The Life Changing Healing Power of Fuck It


Mar 26, 2020


Get clear on your purpose and the ego disappears 

Most of you know my healing philosophy: is “Fuck it”.

“The Life-Changing Healing Power of Fuck It” by Lisa Natoli 

In other words: Wake the fuck up.

Get clear on who you are, and everything else lines up with it.

Be alive. Do what you love. And don’t do what you don’t love. And don’t feel guilty about it. It’s very simple. 

Why are you doing things you don’t want to do?

Why are you not doing things you really would love to do?

Do you see the hidden guilt and fear that runs almost everything in life?

Why do you stay in situations you don’t want to be in?

Why do you work a job you hate?

Why do you go to events you don’t really want to go to?

Why do you say “yes” when you really really really want to say “No”?

Healing is to see all this activity clearly and to recognize these are blocks in your mind that are preventing you from knowing the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE AS LOVE’S PRESENCE.

When you live off-balance from the truth of what you really are – and you stay off balance long enough, disease and pain is inevitable.

The solution? Change your attitude to Fuck It. 


You have the ability to direct your thinking.

You have the ability to love instead of hate.

You have the ability to bless instead of judge.

You have the ability to appreciate instead of attack.

You have the ability to extend kindness and love and joy into every situation.

Come into some clarity and realize: Hey, I’m not going to be guilty anymore.

I’m not going to shame myself anymore because I’m letting people down.

I’m not going to hate the body anymore for even one more second, in fact, I’m going to do the absolute OPPOSITE and love the body totally and see myself as the most loving, lovable adorable brilliant creature on the planet.

I’m going to do what I love and not do what I don’t love. I’m going to be bold and brilliant, the child of God that I am.

Fuck it.

This works. Believe me. So many people just do not see the hidden guilt that is operating in their lives.

Healing is nothing more than coming back to awareness of your own wholeness and love-ability.

All suffering is self-inflicted. you can cut that shit out now. And yes, I’m swearing now 

If you don’t like it, you can unfriend me. Fuck it. 

It will leave space for people interested in these kinds of posts. I love you with all my heart. Now, go get clear on your purpose!

And if you’re not sure what it is, I’ll tell you straight out what it is: YOUR PURPOSE IS TO BE HAPPY.

3 Responses to “The Life Changing Healing Power of Fuck It”

  1. THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS! You are my patronus, I swear!!! I’m so glad I found you (thanks to Pam Grout!) <3 <3 <3

  2. Emilia says:

    Dearest Lisa, thank you for everything you are doing !
    I have the same question again and again..
    Beside the will to really say Fuck to many things that i know that i created in my life , when it comes to the money matter i just get bumped out every single time! Just can’t stop worrying ..for many years now i learned every single month to count the pennies and trying to figure out how in hell i am going to make it again? I know this is a vicious cycle but still can’t break it.
    When i have to feed my children , pay the rent and the bills and I can’t, or i have to choose what should i do the food or pay the rest i just can’t stay still . How can i leave this to the Wholly spirit ?
    Love , Emilia

  3. Sharon Parker says:

    Don’t know if I can still sign up… just found you via Pam Grout’s blog. Or will this be available later?

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