Do you find yourself thinking about people, places, things & problems?


Aug 06, 2017


If you find that your mind and thoughts keep going to a certain situation, problem or person, then read on! 

That’s normal when the mind is undisciplined and easily distractible. 

But you are no longer wholly untrained. If you have been with A Course in Miracles for a while or if you have been hanging around me then you know that you ALWAYS have a choice – you are not a victim of the world you see – you do not have to keep stuck in thinking about the problem. 

You can release the past and be free. It’s really that easy. 

I did two talks this week – one radio talk and a video – and both are great reminders that you can free yourself at any moment you choose from the thoughts you keep thinking. 

It really often seems like “other people” are doing things to you and that “they” are the problem. If only they would change, you could be happy and at peace. But the only problem there really is is that you keep thinking about them and holding yourself in hell.

That’s self-sabotage. You have all power. No one and nothing has the power to wreck your day or your life.

Are you going to keep giving situations outside of yourself THAT kind of power? Or, will you decide that you can choose the life you want to live and release yourself from the insanity of being sucked down into thinking about problems. You can stop that anytime you choose and be free. 

I did a Unity Radio Show about my Progressive Weekend with Joe Dispenza.
Click here to listen to that: Lisa Natoli Interview about Joe Dispenza: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself 

I taught the first half of the ACIM Friday Group and Bill Free gave a great meditation and practice during the second half. The topic is “NOTHING CHANGES UNTIL YOU CHANGE.” 
Click here to watch: Lisa Natoli & Bill Free on Youtube

2 Responses to “Do you find yourself thinking about people, places, things & problems?”

  1. Kim Ball says:

    I thought your talk was great, Lisa. Thank you!

  2. Jan Stevens says:

    Love the Dr. Joe talk. Time to up the commitment. Thank you Lisa.

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