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    The Pure Presence Summit starts in less than one hour today at 10am EST! I’m all excited. I’m showered, dressed and ready to go. If you got my other emails or posts over the last couple of weeks but haven’t signed up (because you are like me and don’t do things until THE ULTRA LAST […]

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  • (New Video) Super Abundance begins Monday August 3, 2020


    I love disrupting my routines whenever I see I have one. I love throwing stuff away. I love giving stuff away. I’m a minimalist and I love living simply. I’m constantly clearing stuff out – clothes, paper, jewelry, furniture – and my “getting rid of stuff” includes worn-out thoughts, limiting beliefs, fear-based attitudes and emotions. […]

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  • Super Abundance with Lisa August 2020


    Register here:

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  • Super 40-Day Party. Let’s go!


    Drawing from Frances Crichton Stuart from yesterday in The 40-Day Program – so cute!! This is the last message from me about The 40-Day Program for Transformation. Today is officially Day 3 of the 3-Day Preparation/Getting Ready to begin this journey – Decluttering, Commitment Letter and writing a New Way of Being Card – and […]

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  • What if you really didn’t pick up the past or your stories?


    Tomorrow is the very last day to register for the group launch 40-Day (started June 20, 2020): – we are still in the 3-Day Prep Phase – so there is still time to get in here.  What if today was Day One for you – and the past really was over???? I love that line A […]

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  • Video Interview: Knowing your True Self


    Hi Lisa, This interview is the most impactful one I’ve ever heard from you! I’ve watched it twice now, and will probably listen a few more times. I’ve been waiting for a dramatic event like Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie had to feel like I am waking up. After hearing what you had to say […]

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  • If I had a million dollars or a billion dollars


    SUPER ABUNDANCE WITH LISA NATOLI – AUGUST 2020: Register here: The turning point in my journey out of lack/limitation and poverty-thinking happened in 2012.  In 2012, I decided to heal my money blocks and I took a 5-week prosperity class at our Unity church. I decided to ask: What if I had a million dollars, […]

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  • All Things Are Possible.


    The 40-Day Program for Transformation begins TOMORROW!!! Monday, July 20, 2020. It’s totally free. Register here: 2020 years ago, Jesus said “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” This is so true because WITH GOD you have ended the separation. And when you end separation in your mind, all […]

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  • The 40-Day Program – starts Monday! July 20, 2020


    This is a self-study, at-home (and yes, FREE) program for transformation. ✓ It’s a commitment you make to yourself – to live in a whole new way for 40 days. ✓ It’s an experiment: a time of discovery and awareness to see directly your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and how they are creating a […]

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  • What is the common denominator in healing?


    I’ve been researching and studying the topic of healing for over 10 years.  In all the stories, the one common theme in healing is that the person completely changed everything, starting with their attitude and mind.  They changed from the inside out. In all the stories of healing, people realized that guilt and stress and […]

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