When “two or more” are in agreement, miracles occur.


Feb 28, 2017


I have seen miracles happen to thousands of people around the world. Miracles will happen to you also when you discover the Healing Power that is within and you have the willingness to listen in quiet and identify your own personal blocks and obstacles – the barriers and patterns in your thinking that block the light (fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, people-pleasing, comparing, complaining to name a few) and then do something about them.

I teach A Course in Miracles. My life was completely transformed when I began to live the ideas in A Course in Miracles and so I created a free online program called the 40-Day Program where I invite people to LOOK at their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the words they use (in their mind privately and when talking with others) and to make a commitment to live in a new way. Miracles occur when you do this. I have seen thousands of people have eye-opening realizations within the first few days of beginning the 40-Day just from this one little instruction to pay attention.

I call it “Watch yourself like a hawk”

This past Sunday afternoon I came across a bible quote from Jesus from 2000 years ago. He said this to his disciples:

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” -Jesus (Matthew 18:19)

Normally we think of sentences like “if two of you shall agree” and “where two or three are gathered” as talking about people.

But what if it’s not two people that Jesus is talking about, but the “two” is two thoughts in your own mind.

Now it makes perfect sense. I have “agreed” many times in Jesus’ name with another person about something and nothing happened at all. I have gathered in groups in “two or three” and Jesus is there in the midst and still nothing spectacular occurred. So what the heck?

He’s not talking about people. He’s talking about thoughts. If two of your thoughts should agree on anything they ask, it would be done.

Let’s look at this and see what actually goes on in your mind. The two thoughts are fighting constantly. Especially if you are a spiritual person with a lot of spiritual “knowledge” and concepts. There is a war within and it’s non-stop.

Let’s look at a few examples:

You have an idea to start eating healthier and almost instantly there is another thought that resists it. If you are a spiritual person the thought might be “I’m not a body. I need do nothing.”

Boom. There is fighting and resistance. It’s so subtle that we often don’t see it.

“I really want to ___________” (fill in the blank). “But I can’t because I have no money.”

Two thoughts in disagreement. Nothing happens.

I should go outside because it’s so nice out and fresh air would feel great to move. I’m too tired.

Two in disagreement.

This is amazing, right?

I don’t feel like doing this. But I have to or I’ll get fired and won’t be able to pay my bills.

I want to eat this. I can’t because it’s not good for me.”

I know that healing is possible because in God all things are possible. It will never happen for me.

I want to dance on a stage. I can’t because I’m too old and that’s just dumb anyways.

I’ll give you a personal example from my life. For months (years?) I think “I going to write a blog post” and “I’m going to get my website Lisa Natoli back up and running again” and “I’m going to write on a weekly regular basis”. And every time I have these thoughts (which is daily, truth to be told) there are 10 other things that need to get done first. I post on Facebook, because that’s easier and requires less effort.

Today I thought about this idea of the two thoughts in agreement and I said: that’s it. I’m getting the “two or more” thoughts into agreement and the thing I’m asking for, it shall be done. 

And voila! Here is a blog post, completed. I hope you enjoy it. I have loved writing it. Is it a miracle? Not really. I just made the two thoughts stop fighting with other (finally!) and suddenly I felt super focused and inspired. 

If you pay close attention, you will notice there is always a fight within. You have one thought that makes you feel excited and inspired and within seconds there is a crowd of other thoughts talking you out of it. 

The second (and third and fourth) thought creeps in quietly as doubt, fear, anxiety, worry, rationalization, being logical, sticking to the facts.

“But if two of you were to agree on earth as touching anything that they ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven.”

Do you see this? It’s exciting. He’s talking about the thoughts – getting the conscious thought in agreement with the subconscious thought. 

All Power is in your hands now. 

Your job is to get the two thoughts to agree and stop the war within. Stop the internal battle.

Do this and you’ll be living a miraculous life.

The only reason miracles do not seem to occur for the mass majority of people is because of opposition from the two thoughts fighting each other.

If you look at Jesus, there was no opposition whatsoever. Zero. There was not a doubt in his mind. His thoughts “two or three” were all in harmony with each other. There was only the truth there with no thought opposing. This is how he healed the sick, raised the dead and multiplied the fishes and loaves of bread.

I invite you to experiment with this idea in your life.

Think of something you really want  – it could involve a healing, it could be something material that you want to own or experience, it could be something you want to create. It can be anything at all. The sky is the limit.

Now watch the other thoughts that come up. Be utterly amazed by this fight! It’s there all the time. The only difference now is that you are aware of it, so now you can do something about it.

When you have a thought (for example to do something) and you get every other thought into alignment with it, you will be utterly amazed by how fast the picture of your life changes.

So an example would be that you want to do something that is currently out of your financial range. It costs more money than you have in your bank account. It costs more money than you will ever make at your job or that comes in through retirement. But you are experimenting now with this idea of “two or more gathered in my name in agreement” and so instead of listening to the excuses that come in, you find a thought that really makes you know that you’re doing it. There is no stopping you. You don’t know how it will be done, but you will figure it out. You can feel yourself doing the thing you want to do. There is no doubt. You’re doing it!

And then you watch when the doubt thoughts creep in (because they will) and now you are thrilled and excited because these are just old thoughts from old patterning and past conditioning that have no power to stop you. They are just thoughts!

They are blocks and obstacles to you seeing miracles in your life.

The first thought is often coming from your Christ Mind (the Mind of God) and this thought shows up in the form of intuition, an idea, a flash of insight, something exciting or fun to do, a voice you hear in your mind, a prompt, a vision. It often seems to come from out of nowhere.

Then comes “the voice of reason” that reminds you of all the reasons it can’t be done. You’re too old. Too sick. No money. There’s no time. It’s already been done. Don’t bother.

Miracles do not occur between the “two” are not in agreement, so nothing happens.

But when you KNOW that whatever the voice is telling you CAN be done, then it is done for you of our Father which is in Heaven.

Try it. Know something with absolute certainty and watch how fast it appears in your life.

A Course in Miracles is a mind-training program to emerge from fear and get rid of doubt. When doubt is gone, you will be doing greater works than Jesus did because he’s gone to the Father and so he’s here helping us.

When the two are in agreement, it is done for you by our Father.

Have fun with this idea. Wipe out fear and doubt and experience wealth, health, joy and freedom. 

What miracles will you accomplish today?

I would love for you to experiment with this idea and then come back here leave a comment to share your miracle story.

All my love,


36 Responses to “When “two or more” are in agreement, miracles occur.”

  1. Tom says:

    Thank you for this – as always from you – inspiring post! I love you

  2. Ivonne says:

    Hi Lisa! We spoke on the book club call yesterday. I wanted to know when you guys will be in San Diego, thank you!

  3. Bonnie Jo says:

    Your comment on the two thoughts invited me to a deeper understanding for myself. What seems to be emerging relates to the idea of two… Many have had an experience of two or more people gathered in agreement; new age thinkers have been working with this in one fashion or another and you open another door of understanding a single human’s capacities, and another understanding of ‘two’. My thought stream moved in the realm of consciousness. When we arrive as babies, our levels of consciousness would appear to be on a level playing field. Over time it would seem the subconscious progressively moves away from that field and begins to collect ideas about the world, self in the world, etc. Yet my understanding of the superconscious is that it remains steady. My process feels like a cleansing of the subconscious of the erroneous / unnecessary material it has gathered toward returning to the place of agreement with the superconscious. It would seem when these two are in agreement, there is ease in aligning thought. Thank you for opening the door so there is further clarification for me around my process and this lovely quotation. Gratitude.

  4. Jen says:

    So glad you were moved to do this blog. I love the idea of 2 thoughts agreeing because the conflict in me has been paralyzing. I had no idea why I was having such a hard time making a decision. Just to witness the conflict has been a helpful first step. So grateful to you!

  5. lise Glumsøe says:

    Dear Lisa thank you ? so much for this post. Once again you are sharing what you have figured out, and it’s seems so obvious. Thinking back to September 2015 when I walked the last 114 km of the Camino to Santiago de compostello in Spain I went in the very quick planning process from fear to determination to actually do it and absolutely enjoyed every moment. For years I have had that dream. All of a sudden I was ready drop all resistance and focus. Thank you for reminding me that it wasn’t just like I was helped and miracles happened. I can actually consciously do it again with a new focus.
    Love you ?

  6. OH! I just love this! I am always doing that with my mind and I find it so hard to decide things at times. So often I get these inspirational ideas out of nowhere and I get so excited. Sometimes my first impulse is to share my idea with someone but I live alone and there is not always someone around for me to share my ideas with. Then I think, well maybe this is just for me. A gift for me to take in and savor for now. When it is time to share, it will be revealed to me who will be in need of my inspirational idea. (Given to me by God). I am going to experiment with these two thoughts and see what happens. Thank you, Lisa!

  7. nicci says:

    i want my mind to be under the direction of the Holy Spirit all the time. i rest in quiet certainty that this is unfolding.

  8. Joan says:

    Hi Lisa, My holiness blesses you.
    The text below from your blog is exactly how i feel. Would you give an example how these 2 opposing thoughts could align?

    I don’t feel like doing this. But I have to or I’ll get fired and won’t be able to pay my bills.

  9. I love this. What a wonderful day I shall have with my thoughts dancing together to the same angelic music.. Thank you Lisa. Love you, love this blog!

  10. Julia Styles says:

    Lisa, WOW!!! What a simply amazing insight. I am so estatic you have shared this profound discovery. I just cant thank you enough. I’m on to it now! Love always Julia. ?

  11. Bonnie Macey says:

    What a new perspective on simple words that brings powerful transformation. Thank you for that shift and sharing it.

  12. Pam Thivierge says:

    I just love the way you think! This is amazing! I have read that passage so many times! This is perfect!
    No more mind trash talk! It’s in the past!❤

  13. Terri McGee says:

    Dear Lisa,
    This is brilliant and of course… timely.
    Thank you again for sharing your inspiration.
    Terri McGee

  14. Tony Dempsey says:

    Brilliant, I love this revelation, other teachers are receiving this same message. As I was reading this post Matthew 6:22 came to mind, out of the blue: 22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. 23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great [is] that darkness! 24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Lisa’s revelation brings light to these words. I love you 🙂

  15. Kristen says:

    Wow, I love this thank you Lisa! Now if only I can remember it all throughout the day. Perhaps you could record an audio of this post and I can play it and absorb these ideas subconsciously while I sleep!

  16. Brilliant! Am using the idea immediately.
    Thank you for yet another gift. See you
    in Utah healed! ❤Melinda?✌?

  17. Beautiful, Lisa. Thank you for sharing this important insight. Simple, true and worth working with. Conflicting thoughts block miracles. YES!

  18. Roth Rodolfo says:

    You touched the bull’s eye! Thank you, dear Lisa

  19. Reg says:

    Hi Lisa,
    This reminds me of when you and I were chatting online and I said I wanted to go to the 2015 ACIM Conference but I didn’t have enough money for the advance sale ticket as I live on a disability income, which is very limited. I offered to help out at the conference and get a complimentary pass, but you said that you would rather see me trust that I would be able to go to the conference as a regular participant. Within one or two days after our conversation there was an unexpected increase in one of my benefit sources due to the change in policy by the new state governor and I suddenly had the full fee available to purchase the ticket. I attended, I met you and had a wonderful time.

  20. Alignment is connection- anything else is disconnection … therefore illusion. So illusions do not code true. Amazing idea- watching the two thought like a hawk and simply allowing the ILLUSION (opposing thought) to fall away! I totally agree and join with Todd Schmidt….. looking so much forward to meeting you ONE DAY….. with the biggest HUGS ever! Thank you SO MUCH for so much love and inspiration!!!!!!!!

  21. Elizabeth Tumlin says:

    thank you so much, LISA!! lol

  22. Elizabeth Tumlin says:

    This is clear now; thank you so much miss! I’ve had so much I couldn’t quite get done and wondering why!! what a shift today!! and I especially love ‘live your life. forget about your age.’

  23. Diane says:

    Oh my Lisa Natoli — this. Just this. No words to describe how this hit me hard right where I needed it. Total brilliance (I feel that way every time I read one of your blog posts). Thank you so much!

  24. ruth glatt says:

    this showing up is perfect. I have always wanted to be a life coach. I love working with people and I never charge because it is a friend or a friend of a friend and sometimes these friendly sessions can be an hour or longer. Anyway on the 9th of March I am planning on being in Philadelphia to take a class for a whole day. I missed the first one because it snowed a little. I need to do this even if I never do anything with it,It is about the doing it and keeping my word to my self. Will let you know how this plays out. Thank u for being here.This time I know I am at the right place at the right time. Peace love light and miracles.Ruthie

  25. Krista says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for your blog & your 40 Day Program. I recently found the piece of the puzzle that had been missing in all of my lifetimes of sacrifice & servitude -.Self Compassion. I am learning to hold my own heart in a loving embrace. This is a miracle – the Grace of God. “The door to God opens inward”. Xx

  26. Frances James says:

    Excellent! LOVE this! Great and empowering insight, Lisa. THANK YOU! 🙂

  27. Cindy Kearns says:

    I had asked Holy Spirit why a situation I had forgiven as many different ways as I could think of had not changed. The answer I heard was “because you don’t believe it can.” Once again you have taken what Holy Spirit has already said to me and explained it in a way that I can actually implement. Thank you! I’ll let you know what happens next…I have to go sit quietly and align a few thoughts now.

  28. Kat says:

    I love this, Lisa. What a fabulous insight. And it fits right in with Law of Attraction, which responds to the stronger vibration that we’re sending out. So if we’re thinking “I want more money” 25% of the time, but we’re also thinking, “I can’t see where it’s coming from” or “There’s no money on the horizon” or noticing our bills or the lack of things we want…if the latter takes up more of our attention/vibration, that’s what the UPS guy in the sky will deliver. Attaching the first thought to a second, equally positive thought…that takes effort. Thank you so much for this reminder. And I WILL have fun with it. Great blog post. Yay, You!!!!

  29. Marlo Oliver says:

    Profound revelation, Lisa! Perhaps this is why focused activity like creating vision boards is so effective in manifesting what you want. There’s no conflict in the creation of the board. Youre not going to choose a picture that doesn’t resonate with you. Your “two thoughts” are in agreement. I’ll continue to ponder this new thought! Bless you!

  30. Interesting. Kind of like when you get back from a vacation and you’re all refreshed and thinking higher thoughts. Then in a day or two you may be back to your old routine and you have lost that spark. Not anymore! Tell your routine thoughts to rise up! And agree with your higher, idealistic, optimistic vacation thoughts and plans. Thank you Lisa!

  31. Beth Warner says:

    Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for this post! I could say so much! Let me just note that ACIM, your 40 day program and LIP have transformed my life. I have had a dream of owning an organic farm-let/retreat center for decades. Always one obstacle after another. I am pursuing this alone…so the two gathered together concept never worked for me as I ended up feeling alone. However your post helped me to positively redefine Jesus’ comments. I’m SO close! I’m now in Costa Rica, to which I was led, and although “common sense” says that it’s ridiculous that at my age with my financial resources, that I pursue this dream, I am closer than ever! I absolutely KNOW this will happen! Many thanks to you for your teachings. I look forward to seeing you at the Easter Conference in Utah.

  32. Mona Angel says:

    I stand in my truth that I am One with God &
    That my brothers are One in God.
    We are all One with God creating peace & harmony & joy on earth

  33. Sherri says:

    Just today I was wondering what Jesus meant by this statement. You are my miracle Lisa. Thank you ❤

  34. Irwin Friedman says:

    I learned a while ago that when we read a spiritual text, or really any text, we let revelation reveal the truth to us from within. No need for experts because we are looking for truth and truth is inside of us. Good insight, Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Lisa Natoli says:

    I love YOU Todd. Once again, YOU knock it out of the ballpark. I’m looking forward to that day we meet. Maybe Utah for Easter??

  36. Todd Schmidt says:

    Once again, you have blown my mind – back to Truth! I have at least around 10,000 hugs for you when finally I do see you in person. I love you & thank you

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