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  • Solve all your “problems” with “I requested this”


    It’s me, Lisa. I hope you are having a great day and THE BEST LIFE ever. If not, you can check out this video – my talk from yesterday in the ACIM Friday Group. I wrote a blog last week over at the Teachers of God website (with tons of awesome comments – thank you so much), […]

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  • Holiness 4-Day Challenge


    Here in the USA, it’s Labor Day – ya’ll.  I’m flying to Texas with Bill in an hour for the annual Free Family Reunion – which is always a fun time.  So right now, I’m here at the Boston airport with sitting in one of the awesome rocking chairs they have and our flight doesn’t […]

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  • VIDEO: Food does NOT heal you and does NOT make you sick.


    Here is a video on a talk I gave on Friday, August 16, 2019: The picture is blurry but the message and sound is CLEAR. In this video, I talk about The Healer’s Mindset, about going beyond the body. Do you get angry?  Is angry a Healer’s Mindset?  No. It’s not.  A state of joy, […]

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  • Are you busy all the time? If YES, read this.


    I saw this poster on Facebook yesterday and it was like BOOM! and YES ! This was me FOR YEARS. I was always “busy”. I would make up stuff to do, when there was nothing to do. I was always “busy” – I always felt like I had to “stay on top of things” and […]

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    There is a popular phrase that’s been around for years which you have probably heard – that “your beliefs create your reality.” Another version of this is “your thoughts create your reality.” The word “reality” makes this statement not entirely accurate. Your thoughts and beliefs do NOT create your reality because your reality is whole […]

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    I saw this poster on Facebook last night. I didn’t think it was real. The news is saying 3 mass shootings in one week so I thought maybe this poster was made-up so I googled it – I searched every town on this list and sure enough: all these shootings happened this week. I don’t […]

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    It takes great learning to know that EVERYTHING IS GOOD. Everything that you think is bad, is good and for your good. But what we do as humans is hang around thinking something shouldn’t have happened. We try to figure out how it happened, why it happened, what does it mean, how and why we […]

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  • Do you need or want something? Do you ask within for help?


    Are you asking Jesus’ help with EVERYTHING (and following the guidance) or are you still trying to do some things alone? You’ll know the answer to this question by noticing if things are EASY or DIFFICULT for you. When you do things alone, everything is difficult and requires enormous effort and you will feel tired, […]

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  • What are your most alive moments in life?


    If you were to sit quietly for a moment and think of the times in your life when you felt most vibrant, alive, free and happy, what comes to mind? What are your best and favorite stand-out moments in your life-time? What are the qualities/attributes that these moments contained? For me, it’s the moments when […]

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  • What’s your morning routine? Do you have one?


    If you know me at all, you know  I am big on the morning routine. In fact, I think it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT thing needed if you want to stay in joy and peace. I think it’s  safe to say even that it’s CRUCIAL and NECESSARY. I know that can seem dramatic and yes I […]

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