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"It's the best thing I've done in five years with regards to chronic pain." -Karen

"I just want to say first of all that this program (The Healing Cure) has been an absolute blessing and a God-send. It's the best thing I've done in five years with regards to chronic pain and also in knowing the Self deeper." 

The Healing Cure practices changed my life.

After years of trying to heal the body, wishing my life was different, hating the body for its limitations, trying to change the mind, doing various restrictive diets, struggling to figure out what I was doing wrong, making myself guilty for being sick, I discovered that when I identify the True Self - the pure empty, open, changeless luminous eternal Self - which is consciousness - there is no sickness or suffering. 

When I welcomed & embraced everything exactly as it appeared, an awakening to my true nature of happiness occurred.

We all have the ability to investigate this "I" that seems to be at the center of all we do - and when this "I" is questioned, it disappears.

The biggest part of my healing and understanding had to do with including the body back in - a period of integration - so that I wasn't just "out in the clouds" but was grounded & rooted as the Self, with the body included - which is why The Healing Cure is 8-weeks - so that you LIVE this understanding in your every-day life. 

No matter who you are ... 

No matter what your background is, or how sick you have been or what your circumstances are, you could be experiencing a lot more happiness, aliveness and vitality right now.

If you’ve been sick or suffering, doing everything to heal, working hard on yourself, feeling guilty because nothing is working and you've tried everything to feel better …

If you’ve been dealing with self-sabotage thoughts, confusion, doubt or a sense of lack, limitation and frustration ...

And if you are at the point where you are DONE with having your life be on hold - for days, weeks and years - while you wait for the body to change/improve/heal ...

And what you REALLY want is to simply be happy, starting now and no matter what ... 

The Healing Cure can absolutely change the picture you hold about yourself, which will change your life. 

"The exercise in the Video Workshop in Week 2 "Trace your way back to Self" is the most powerful, emotional writing I've done in over four years of sickness." -Laurie

"Absolutely profound. To see and feel where the patterns started and how they repeated again and again until reaching a crescendo that led to a startling wake-up call. Thank you Lisa for generously sharing your experience--it helped me see so much the same in my life, the dimming of the light, the isolating. This Healing Cure program is the best."

Being healed means that you know what you are, which is pure being & presence. It means that no matter what the body is doing, no matter what situations arise, no matter what thoughts or feelings arise, no matter how much you’re second guessing yourself or filled with self doubt, you are going to be present, awake, aware, connected & centered ... and the result is joy and peace.


You will learn how to instantly shift out of sickness & suffering through simple practices and how to stay in FREEDOM & HAPPINESS.


All the videos have been transcribed into written downloadable printable documents. You also receive all the illustration slides, made by Lisa


Every video is available in mp3 audio format for those who prefer to listen for the ease of taking these lessons on the go with you. 

"Lisa Natoli is a true healer."

"In my own journey, I've done a lot of psychoanalysis and a lot different programs but there has been none that has put me in touch with Spirit on the level of Lisa Natoli."

-Kyle Boyd

Week 1: True Healing: The Basics

If you are sick or suffering, you are not being yourself. Somewhere along the line you got disconnected from the truth of What You Really Are. Perhaps you are drifting along, doing things you don't really want to do. Maybe you are living in fear, guilt or wishing things were different. This is not a bad thing, it simply needs a correction (a shift) in how you see/view yourself, the world and others. Healing is a shift in perception from body-identification to Self-identification - where you realize your true nature. In Module 1, we cover the basics and lay the foundation for 8-weeks of living as the Self: complete, healed & whole. 

Week 2: Holiness is your Superpower.

The focus of The  Healing Cure is to stay as  "the Awareness of Love's Presence, which is your natural inheritance" (this idea comes from A Course in Miracles). Love is what you are. In Week 2, you will write A New Approach: which is a decision for how you will show up in the world. Having gone through a process of discovery in Week 1 to find out the thoughts and feelings you have been holding about yourself, others and the world, you now will begin using "The Holiness Practice" to bless yourself and others, instead of worrying, planning, living in fear or holding grievances. This week you come in direct contact with your power and light, which is the power and presence of God: your true eternal changeless nature. 

Week 3: Welcoming Practice

Having gone through Week 1 and Week 2, a lot of buried emotions, feelings and thoughts will arise to the surface. Many people on a spiritual path try to avoid uncomfortable emotions by using positive affirmations or repeating phrases of truth. This does not work. Others try to distract themselves by external means to avoid looking within. Conflict must be seen exactly as it is in order for healing to occur. Get used to standing in the discomfort of every emotion that arises ... and welcome it. Embrace it. Love it. Exactly As It Is. Here you will learn to stay present as Presence even when painful situations, physical challenges, pain or difficult feelings arise. 

Week 4: Forgiveness, Investigation & Letting the Past Go

This Module is a continuation of the work we will be doing for the first 3 weeks with Investigation, Exploration, Self-Enquiry & Discovery into what really needs healing. By now, you most likely will be experiencing a greater sensitivity to any lingering grievances, conflict and stories you are still holding hold onto. The mind can get very active in attempt to hold onto the old patterning, routines & habits that used to serve you: things like self-sabotage, hiding your light, living in isolation, retreating from others and holding in love "to stay safe". This week we will go deeper into the definition of sickness, healing & forgiveness - so that you find courage, clarity and inspiration to continue on this healing journey - and not turn back to old ways. 

Week 5: Staying Present as Presence 

Here, in Week 5, The Healing Cure work shifts to Phase 2 (for the final 4 weeks) where we now turn our attention outward - to the world and to others. The first 4 weeks are about inner work, knowing the Self, personal transformation, finding our way back home, awakening to your nature and seeing yourself in a whole new way. Many spiritual seekers have great difficulty being in the world. They get overwhelmed with daily tasks, going to work, paying bills, being with people. They want to stay home in peace and quiet, where no one and nothing disturbs them. This week, you will begin carrying peace, love, light, joy, friendship, hope and healing to others, to the world. You will know you are healed when you offer it. 

Week 6: Integration & Purification

One of my favorite weeks! We will come back into the body, fully, as Presence. Many people on a spiritual path have a lot of false ideas about the body. They try to escape from it. They feel guilt about it. They ignore it, using statements like "It's not real". They try to improve it (or heal it) in attempt find peace and happiness. Many people "live out in the ethers" - either through meditation or distraction. In Week 6, we will strengthen and develop our ability for listening and seeing. You will practice listening to (and trusting!) your own Infinite Inner Intelligence & Wisdom about what the body needs, where you are to go, what to do, what not to do, what to say, how to heal. By now, you will also hear and see clearly what others are doing and how to help them. 

Week 7: Super Abundance

Bonus Week! What would you love to do? What makes your heart sing? What would be fun? Many people in sickness, suffering, sorrow or pain have a tendency to put their life on hold. They are waiting "to heal" and all the focus is on the body, lack and limitation. This week is an invitation to stop waiting to be alive and to do what you love. Even if it's baby steps. There is nothing holding you back, except your ideas about yourself and what you think is possible. Week 7 you will get back to a state of child-like wonder, curiosity and joy - to be in the playground of possibilities. 

Week 8: Extension, Expression & Embodiment 

Time to live this understanding! In Module 2, you wrote A New Approach: a vision to live from wholeness, joy, gratitude, appreciation and love. Now we deepen the roots - allow ourselves to be grounded - in this new "location" - of being present, aware, centered, clear and connected to the Pure Light of your being. 

The Healing Cure Program



One of the greatest decisions in my life was to take The Healing Cure. 

Lisa is a brilliant teacher. This program was an absolute game changer for me -and has revolutionized my view of what true healing means.

I was cured from low self esteem, a lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, and a sense of not being supported. 

On the other side of the Healing Cure, I have gone on to accelerate my coaching business with confidence, launch a live weekly talk show (TRULY Live), establish a non-profit organization (TRULY Foundation), and launch two digital teaching projects. Not to mention, I got the courage to retire from a 39 year corporate gig.

Lisa was instrumental in helping me get unstuck from a religious mindset that was hindering my authenticity and growth. For that, I'm grateful.

-Oliver Blue

What members are saying about The Healing Cure



"Profound and supportive, this was literally a lifeline to me as I received a diagnosis that rocked my world and completely unseated me. Lisa helped me get back to myself and return home to what is real and true."


"This journey with Lisa Natoli and the Healing Cure was the most difficult one I ever embarked upon but the ONLY true one that lead me to the TRUTH of who I AM and what I truly am capable of ."


"The Healing Cure and Lisa Natoli have completely changed my life! It’s about not trying to fix the pain, discomfort, or problem! It’s about allowing everything to be exactly as it is! Nothing needs to change!"

Waking up to love. It's what we are. 


"Hello, My name is Erin McDonald. I love this group, this class, this day! What a beautiful experience the Healing Cure has been for me. I am loving blessing myself and others with my Holiness. It is my daily practice all day long. It brings me such joy and even when I am tempted with feelings of irritation, competition, judgment--whatever, I am grateful for my blessing practice because it brings me right back to God. I finally 'get' that the only reason for any discomfort in my life is for the opportunity to forgive and release it. As I do so, I am a Teacher of God, and I love to learn what I teach. I know my purpose now, and I don't have to fight it, or be ashamed or afraid of it. I am the Light of the world! No more guilt, no more hamster wheel of ego. Wouldn't trade nothing for my journey now!" ❤️

Thank You Lisa

I love being able to step back and observe the frantic, frenzied thoughts of the little self - while at the same time knowing the true Self always remains unchanged and not at all subject to world whims.

I have experienced an awareness of my Self without any borders or limitations and know that the body is not solid at all, its just our limiting beliefs that block its energy flow, and it is just the vehicle for us to get around in and interact with others.

 I am very grateful to all the wonderful, uplifting teachings that Lisa has put out into the world. These practices in The Healing Cure that Lisa has shown us DO work but must be constantly applied and reinforced - I liken it to the ego as the virus and I am the programmer re-programming what has been proven to be a totally non-functioning, delusional program with a loving, kind, compassionate caring new one.

Much love to all xxx

Lisa - You have led me to the GRAND Knowing

Lisa, my dear sweet, beautiful friend—Words could not adequately express the impact your presence has had on my life—you’re a glorious inspiration, a radiant guiding light, and a luminous transmission. I am so thankful and grateful that our paths aligned, and for the beautiful embodiment you extend all across the globe. You have led me to the GRAND Knowing, and have helped me remember my infinite, eternal, limitless nature—leading me down the path to “doing” things I never thought possible—utter fulfillment. I look forward to the day we are able to meet and join in person. Thank you so much for the gift, for your love, your presence, and your friendship—I love you dearly. -Rachel Higareda



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