for. If you are interested in The Healing Cure, committing 8-weeks of your life to healing, just keep your eyes open for that email.

I’m going to make The Healing Cure Program available once I return back home to Maine from the ACIM Weekend Retreat in Stony Point, NY – October 5-8, 2018 – featuring 11 presenters, including myself. That’s next weekend. Stay two or three nights. Day Passes available. I hope you can join me there. Details and register here:
I love the theme: “Awaken to the One Mind.”

If you know anyone who needs healing, please forward this email to them and tell them to sign up to be on my mailing list at

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