Hi, I'm Lisa. 

I teach healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone.

I am a teacher of A Course in Miracles as well as non-duality Advaita Vedanta, in the tradition of Atmananda Krishna Menon. 

I have been studying the topics of health, healing, awakening and the mind-body connection for over 30 years.

I call myself “a pretend scientist” but that’s only because I didn’t go to school for science and I don’t have a degree, but in my heart I’m a real scientist. My lab has been my own life and body. I’m someone who has systematically researched and observed the unknown, read every book on the subject of healing and awakening, tested things out in my own life, re-tested, failed a thousand times, got a glimpse of something working. Two steps forward, one step back, always testing things out. That would be me.

And finally, I began observing consistency in what I was doing that has led to a life of joy, presence and peace beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I believe that my “discoveries” about the power of Consciousness - which is our true eternal changeless nature - are not discoveries at all. They are ancient teachings that have been expressed throughout time by individuals like Jesus, Ramana Maharshi, Jean Klein and Atmananda Krishna Menon (to name a few) - but largely misunderstood - which will one day be common knowledge in the areas of health, healing and happiness.

Through the understanding of the nature of consciousness, the nature of emotions, the nature of thought and through the application of Mind-Body Healing, my life was completely transformed.

And this is available to everyone. 

My approach and work is to make these often complex teachings simple, down-to-earth, practical and easily understood so that you get results. 

My story. 

In January 2013, I got what I thought was the flu. I was congested, coughing, throat-clearing, full of mucus, tired all the time, sweating like a river when I was sleeping, which at the time was a lot. My eyes were red, irritated and itchy and my mouth was always dry. The sweating eventually went away. The rest of the symptoms went on for several months, which turned into a year, then another year and was eventually diagnosed as “an incurable autoimmune disease”. 

Incurable means there is no cure within conventional medicine – but I believed I could heal because I knew others had healed.

If one person has done it, we all can do it.

I tried everything that had worked for others. I ate an entirely clean diet, no packaged or processed food. No gluten, dairy or refined sugar. When that didn’t work, I cut out meat and went entirely raw vegan. That didn’t work. Then I went the other route and ate everything I wanted in joy and gratitude, trusting it was exactly what the body needed. That had worked for someone. That didn’t work for me.

I was working very hard at healing, like it was a full-time job. 

I spent thousands of dollars on a naturopathic doctor who believed healing was possible. There were supplements, saunas, colonics, blood work, another diet. That didn’t work. At the end of our months of working together, she said: “I don’t know what else to do.” 

I did spiritual practices, working on my mind to heal.

I identified and cleared out grievances. I released old resentments. I let the past go.

I focused on the light of my true Self. I did acupuncture, meditation, chanting, chakra clearing, chakra balancing, deep breathing, focused breathing, positive affirmations, prayer, spiritual affirmations, essential oils, crystal healing, visualization, imagining myself as healed, whole, healthy and happy. You name it, I did it. I bought every book on healing and whatever practice was suggested: I was on it. 

I was working very hard to fix, change, heal, improve my life. And through it all I never once saw how hard I was being on myself. 

There was a daily inner battle because life wasn't going the way I thought it should. I wanted the pain to go away. I wanted healing. I felt disappointed, like a failure, every day thinking “I'm doing something wrong. What am I doing wrong? Why am I not healing?”

I thought I was being punished, tested by the universe, being held back. I thought for certain that if I just “worked on my beliefs” and “let things go” that I would be healed.

In October 2018, my husband Bill Free asked if I could "Welcome it" (the pain, sickness & symptoms) even if it never went away. 

This was my turning point.

In welcoming, I felt an expansion of Self. Complete relaxation, like "Oh good. I don't have to work hard to heal anymore." When that happened, I stopped fighting. 

I began to realize that the real sickness was the daily war within myself.

That was the sickness – THAT WAS THE DISEASE: the thoughts I held about myself as sick, weak, frail, failing, and limited.

And that is totally curable! 

I saw it clearly: The body didn't need healing. I simply needed to stop attacking myself with false beliefs that were making me feel bad! 

Nothing happened instantly for me - but slowly I stopped trying to heal the body and I also stopped trying to heal the mind.

I got curious. I wondered "What are the benefits of this experience? How is it a good thing? How is it giving me something I want?" 

I began to see that I had asked for this particular sickness and symptoms. It kept me safe. I got to hide from the world, isolate, not use my voice (and therefore not be judged, bullied or criticized by anyone). I got to rest, relax and be in quiet.

And once all this was seen, I realized I no longer needed sickness. 

I knew that changes were required in the way I showed up every day. I knew as I started using my voice, to trust in my own experience and to share it with others, I might be told I'm selfish, stupid or wrong. People might be disappointed. But I knew THIS WAS MY HEALING: to come out of hiding, to stop living in fear, to let go of guilt. 

For me, healing happened slowly - I know for others it can happen quickly or instantaneously - but more and more as I was listening within for what I really wanted to do - and trusting in it - being myself - I was experiencing health, joy, aliveness, vitality, energy, full expression, enthusiasm and a life I truly love.


Are you ready to change your life?

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