The Prosperity Process: How I went from lack to abundance in one instant of decision.


Feb 02, 2019

In around 2011 or 2012, I made a decision to change my mind around money and abundance. 

I’ve had A Course in Miracles in my life since 1992 and many areas of my life had been healed and transformed, but I still had no money. 

I had a lot of beliefs that it unspiritual to have money. I was telling myself that I was doing God’s work and I would tell myself repeatedly that “I had everything” even though I didn’t have money to pay bills. I had credit card debt that had been accumulating unpaid for 10 years (and no credit cards, because they had been shut off years earlier due to non-payment). So I was “saying” that “I have everything” but it was all just words that did not match what I was saying. 

I really wanted to change my mind-set, and I did that in A DAY. 

Here is a video that I did for the Teachers of God Foundation in which I tell my story. It’s a 45-minute video. It’s free, you just need to register with your name and email you will receive it. 

Click here for The Prosperity Process:

You don’t have to suffer. And you don’t have to live in lack. 

I love you. 


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