Hello and Welcome!

I’m Lisa.

I am a teacher, trainer and healer. 

I teach A Course in Miracles. 

I am happy you are here. My life is devoted to teaching and training people how to heal themselves and others. 

Healing is an art, a science and an ability that can easily be learned. Healing is nothing more than a return to wholeness and happiness. One who is “a healer” is someone who helps another return to wholeness and happiness. 

All healing is of the mind.

You have the ability to choose your thoughts and feelings – to choose love, appreciation and gratitude in every situation – with the ability to decide on the goal you would achieve. You have the ability to change your beliefs. You have the ability to GET UP AND WALK, to focus your attention on what you want, to choose to stop being weak, afraid and frail. 

All healing is accomplished as you identify with your True Self – Love.

Make a decision to side completely with the truth – and let illusions go – for complete and permanent healing.

All healing is a change a direction, a decision for truth, a choice to be as God created you. 

The first step in healing/recovery is to decide you don’t want to suffer anymore. Healing begins as you hear the story you tell yourself (about yourself and the world) and you begin to question it. This is a choice. Healing is a decision to change your story, change your tune, change the dial on the radio station you’ve been listening to. 

Become aware of the light within you that is not sick. This light is what you are. Love is what you are. It doesn’t have a name, an age, a story, a gender, a nationality, a story, a location, a past or a future. 

You are the ability and power to know your Self as light: eternal, changeless and free. 

You have the ability and power to shift your attention and focus. You can walk right out of your problems and pain anytime you choose! 

The only sickness is the belief that you are a body, separate from others, separate from God and separation from your Self. 

The only chronic condition is resistance to the Truth of what you are. 

Completely identify with your Self – the Love you are – and healing is accomplished. 

Healing is the one ability everyone can develop and must develop if he is to be healed.”
-A Course in Miracles


I am the creator of the free 40-Day Program for Transformation (which is an epic “starter” program for anyone ready to move into a whole new life. Click here to register and to watch a video about it).

The 40-Day Program is also in Spanish!

I’m also the creator The Healing Cure, an 8-week online training program (which is coming soon!)

If you are interested in A Course in Miracles (which to me, is the FAST TRACK to enlightenment) and want to complete the workbook lessons in one year and you like the way I teach, sign up for ACIM 365, which is a one-year audio program with me –  you get a 10-minute daily audios from me, for every single workbook lesson, for every single day of the year.  

Thanks for being here!

There are videos & blogs and podcasts (mostly on healing) and other awesome programs over at the Teachers of God Foundation.