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  • Ready to stop looking for cures and heal? Read this.


    Here is a video on Prayer and Healing I did May 10, 2019 in the Course in Miracles Friday Morning Group: If you are struggling in any way with pain or physical symptoms, this might be the answer to your questions and prayers for a cure and relief. Here is a great email I received […]

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  • Healing is an ability, as simple as plugging in a toaster.


    Healing is an ability that CAN be learned. It’s not a big deal. Come join me in England on May 17-19, 2019 in Solihull England. In this short video I explain the importance – the necessity! – of PLUGGING IN in order to get a thing to work. You don’t expect a blowdryer, toaster, […]

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  • The end of self-help, the end of law of attraction, the end of channeling.


    Slight – but big! – difference! Christ is not working through you. You are Christ, appearing as you (insert your name). This world is about to see the end of “channelling” and the end of you being a communication device for the light. We are about to see the end of self-help, the same way […]

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  • Christ Embodiment


    A little Sunday message from you to me.  Lately I get invited to do a lot of interviews and everyone wants my “bio” and I really don’t have one except that people know me as a teacher of A Course in Miracles. Every time someone says: “I need your bio”, I just make up whatever.  […]

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  • New Podcast! Max & Lisa: All Your Problems Have Been Solved


    We’re baaccccck!!  At long last. I’m doing Podcasts again.  Last summer I went on the Camino from Portugal to Spain (150 miles) with friends and when I came back to Maine three weeks later, my life as I had known it was gone. I had no interest in doing anything of the things I had done […]

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  • The band-aid message from The Healing Cure


    Every now and again I send out messages to Members of The Healing Cure – my online training program. My messages are usually a result of comments I see in the Member Area in the The Healing Cure or from emails I receive from HC Members.  Here is one of my recent messages (with a […]

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  • A problem isn’t a problem unless you think it’s a problem.


    I was away for the past week with Jennifer Hadley and Corinne Zupko on a one-week healing retreat in New York. It was AMAZING !!!!!!   My favorite part was seeing how people were getting it – realizing that no matter what happens with the body or with other people or in the world, they […]

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  • The #1 Healer in the world: YOUR HOLINESS


    The #1 Healer in the world is the light within you. Almost no one knows this. Everyone is looking outside of themselves for a pill, a cure, a remedy. But “the Greatest Healer” who ever lived and walked the earth is right within you, closer than your hand, closer than your breath. All the way […]

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  • NEW VIDEO (and conversation starter!): Is the body real OR not?


    Below is the ACIM Friday Group Video from March 8, 2019.  I am getting lots of emails and comments from one remark I make it here – that comes directly out of A Course in Miracles: “At no single instant does the body exist at all.”  Please post in the Comments below. Is this sentence true […]

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  • The Healing Cure Interview with Lisa & Jennifer Hadley


    My dear friend Jennifer Hadley and I are getting together this morning – Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 – at 11am EST to have a discussion on healing, our favorite topic ever.   And today you are invited to listen in!    Click here to tune in during the LIVE broadcast: RECORDING: If you can’t make […]

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  • Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a teacher of God and healer, devoted to bringing love, joy and light to the world. One of my favorite ways to make people happy is by teaching them them how to heal. Read More

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    I loved writing this book. These are blog entries that I wrote about my awakening through the practice of A Course in Miracles. 

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