I am so happy you are here. 

If you are ready to leave suffering and sickness behind and take the journey inward to know your True Self - the Eternal Changeless Timeless Being you are that is Pure Joy & Light - you are in the right place. 

I teach healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone.  

As a healing coach, psychotherapist and A Course in Miracles teacher, my life is devoted to helping others change the way they see themselves. 

The exact methods I used to change my life are the same ones I teach to my clients and in The Healing Cure, my 8-week online video course. 

When you realize your worth and true nature, sickness is over. 

I've Always Been Curious.

I’ve always known there was more to life than what could be experienced with the physical senses.

And I was on a mission to find out.

I grew up in New Hampshire in the small town, went to college in Vermont and then Florida and then I spent ten years in New York City working in marketing in a publishing office. I worked in Manhattan, had a beautiful spacious sunny apartment on a tree-lined street in Brooklyn, great friends, amazing family, money. I was traveling for work, taking paid vacations, eating in first-class restaurants ... living "a successful life."

I had it all, from a worldly perspective. 

But something always felt "off" to me. I lived in constant fear and overwhelm because my life felt like a house of cards - smoke and mirrors - and I sensed that all of it could shift and change and disappear at any moment. So worked harder, held on tighter and tried to be perfect in all departments (work, relationship, financial) so I could to hold it all together.

Every night I drank (vodka-tonics, one after the other) because it was the only way I knew back then to relax from the constant state of exhaustion from holding my life together. 

I wanted consistent happiness, aliveness, peace and joy but no matter what I did, I always felt like "I'n not there yet". 

I knew – deep down – this experience of freedom and peace was available but it was never lasting. I felt afraid to just let go and relax. I knew consistent joy was possible because I’d read about it in countless spirituality books that others that had awakened and reached this “place” of enlightenment and Self realization and I wanted this above all else. 
I wanted to have the awakening experience of Jesus, Buddha and Yogananda. I figured if it was possible for them, it must be possible for everyone. 
I wanted to know God. I wanted to know my True Self.
I wanted this experience of oneness I’d read about.
But no matter how devoted I was, it never happened.
In 1992, I found A Course in Miracles and dedicated my life to it and a lot of things began to change.
Alcoholism fell away.
My fear of holding things together began to disappear.
I started feeling happier, lighter, more connected.
But I was still in a lot of doubt and conflict.

I continually vacillated between joy and confusion, between gratitude and guilt, between love and fear. 
My life often felt like a rollercoaster.
Up and Down. Left and Right.
Good and bad. Right and wrong. 
I was all over the map.
I just wanted to feel consistently happy, safe, relaxed and at peace, no matter what was happening in the world, or in my bank account, with my health or in my relationships.

Around January 2013, I got at what at first seemed like the flu - fever, vomiting, lack of energy, sweating ... which later turned into dry mouth, dry eyes and vision blurriness which was diagnosed as an incurable autoimmune disease. 

I tried everything to heal it and nothing worked. 

In October 2018 in the middle of intense pain and extreme physical symptoms, my husband Bill asked me (while on a Rupert Spira retreat) if I could "welcome it" and "love it" (this condition) even if the symptoms and pain never went away.

I got very quiet. The answer was YES. I had just spent over 5 years of my life trying to heal, feeling weak and frail and afraid and powerless, and I didn't want to spend another minute living that way.

That YES was beginning of my awakening to my True Self - to the realization I am not a body. I am not the pain. I am not the physical symptoms. I am that which is aware of pain and symptoms. That which is aware of body conditions and sensations is not sick, not in pain, never suffers and never dies. 

This is our True Self: eternal, changeless, whole. 

I suddenly understood what A Course in Miracles says: that healing and enlightenment is not a change at all. It is a recognition of the truth of what we are – and all this requires is a shift in perception from body/mind-identification (the separate self) to Presence and Being. 

I discovered a sense of aliveness, happiness, freedom and presence I’d never known before. There was suddenly no interest in the past or the future. I stopped trying to heal, fix or improve anything. 
I started showing up in the world in a whole new way: in joy, in love, in gratitude, in celebration. 

I stopped hiding and isolating. I stopped being guilty. I stopped attacking myself for being sick. I took 100% responsibility for what seemed to be happening to me and I saw that sickness was my decision - it had great benefits - and now I was done with all of that. 

I made a new decision: TO LOVE and BE HAPPY in whatever remaining time I was here on earth. 

I was done being a sick person. 

I discovered that you can discard sickness and fear as easily as Jesus told the man at the pool of Bethesda "Get up and walk." 

Jesus asked the man who had been laying there near the pool with disease for 38 years "Will though be made whole?" 

And this is healing: a decision to be made whole. 

YOU ARE ALREADY WHOLE. Healing is recognition of this fact.

You can walk right out limitations and sickness, whenever you are ready to leave that life behind. 

Sickness is a decision to isolate & hide and be a body, separate, weak & frail. 

Healing is a decision to be whole & happy as the love you are, healed and perfect. 

The choice is yours. You decide. 

 I began to notice the pain disappearing. I had more confidence, I felt connected, alive and happy and I didn’t care about results. I wasn't trying to do anything. 

I was no longer resisting, fighting or attacking myself. I was welcoming all and staying in love, as Love's Presence. 
This was the beginning The Healing Cure.
Then I started to question: Can others do this? Is this experience possible for anyone and everyone? I was wondered if it could be taught.
And I put all that I learned and experimented with in my life in The Healing Cure Online program. 

I found out that this approach DOES work for everyone who is willing to make a commitment to doing the work and who willing to changing the way they look at things.
If this is you, let's go.

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