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  • The Prosperity Process: How I went from lack to abundance in one instant of decision.


    In around 2011 or 2012, I made a decision to change my mind around money and abundance.  I’ve had A Course in Miracles in my life since 1992 and many areas of my life had been healed and transformed, but I still had no money.  I had a lot of beliefs that it unspiritual to […]

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  • Are you sick, sad or stuck?


        No one actively asks for sickness, stuckness or sadness HOWEVER there is a goal in there that you DO WANT – that you probably are not aware of – and sickness, sadness, stuckness is the means to THAT goal. For example: You are afraid of criticism, afraid of being rejected, you want people […]

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  • ViDEO: How to heal, with a creativity exercise to find your purpose


    Here is a video where I talk about healing, back in October 2018.  The Healing Cure Program that I talk about in this video IS now available. For details, click this link: Enjoy this video. My talk begin at the 12;36 minute mark. And the creativity exercise to find your purpose is at the 55 […]

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  • Living in Christmas consciousness every day of the year


      It’s December and starting on the first day of December of every year (for the past many years) I dedicate the entire month of December to Christmas, which to me means celebrating Christ within me and within everyone. This beautiful photo above was made by my dear friend Christine Kiesinger. I put it on […]

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  • The Healing Cure Program is available!


    TRUTH!  You could just watch this 10-minute video (below) and never even need an 8-week program for healing!  I’m serious. I truly believe this.  I say stuff in here that pretty much sums up everything you could ever need to know, to be healed totally. Today. Right now. But if you need more and you […]

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  • Gifts in December


    It’s December! I love to spend the whole month of December gift giving and surprising people.  Today, as my first Christmas gift to you, I want to show you the Power that is within you now. I want you to see HOW POWERFUL you are.  So often people take things totally for granted and act […]

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  • VIDEO: Make 3 things appear and 3 things disappear


    Ready for some fun? Ready to blow your own mind? Ready to see how powerful you really are? Here is a video from the ACIM Friday Morning Group from November 23, 2018 Have a pen and paper ready. I give a practice for you to see how powerful you actually are. This is a good one: You’re […]

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  • 7-minute video from me. A game-changer


    I did a video and blog this week for the Teachers of God Foundation, an non-profit organization I helped co-found with my husband Bill Free. You can watch it here: It’s a 7-minute video in which I share an idea that I read about in A Course in Miracles a couple of weeks ago that […]

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  • New Video: Max & Lisa talk about Guilt


    Max and I did a one-hour talk about guilt.  You can watch it here:   “Guilt is always disruptive.” -A Course in Miracles WANT MORE? Have you taken The 40-Day Program for Transformation. It’s a FREE. It’s 3 days of Preparation, then 40 days (40 videos and 40 daily practices) to take you from where you […]

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  • Don’t give your emotions the keys to the car


    I love my husband Bill Free so much. He rocks this world with light and joy. He’s with Rupert Spira this week (a well-know international teacher of Advaita Vedanta and Non-Duality) at the Garrison Retreat Center and Rupert agreed to do a one-hour video interview with Bill, which happened yesterday afternoon. Last night when Bill […]

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  • Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a teacher and healer, devoted to teaching people how to heal themselves and others. Read More

  • My book on Amazon

    I loved writing this book. These are blog entries that I wrote about my awakening through the practice of A Course in Miracles. 

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  • The Healing Cure

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