The Healing Cure is an 8-week self study video course created by Lisa Natoli that includes all the practices she used to move out of sickness & suffering.  

Eight weeks of inner investigation and discovery that can help you get unstuck in every area of your life.

"The Healing Cure is the best thing I've done in five years with regards to chronic pain and also in knowing the Self deeper. This program is an absolute blessing and a God-send. 


What You Get:


You will learn how to shift out of sickness & suffering through simple practices and how to live in FREEDOM & HAPPINESS.


All the videos have been transcribed into written downloadable printable documents.


Every video is available in mp3 audio format for those who prefer to listen for the ease of taking these lessons on the go

The Healing Cure

The Healing Cure PAY IN FULL


One-time payment


The Healing Cure PAYMENT PLAN


3 monthly payments


This program is for you ... 

*You are ready for a life of peace, joy and aliveness. 

*You have a deep desire for permanent change but you have no idea what to do because you've spent weeks, months and years trying everything with no results and nothing working.

*You are done being a sick person. You are done with suffering, complaining & criticizing. Done with attacking yourself with self-sabotage thoughts.

*You are ready to officially heal the limiting beliefs, fears and mindset blocks that have been holding you back. 

You know you want more love, peace and aliveness your life, but getting there seems impossible. 


What if you could feel that spark of life again?  

If you’ve been sick or suffering, doing everything to heal, working hard on yourself, feeling guilty because nothing is working and you've tried everything to feel better … there is a way out.

If you’ve been living in self-sabotage thoughts, confusion, doubt or a sense of lack, limitation and frustration ... there is a way out. 

And if you are at the point where you are DONE with having your life be on hold - for days, weeks and years - while you wait for the body to change/improve/heal ... welcome.

If what you REALLY want is to be happy, starting now and no matter what ... 

You know you want more love, peace and aliveness your life, but getting there seems impossible. 

"The exercise in the Video Workshop in Week 2 "Trace your way back to Self" is the most powerful, emotional writing I've done in over four years of sickness." 


"Absolutely profound. To see and feel where the patterns started and how they repeated again and again until reaching a crescendo that led to a startling wake-up call. Thank you Lisa for generously sharing your experience--it helped me see so much the same in my life, the dimming of the light, the isolating. This Healing Cure program is the best."


"Lisa Natoli is a true healer."

"In my own journey, I've done a lot of psychoanalysis and a lot different programs but there has been none that has put me in touch with Spirit on the level of Lisa Natoli."

-Kyle Boyd

How it works.

Hi, I'm Lisa Natoli

This course exists because of everything I have learned and gone through in my own life. 

I had physical body symptoms, pain, guilt, confusion, shame and all the doubt and fear in the world.

But deep down I knew healing was possible for me and for everyone. I had no clue what I was doing. I had no idea how healing works. Like zero. None. But guess what, I figured it out. I learned. I read books on healing. I tested things out. I experimented.

I knew I couldn't keep living that life as a sick person, living in confusion and criticizing myself on a daily basis. And now I have a life of absolute happiness - and with no symptoms and no pain. 

Now, I teach people how to do this for themselves. Healing is a learned skill and ability.  

This isn't about closing your eyes and hoping something changes. This isn't wishing thinking or magical thinking. This isn't about wondering, praying or hoping 

HOW DOES IT WORK? You say YES and start today.

The Healing Cure is an 8-week online self-study program that gives you everything I did for healing. When you sign up, you have instant access to all 8 weeks to the videos, the visual slides I created, the practices, audios and transcripts. You take it at your pace. 

You have the power and ability to heal your life and change your life. 


Week 1: True Healing: The Basics

I am going to be taking you on a journey of discovery and investigation back to the recognition of wholeness and happiness so you that you see for yourself how brilliant and powerful you actually are. Come home to your true identity and embody what you really are. 

Week 2: Holiness is your Superpower

Having gone through a process of discovery in Week 1 to find out the thoughts and feelings you have been holding about yourself, others and the world, you now will begin using "The Holiness Practice" to bless yourself and others, instead of worrying, planning, living in fear or holding grievances.

This week you come in direct contact with your power and light, which is the power and presence of God: your true eternal changeless nature.

Week 3: Welcoming Practice

Having gone through Week 1 and Week 2, a lot of buried emotions, feelings and thoughts will arise to the surface.

In Week 3, you will learn to stay present as Presence even when painful situations, discomfort, physical challenges, pain or difficult feelings arise.

Just ONE VIDEO this week. 

An invitation to Welcome everything exactly as it is. 

Week 4: Forgiveness, Investigation & Letting the Past Go

Week 4 is a continuation of the work we did for the first 3 weeks with Investigation, Exploration, Self-Enquiry & Discovery into what really needs healing.

This week we will go deeper into the definition of sickness, healing & forgiveness - so that you find courage, clarity and inspiration to continue on this healing journey - and not turn back to old ways.

Week 5: Staying Present as Presence 

We now turn our attention from the inner to the outer - to the world and to others. The first 4 weeks are about inner work, knowing the Self, personal transformation, finding our way back home, awakening to your nature and seeing yourself in a whole new way. 

Week 6: Integration & Purification

In Week 6, we will strengthen and develop our ability for listening and seeing. You will practice listening to (and trusting!) your own Infinite Inner Intelligence & Wisdom about what the body needs, where you are to go, what to do, what not to do, what to say, how to heal. 

Week 7: Super Abundance

This week is an invitation to stop waiting to be alive and to step into Super Abundance. 

Week 8: Extension, Expression & Embodiment 

Time to live this understanding for the rest of your life. 

The Healing Cure

The Healing Cure PAY IN FULL


One-time payment


The Healing Cure PAYMENT PLAN


3 monthly payments



"Profound and supportive, this was literally a lifeline to me as I received a diagnosis that rocked my world and completely unseated me. Lisa helped me get back to myself and return home to what is real and true."


"This journey with Lisa Natoli and the Healing Cure was the most difficult one I ever embarked upon but the ONLY true one that lead me to the TRUTH of who I AM and what I truly am capable of ."


The slides/illustrations in the videos are awesome. I love Lisa's wisdom and humor and how she takes complex ideas and make them simple and down-to-earth. It brings so much insight and clarity into what simply just IS.

Waking up to love. It's what we are. 

"Hello, My name is Erin McDonald. I love The Healing Cure. I finally 'get' that the only reason for any discomfort in my life is for the opportunity to forgive and release it. I know my purpose now, and I don't have to fight it, or be ashamed or afraid of it. I am here to be the love and light that I am! No more guilt, no more hamster wheel of ego. Wouldn't trade anything for my journey now!" ❤️

Kathy Leung Degan

"My life has completely changed."

Lisa’s approach to healing and transformation makes so much sense with her practical applications for learning and applying this material to return to truth."


"With The Healing Cure and Lisa Natoli's work, I've learned to love myself." 

I've done and read so many other spiritual books & followed other teachings that made me feel that their lives seem to be swimming in happiness & I just didn't seem to be getting it!! Because I was always trying to do it perfectly & if I wasn't seeing changes (including with A Course in Miracles). I felt that I was not practicing correctly or consistently. With the Healing Cure and Lisa Natoli's work, I've learned to love myself.

Thanks to you Lisa and the The Healing Cure, I’m also learning to chill out - to allow and accept everything. I'm going v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.l.y. and I love it!! 


Dr. Sarah Shahab

"As a physician, I was always looking for answers, and almost immediately I knew that the answer was not in healing the body. And there were so many things that came as I did the course that I needed to heal, other things in my life that needed healing."

Miriam E.

"The Healing Cure is a jumpstart into living and embodying my higher Self." 

The Healing Cure is amazing!! It transformed my life. The illustrations and slides in the videos were helpful. I could relate to Lisa's stories. I loved her transparency. They way she teaches made me see that I wouldn't lose myself if I shifted into being my True Self.

The Healing Cure is a tremendous way to learn and practice living as our True Self. The processes and practices Lisa offers are simple. 

What a brilliant course! 

Dr. Kyia, M.D.

"If you are ready to just drop your stories and instead embrace your True Divinity, then please consider Lisa to be your guide!! "

I met Lisa at a time when I was seeking to bring forth a REAL message of deep healing and transformation from the inside out to my life and my business, I found that Lisa had something even better to offer ... instant and lasting transformation!  

Jodie W.

"The change in my life has been so profound that my daughter labels me as two different people: "before" and "after" Mom became "grateful and blessed."

I am so freakin grateful for The Healing Cure 8-week program. Thank you Lisa for leading me to this awareness of my True Self. You are a Guiding Light in my constantly unfolding journey to peace, joy, and freedom.  

The truth is, I didn't even know I was so difficult to be around.  There were plenty of signs both at work and at home pointing to my insanity, but it took a cancer diagnosis to motivate me to look inward. I hear your voice in my head reminding me that I am not the healer and that my job is to simply, relax, bless, observe and love.  I can actually feel the energy of God moving through my body like tangible tingles. Thank you so much.

Oliver Blue

"One of the greatest decisions in my life was to take The Healing Cure." 

Lisa is a brilliant teacher. This program was an absolute game changer for me -and has revolutionized my view of what true healing means.

I was cured from low self esteem, a lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, and a sense of not being supported. 

On the other side of the Healing Cure, I have gone on to accelerate my coaching business with confidence, launch a live weekly talk show, establish a non-profit organization, and launch two digital teaching projects. Not to mention, I got the courage to retire from a 39 year corporate gig.

Lisa was instrumental in helping me get unstuck from a religious mindset that was hindering my authenticity and growth. For that, I'm grateful. -Oliver Blue

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

Important: The information provided in The Healing Cure Online Program is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription. This course is not intended to be a substitute for your physician’s medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We do not provide any medical or therapeutic advice. If you have or suspect you have a health or medical problem, you should consult with your doctor.