There is no such thing as disease


May 15, 2020

Yesterday I came across the most interesting video ever – an interview between Dr. Zach Bush and Danica Patrick. 
You are not having a spiritual experience. You are having a microbiome experience. 
haha. and yes. 
This video opens up with this: 
“Cancer is our best friend. It’s our highest opportunity we have right now to say “oh my gosh” this is the signal that our own bodies are losing touch with itself and manifesting this state of loneliness that we would call cancer instead of warring against that if we would love our cells back into our body we would disappear this whole condition.” -Dr. Zach Bush
Sound familiar???? haha. I’ve been saying this for years but I’m not a doctor and not a scientist so what the hell do I know? But all these years I’ve been thinking: “I know there’s no such thing as sickness. I know it’s not necessary” all the the while thinking “I’m must be crazy. this is crazy-land-central” – but here it is – yet another medical doctor stating it.
He says (several times in this video – below) “there is no such thing as disease.” 
I took a kabillion notes. It’s 90 minutes. 
Also I love Danica in this video! hahahahahaha. She’s so smart, so curious and I so love watching her responses to watch Zach is saying – too funny. 
Here is what I posted on Facebook yesterday about it: This is the most interesting video ever. you are not having a spiritual experience. You are having a microbiome experience.
I super love this bit about complete acceptance- and the part about the dog. I totally believe this – and I always believe that – and also I know we are starting to see this unconditional love in people and cats. I love the stuff about 3 days. And also about Epigenetics, singularity, connectivity, neuroplasticity. And the most shocking thing is that in 2 months this video has only been watched by 9200 people. You would think this would be watched by MILLIONS. I love that he says “I’ve been modifying your genomics in the time we’ve been together in our interaction by breathing.” 
And I’m changing YOUR genomics as you read this.
!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool, right?? 
Have a great day and have a great life.
We are all connected in singularity. Oh yes, finally, one more mind-blowing thing in here (there are many) but the part about a red rose isn’t red – there is no color in a flower – which gives it color is the biological shape and structure of our eyes – we ascribe a color as a characteristic – which is just a frequency of vibration. Rock on. I love the stuff on cancer and cancer cells at 47 minutes – and the part about being so busy drawing differences between each other – pure Course in Miracles that sickness is isolation. Welcome everyone in. Inclusion. Come on in. 
Another favorite part of mine is about one hour and 19 minutes in where Zach is talking about going through depression and he went and built a house on 6 acres with his son – and he spent 12-15 years there (he throws out 2 numbers – so unclear how long he was there) and he’s talking about how “the environment” changes our genes – and then he tells Danica that this interview/his interaction with her in this moment is actually more powerful than that because it’s happening now – and that every interaction we have recode our genes and rewires our brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I’ve always “known” this but without words to describe it. 
Everywhere I go, I “know” that “I am changing people by my presence” but I’ve not had words to describe it, so I’m grateful the way it’s described in this video – that “I modify your genomics just by our interaction.” 
HA !!!!!!
Anyways. Super excited. Christmas morning. I know not everyone will want to watch this video (and that’s fine) but I wanted to send it because I love you with all my heart – and there is no need to suffer and there is no such thing as disease. 
Cancer and all your problems is your best friend – the highest opportunity to say “oh my gosh” I’m really disconnected from the truth of what I am, disconnected all this super intelligence that is now manifesting in this sickness, this loud alarm that’s blaring for me to get connected again. 
Have a great day. 
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  1. Doug Mejia says:

    Thanks for posting the video link and your comments on Dr. Bush and the ACIM parallels. I will listen to the interview tonight. In Joy, Doug.

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