About Lisa Natoli 

Lisa Natoli is a teacher of A Course in Miracles as well as a teacher of non-duality in the tradition of Jean Klein and Atmanda Krishna Menon.

She teaches healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone.

Her approach is practical & down-to-earth and begins with the body, mind, beliefs and emotions, working to integrate the realization of consciousness (our true nature) into daily life.

She is a the founder of The Healing Cure, a step-by-step method for healing chronic unconscious thoughts of body-identification.

In all her teachings and courses, the emphasis is always on Presence, observation and inner investigation - being aware of thoughts, feelings, patterns and habits as a way to end suffering, sickness and limitation. 

My Story: A little bit about me 

Hi, I'm Lisa Natoli.

I teach healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone. 

I've been on a spiritual path studying and practicing A Course in Miracles since 1992 when I was 24 living in New York City and before that I was interested in self-help books. 

I grew up in New Hampshire with a love of books, a love of food, a love of animals, a love of people ... and a curiosity about the "invisible" realm. I latched onto the ideas that what we think we see in the physical world is actually nothing more than a mirror reflection of the thoughts we hold in mind. What????? 

I was wildly fascinated with this idea and read everything I could about it, especially A Course in Miracles. 

I had lots of moments of peace and happiness throughout the years, and alcoholism fell away in March 2001 along with cigarette smoking and that was great because I really didn't want to drink or smoke anymore. I had been trying to quit for five years but was always unsuccessful.

So I was happy when the desire to drink or smoke floated out the window. 

But I noticed that even though I was feeling happier than before, and I was sober which is what I wanted, I was still overwhelmed. I still was experiencing constant fear, anger and self-doubt. Mostly the feeling and thought was that "I'm doing something wrong." 

I felt powerless. Back then my practice was asking God, Jesus and Holy Spirit for help - and mostly I felt my requests for help and happiness were going unanswered. 

I thought I was being tested and held back by God. No joke. 

It's funny to me now that I believed so strongly in a power outside of me, but the struggle was real! 

I was doing all these spiritual practices, doing everything I thought I needed to do to "wake up" to my true nature - to be in peace and happiness - and nothing ever seemed to change. I was being kind and loving. I was doing constant forgiveness work: forgiving everyone and everything. I was seeing everyone as myself. I had dedicated my life to God in 2000. I wanted to be a light in this world and to serve, shine, give, help and inspire. I kept saying "Here I am! I'm all yours!" and I was still me. No angels or light or voice was showing up, which is what I was expecting. 

I laugh now because it's all so clear to me  - I was identified with the seeker which is the false body-self - but at the time it was not clear at all. 

In 2013, I got sick with flu-like symptoms and pain and that went on for years. It was eventually diagnosed as "an incurable autoimmune disease" which no treatment or method could cure. I tried everything. I spent over $20,000 trying various things to heal - traditional, conventional, alternative & spiritual. I read every book on healing. I worked hard at changing all my limiting beliefs to ideas of truth. I meditated, did positive affirmations and "acted as if" what I wanted was mine.

I felt that if I could just "change my mind" then the body would change, the world would change and my life would change.

I was super confused.

I was on a mission to crack the code on healing and failing completely. 

But I couldn't give up. I knew happiness, health and healing was available to me and to everyone.

I told myself that I was already healed, whole and perfect. 

I did "healthy" diets trying to heal (gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, clean, no processed, no packaged, no dairy, no sugar, all organic, local and fresh), took supplements and antibiotics, went to doctors and naturopaths, said affirmations.

Then I went the "I need do nothing" route, which was still me trying to heal. Trying to do nothing to heal is doing something. lol. 

I was so desperate to emerge from chronic pain, conflict and physical symptoms. 

I would have momentary relief at times, but I wasn't healing. I wasn't getting any better. 

In October 2018, my husband Bill Free asked me if I could "welcome" the pain and physical symptoms.

This was a turning point for me. 

Up until then I had been fighting, resisting, trying, doing. Inside, there was an inner battle and that was the real sickness! That's what needed healing.

Starting in 2018, I began to learn about Advaita Vedanta and non-duality. My first exposure to these ideas was Rupert Spira and Francis Lucille - and I was very excited by what I was reading and hearing! I started to learn that Consciousness and Awareness is our true nature.

Then I went directly to their teachers: Jean Klein and Atmananda Krishna Menon.

Those teachings are the basis of everything I teach now. 

I resonated with these teachers because of how DOWN-TO-EARTH they are, using the body and mind to know the Self.

With the welcoming idea and non-duality teachings from Jean Klein and Atmananda Krishna Menon everything began to change in my life - healing occurred - and now I share this with others.  .

There is no such thing as "healing yourself" because the self that wants healing isn't real.

But you can allow healing to occur. 

Healing happens naturally when you stop fighting yourself. 

I absolutely love A Course in Miracles and I still teach some of the ideas from it but I have mostly moved away from the Christian language contained within A Course in Miracles (Son, Son of God, Christ, He, Him, Holy Spirit) with the understanding that God = Consciousness = Awareness = our true Identity = Infinite Being = the changeless Self = Presence = I. 

Healing is not something you "do'

Health and happiness is what you are. 

Healing (and awakening!) occurs naturally when you stop fighting & resisting what is showing up in your life.

There  was never a grand awakening for me, no bells or whistles. 

Healing and awakening was a slow and gradual "process" that came about from the recognition that Awareness - pure Presence - is what we are, our shared identity. 

And needs no healing! 

The only thing that needs healing is the belief that you are a body, limited, weak, frail and powerless. 

You are definitely not powerless! 

My approach is down-to-earth, practical and simple because just saying "I am pure consciousness" and "I'm not a body" never worked for me. It was too abstract, too conceptual. 

In my own healing, I needed to work with the mind and body -investigating and inquiring into inner thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits - and slowly & gradually things began to change. 

Therefore my approach works with the body and emotions. The way I teach about healing begin with the "false" self" - with the "you" that you believe is you - until the realization and recognition of consciousness as the Self as What You Are is your living reality.  

It has taken years for me to become established in this understanding and it's still unfolding! 

I live in Maine with my husband Bill Free and our two cats, Joy and Vanna.

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