One Day or Day One?  
You Decide. 

What are you waiting for?
Healing is very simple.   
A life of unshakable peace & joy is here.
When your healing journey begins is up to you.

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Welcome! I'm Lisa

I healed of an incurable autoimmune disease, pain and physical symptoms. 
All my life I knew that metaphysical spiritual healing was possible for me and for everyone, but I had no clue how it worked. 
In 2018, I made a decision to stop living as a sick person. I understood deep down that sickness was a state of mind that has nothing to do with the body. I had been living in confusion, attack thoughts, criticism and overwhelm. I knew that was the real sickness that needed healing - to come to a place of peace. 
Slowly, healing occurred. Now I have a life of absolute happiness - and with no symptoms and no pain. 

I teach people how to do this for themselves. Healing is a learned skill and ability.  

This isn't about closing your eyes and hoping something changes. This isn't wishful thinking or magical thinking. This isn't about positive affirmations. This isn't about wondering, praying or hoping. This is about having a direct experience about the truth of What You Really Are as Pure Consciousness. 
I have created 5 online video courses that are the exact practices I used in my own life. 

You have the power and ability to heal how you see yourself, and healing is the result. 
Read my story here

"Yesterday on the Zoom call I was sometimes surprised how Lisa responded and answered to what people were sharing. Now I get it. Lisa does not see or hear what I see and hear. She sees the light. And for me a light went on today! Thank you so much." -Anna

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