A problem isn’t a problem unless you think it’s a problem.


Mar 26, 2019

I was away for the past week with Jennifer Hadley and Corinne Zupko on a one-week healing retreat in New York. It was AMAZING !!!!!!
My favorite part was seeing how people were getting it – realizing that no matter what happens with the body or with other people or in the world, they can still stay in joy. 
A “problem” isn’t actually a problem, unless you think it shouldn’t be happening.
Then it’s a problem. But when you simply allow yourself to be present to everything that IS, then you find beauty in every moment. You discover that peace is right there in the midst of your worst pain, and when you keep identifying with the peace, the pain actually disappears. 
You discover there is no problem and there never was a problem. It was all just your idea that “this shouldn’t be happening. I want this to be different.” 
Then you got a problem! 
But really, in this moment, when you are totally present, there is only love. If you are experiencing anything other than love and joy, then you are in the wrong place. I call it a location, a “point-of-viewing” (a phrase I picked up from my friend Max). A point-of-viewing is “the view” from which you view yourself and the world. It’s your location where you think you are. If you are located in fear, that’s the point from which you view the world and all you see from that “point” is a world of suffering. 
But when you shift the point to gratitude, appreciation, compassion, peace, light and love, that’s your point, and all you see is a world of love – a world of people who really do want to be in harmony. You still see the suffering, but from this “new point” you have the ability to see beyond the appearance – beyond the suffering – and you can see the light that is there in another. You see another’s innocence because you see your own innocence. You see how much people are doing what they are doing, strictly out of fear. 
No one in their right mind (their One Mind) wants to attack. 
So from a point-of-viewing from your Christ Mind, you see that people are just afraid, disconnected, doing the best they can. 
From this point-of-viewing, you can be a light to them. You can be a light to yourself. 
From here, you love yourself. You have compassion. You have patience. You are open-minded. 
From here, everything is unfolding perfectly! A person dies. There is an accident. Someone gets diagnosed with cancer and you are there just SO AVAILABLE to it. 
You don’t get sucked into the drama – yours or theirs. 
The body may have a pain or congestion or may not be functioning as perfectly as you think it should be, and THERE YOU ARE, just witnessing all this activity, unaffected by it. 
It’s only when you think something should be happening differently than it is happening now that it is a problem. 
But when you stop labeling things as good or bad, you notice everything just IS. 
And in stillness, you discover that in the middle of it, YOU ARE PERFECTLY OKAY. 
You realize that the pain which you thought was utterly unbearable is actually bearable and you are bearing it, and you are O-Kay! 
You may even start to laugh! 
You laugh because you realize you are free. You realize: Oh. What a story. I thought I was a victim, but in fact, I’m totally free. 
You may decide to get dressed and go outside. You may decide to put on some music. You may decide to call a friend. That pain or that problem has zero power over you. 
You are free. 
And when you stop resisting the pain, and when you stop wishing it was gone, miracle of all miracles, you find yourself in the middle of it, perfectly fine!! 
I can’t tell you how many times in my lifetime, I played the victim and put my life on hold while I waited for some body symptom to lessen or go away. Sometimes i put my life on hold for months. 
I would tell myself “I’ll do ________ when this pain is gone.” 
And guess what happened ??? A LIFE ON HOLD. 
But when I began to step in and do the things I wanted to do in the middle of a body symptom, guess what happened? I felt joy and aliveness and enthusiasm. 
I found out that I AM UNSTOPPABLE. 
There is not a single thing in this world that can stop me. 
For years I thought i was dying. hahahahaha. That is just so funny to me now. And I don’t even feel like it was time wasted, because one day i finally came to my senses. 
Many of you know my formula-phrase for healing is SCREW IT. 
In the middle of all those symptoms and pain, I said screw it. I’m going to be happy and alive, and live my life. Screw it. 
If I die tonight, screw it. I will have had the best last day ever. 
And that’s how I live my life and well, that was years ago. I’m still here. 
Alive and well and happy. 
So, I wanted to share this with you on this beautiful morning. You don’t have to suffer. 
You really can pick up your bed and walk, as Jesus instructed so many years ago. 
You are pure light. Holy. Innocent. A child of God, safe, protected and creative. 
You are unstoppable. 
If you are sick, in pain, with problems … be free today. 
Identify with your True Identity – the light you are – and discover how powerful you really are. 
I love you with all my heart. 
If you want to give yourself 8 weeks to practice and live in a brand new way and you want my support in it, there is The Healing Cure – my 8-week online program. 
The first week you get a video every single day for the first 7 days to ground you in your holiness. And after that you get a one-hour video from me, which I invite you to think of as a session with me. Many people put it in their calendar and “meet with me” once a week for an hour, and they write to me and say: I really think we are together. It’s so wild. You are right in my face. 
haha. YES. 
Otherwise, you can shift your point-of-viewing and identifying with your holiness on your own by what I have said above – and by what you already know from the work you have done around transformation and what you know about A Course in Miracles. 
It’s all available to you now.
Everyone “knows” this stuff, but not everyone is applying it – and that’s the missing key. 
We all “know” to center in love, but very few people actually do it. But when you do it, you see that mountains move because you have shifted out of slower moving energies of shame, blame, guilt, attack thoughts into the faster moving energies of love, compassion, joy and peace. 
There really are no excuses when you really REALLY really want the peace of God, above all else. When you want aliveness and that’s your #1 priority, there is nothing stopping you. 
All those blocked energies are suddenly unleashed because you have decided guilt, blame, shame and fear have no meaning to you anymore. You can easily say SCREW IT. I’m going to be happy, no matter what. 
This world needs light. It needs you, with all the gifts you have to bring.  
I don’t know if there are typos in this message, but screw it. I’m pushing the send button. 
Thank you for being in my life and on my mailing list. 
My next IN-PERSON LIVE event it in England in May 17-19, 2019. I hope to see you there. I bought my ticket already – arriving on Thursday and flying back to Boston on Monday morning. I would love to spend time with you. Register here:

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  1. Esther Heredia says:

    I am working on a course of miracles with you. Day 10 today. I love it so much

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