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  • The Life Changing Healing Power of Fuck It


    Get clear on your purpose and the ego disappears  Most of you know my healing philosophy: is “Fuck it”. “The Life-Changing Healing Power of Fuck It” by Lisa Natoli  In other words: Wake the fuck up. Get clear on who you are, and everything else lines up with it. Be alive. Do what you love. And […]

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  • Video Interview with Stephanie Mancini


    This past week – this past Tuesday – I asked my friend Stephanie Mancini to hop on Zoom with me so I could get her to tell her story of True Healing – and her story of coming back to life from 72 pounds – through what she says “I saw what brought me back […]

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  • With whatever remaining time I have left …


    Just sent this to my mailing list. Insert your name!  Hi __________, No matter what happens in my life or in the world, it always comes back to the same thing: my function is to be the light of the world, a function given to me by God. And because this is the #1 thing […]

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  • Coronavirus. Can we change its course?


    Well. Here is where the rubber meets the road. So often on a spiritual path, one stays in reading, studying and listening to other teachers. There is a tendency to think that spiritual practices are just “feel good” exercises and many people really don’t understand their true healing power. And therefore we don’t use these […]

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  • An update: Where my posts are


    Hello my friend.  This website has been major dead-space for months – but I am still here!  I’ve been traveling a lot – and I worked with a LIVE group for 8 weeks with The Healing Cure in January/February 2020 – and that was amazing!!! So I was “behind the scenes” but still here! I […]

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  • My mission. TO FLY THIS BABY.


    It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on my website. Feels like I’ve been non-stop traveling for months – even though I know that’s not entirely true – it sometimes feels that way. What I love is that I’m more and more WITH PEOPLE – in person – getting to talk with people and […]

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  • Solve all your “problems” with “I requested this”


    It’s me, Lisa. I hope you are having a great day and THE BEST LIFE ever. If not, you can check out this video – my talk from yesterday in the ACIM Friday Group. I wrote a blog last week over at the Teachers of God website (with tons of awesome comments – thank you so much), […]

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  • Holiness 4-Day Challenge


    Here in the USA, it’s Labor Day – ya’ll.  I’m flying to Texas with Bill in an hour for the annual Free Family Reunion – which is always a fun time.  So right now, I’m here at the Boston airport with sitting in one of the awesome rocking chairs they have and our flight doesn’t […]

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  • VIDEO: Food does NOT heal you and does NOT make you sick.


    Here is a video on a talk I gave on Friday, August 16, 2019: The picture is blurry but the message and sound is CLEAR. In this video, I talk about The Healer’s Mindset, about going beyond the body. Do you get angry?  Is angry a Healer’s Mindset?  No. It’s not.  A state of joy, […]

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  • Are you busy all the time? If YES, read this.


    I saw this poster on Facebook yesterday and it was like BOOM! and YES ! This was me FOR YEARS. I was always “busy”. I would make up stuff to do, when there was nothing to do. I was always “busy” – I always felt like I had to “stay on top of things” and […]

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