I'm happy you're here


I'm Lisa.

In October 2018, after years of struggling with sickness, pain and physical symptoms, I had a spiritual awakening - where I recognized my true nature as wholeness, happiness, peace and eternal changelessness.

My story. 

After 25 years of being on a spiritual path (from 1992 when I first found A Course in Miracles at age 24 until October 2018 when I recognized my true nature as limitless Infinite Being), I knew something was missing.

In those 25 years of spiritual practice, I had witnessed increasing happiness, saw alcoholism and cigarette smoking fall away (in 2001), experienced worldly success and I felt moments of real peace and even startling clarity.

But then ... doubt, worry, guilt and conflict would return.

I couldn't understand how I could want something SO MUCH - consistent peace and happiness - and have it be constantly out of my reach. 

In January 2012, I got sick with flu-like symptom that was later diagnosed as  "an incurable" autoimmune disease. The doctors (and repeated searches on Google) told me this condition would never heal but that I could "manage" and "minimize" symptoms with diet and by reducing stress.

That did not sit right with me - that something was incurable. 

For 6 years, I tried every method to heal the body - restrictive diets, taking supplements, visualization, affirming truth statements - and nothing worked - until October 2018 - when my husband Bill Free invited me to welcome everything exactly as it is. 

He got this idea of "welcoming" from Rupert Spira, a teacher of non-duality. 

It's an invitation to be present with discomfort and pain - no longer resisting or fighting or avoiding what is arising but instead ... to welcome it. Even love it.

I began to see that all my years of sickness I had been living from a place of lack & limitation, focusing on the body, pain and problems. 

What would happen if I shifted my focus and attention to a state of wholeness, completion and love? 

These insights set me on a journey of discovery, investigation and exploration into the true nature of things - and I began to see how healing really works. 

In quiet and stillness, no longer trying to fix, heal, change or improve anything, the Self comes shining through. This is True Healing: to know your Eternal Changeless Nature which is perfect happiness and perfect peace. 

I put everything I learned into The Healing Cure, an 8-week online course designed to help anyone end sickness and suffering forever. 

Be the True Self

After years of trial and error, I discovered that when I identify with the light of the One Self - our pure changelessness - there is no sickness or suffering. It literally doesn't exist. 

It's only when the mind gets involved and identifies with thoughts, feelings, stories, perceptions and sensations as "myself" do problems and difficulties seem real. 

When you stay as the awareness of Love's Presence, which is your natural inheritance, healing is accomplished. 

The Healing Cure

The Healing Cure is a method of self-inquiry & investigation born directly out of Lisa Natoli's experience of healing and awakening. It is a journey that begins with a decision to undergo the transformation from the limited body-identity (what many traditions called "the false self") to the One Self - our eternal changeless, universal nature, which is pure light, peace and happiness (and some call Christ consciousness). It then takes you through a process of integration, embodiment & alignment - being in the body, being in the world - so that you are stabilized, grounded & rooted in truth.