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  • Becoming Free


    For much of my life, I felt trapped. Trapped inside the body. Trapped in jobs I didn’t particular like – but felt I had to stay in for money. Trapped in relationships. Trapped in situations. I started going deaf around the third grade – and that was my first experience of “being trapped” inside the […]

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  • Healing: No chance for worry and overwhelm to catch up to you.


    Here is a message from Deepali in India, just in! with permission to share.  I love the part where Deepali says: “I’m just bored of this old path. SIMPLY BORED.” This was when healing begin for me – when I become bored with my life, bored with conflict, bored with sickness, bored with worry, bored […]

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  • 30 Days of Abundance with Lisa Natoli


    Starts August 1, 2020 in The Presenter’s Series!!! Super Abundance with Lisa Natoli Register here for The Presenter’s Series: Imagine a life abounding with happiness, strength, freedom, authenticity, gratitude, kindness and generosity. Often people think of abundance in terms of money and material things and therefore think they have “no abundance”. But what if you […]

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  • New Video: Fear Must Be Dealt With


    In this post is a video clip from the last June 2020 Healing Cure Zoom Call. Healing Cure Members meet once a month on Zoom through December 2020. We meet the last Wednesday of every month at 1pm EST – and we usually stay on the call for 90 minutes to two hours. I have […]

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  • TGF-TV with Christina Courtney


    Thanks for being here! TO REGISTER FOR THE BONUS FREE EPISODE OF TGF-TV ON MONDAY, JULY 6, 2020 AT 10:30am EST WITH ME & CHRISTINA COURTNEY, CLICK HERE: In this post is an interview I did with Christina on March 31, 2020. ENJOY.  As you may know, I’m OBSESSED with the topic of True Healing […]

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  • Healing requires a change in direction


    I am the happiest little clam ever off of Facebook, Instagram and social media! I am LOVING it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m a huge believer in direct experience and I knew I couldn’t just “think about” being off Facebook – I actually had to DO IT. And so it is with […]

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  • How David Fishman used to piss me off – and how that was the greatest gift EVER


    Happening Now!!! Want to be mentored by David Fishman? Register here: Some of you may not know this but David Fishman USED TO REALLY PISS ME OFF.  I wanted him to just LEAVE ME ALONE and STOP CALLING ME. Which really makes me laugh! Because now he’s like my favorite person in the world.  […]

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  • TGF TV with Christina Courtney


    Monday, July 6, 2020 at 10:30am EST – Register here: One of the consistent things I’m constantly expressing as a Healing Mentor is the necessity to DEAL WITH FEAR. It must be SEEN and CORRECTED WITH TRUTH. You may have noticed that saying “fear is an illusion” doesn’t get rid of it. You must […]

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  • Do you own your life?


    Here is a question: Do you own your life OR are you in someone else’s narrative/storyline? The way you know you own your life is if you are supremely happy and in perfect joy. If you feel anything other than perfect joy … then … something owns you. In this world, we forget we are […]

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    Do you remember being a kid playing a game of make-pretend? Maybe it was hide-and-seek. Or dress-up. You were with your friends and you created a game in which you entered “another world” to become something else. Someone would say: “Okay you be ____ and I’ll be ____ .” And you started playing. And you […]

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