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Mar 07, 2020


Hello my friend. 

This website has been major dead-space for months – but I am still here! 

I’ve been traveling a lot – and I worked with a LIVE group for 8 weeks with The Healing Cure in January/February 2020 – and that was amazing!!! So I was “behind the scenes” but still here!

I will open The Healing Cure back up again soon (in March 2020) for anyone interested in taking it. There is a private Healing Cure Facebook Group and also LIVE Zoom calls for Healing Cure Members the last Wednesday of every month from 1pm-2:30pm EST 

I spontaneously send emails out to my mailing list on a consistent basis (1-2 times a week – whenever the mood hits me to write something) but I haven’t been posting those messages here on my website. For no particular reason. I just find that I write messages as an email, hit the Send button and then promptly forget about it.

So if you want to receive email messages from me, please sign up on my mailing list – it’s free. 

And sometimes/occasionally I do post these emails messages on my Facebook and Instagram – but not always – but if you are interested, have a look there. 



Also – check out Events. There is TGF TV – I am the host the first Friday of every month on the topic of True Healing at 10:30am EST – that’s LIVE and INTERACTIVE. 

I’ll be in Los Angeles for the ACIM Conference in May 2020 – would love to see you there. 

Also you’re invited to a one-week retreat where I am co-teaching with Pam Grout at Omega in upstate New York July 5-10, 2020

Can’t wait!!!


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