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"Healing is very simple." 
-A Course in Miracles

Most people are wasting time, money and energy on healing methods that don't really work. Most "healing" simply masks and minimizes symptoms and deals only with physical effects without identifying nor eliminating the root cause of the problem - the belief in body-identification. True Healing is not mystical or magical or complicated.
It's a decision for Oneness. 

Here and now.


Imagine waking up every day knowing Who You Really Are. Imagine having the ability and power to shift instantly into Presence and Peace simply by your choice and decision to do so - and imagine not sliding back into old habits and fear-based patterns. Imagine that. 



Here is an approach to healing that’s actually fun where you are present, awake, aware, alive, grateful and happy, no matter what condition or problem or thoughts or feelings you have. This is True Healing.



Healing is not rocket-science – it is decision for wholeness, holiness, oneness, gratitude and joy. A healer is simply anyone who helps another to know their own wholeness and holiness - someone who looks pasts illusions and appearances and sees only the truth. 

"Lisa Natoli is authentically present to the truth of A Course in Miracles. Whenever I need a real reflection of what that looks like in the world, I turn to Lisa, and it's always a party!" 

- Kathy Winslow


Hi, I'm Lisa. 

I am a healer and a writer. I love cake, books, baths, bedroom-dance parties and A Course in Miracles. 

I used to be sick and now I am not. 

I teach healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone. 

I said "fuck it" to living as a sick, weak, helpless person. I wanted a life of aliveness, spontaneity and joy - no matter what life threw my way and it occurred to me that I could simply decide for joy. 

Based on everything I'd read about healing, I had a thought that maybe it was as simple as "pick up your bed and walk" as Jesus instructed 2000 years ago. 

I have witnessed the disappearance of alcoholism, an "incurable" autoimmune disease, depression, doubt, sadness, guilt and fear - through realizing the ONLY thing that ever needs healing is the belief in bodies and separation. 

Most people live disconnected from their Self, God and others - I know I did for years - and the result of living unplugged from your True Identity is disease, pain, sickness, difficulties, problems, lack and limitation. 

You have the power and ability to walk right out of a life of lack and sickness. COME ON HOME. 

More About Lisa

You are healed and can heal.

My signature program, The Healing Cure, was created to inspire you to Stay as the Self. .

You will become expert in noticing the words you use, the feelings you experience in your interactions and how these words and feelings create events and situations, and how you can choose different words and feelings to create different experiences.

When you make a decision to see beyond the appearance of sickness and problems, and consistently hold your focus on love and the truth, sickness and problems disappear.

For the past 25 years, I’ve used my own life as the experimental testing ground for different methods of healing and transformation that I’d read about in books. My burning questions were “How is healing accomplished?” and “Can we really heal like Jesus?” The Healing Cure is the result of my years of curiosity, research, trial-and-error and putting ideas into practice. I’ve felt like a scientist in the field devoted to cracking the code on healing. I’ve come to discover that healing is not mysterious or complicated. Healing is an ability that anyone can learn and it’s as simple as learning to walk or talk or ride a bike. Anyone can develop this ability. Yes, even you.

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