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Investigate the thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs you are holding onto that are keeping you in sickness & suffering. 

The Healing Cure
Online Program

These are the exact practices I used to end sickness and suffering in 2018. These videos and materials in this course are from 2022.


Emotional Mastery
Online Course

This course is for anyone who wants to know the nature of consciousness, the nature of thoughts and the nature of emotions. In this 6-session video course (90-minutes each, 9 hours total), you are invited to explore and observe your true nature as Presence, Alive Stillness. As you begin to "welcome everything as is" while staying as Alive Stillness, the story you have constructed about yourself (as limited, weak, frail, sick, upset, angry) begins to disappear in the light of understanding. Peace, happiness and joy is the result.  


Mind-Body Mastery
Online Course

This is for anyone who is ready for the war against yourself to be over. In this 6-session video course (2 hours each - 12 hours total), you are invited to investigate the images you hold about yourself, along with the ways you have contracted the energy of pure innocence, brilliance and light into fear, hiding and isolation. 

BONUS: Included in this course is a Video Workshop from The Healing Cure "Trace Your Way Back to Self" 


Relationship Mastery
Online Course

This 6-session video course focuses specifically on how you relate with other people. You will learn how to develop and strengthen your ability to be so present in every moment that people and situations no longer bother you. Through observation practices, you will discover that there are only two kinds of difficult people in all the world: the ones in your head and the ones in front of you. And with that comes the recognition that difficult people only have the power to hurt you if you give them that power because you have forgotten what you are.


True Manifesting
Online Course

This is no ordinary manifesting course! This 6-week video course is the one I have been wanting to teach forever, and here it is! 

Is there something you want? Then this course is for you.

During these 6 weeks, you are invited to investigate your old stories and worn-out beliefs so that are in alignment with What You Truly Are (pure light!) and What You Truly Want.
See that you are a Creator! 

Includes: The How-to Process of True Manifesting. Dealing with resistance. How Action and Inner Listening fits in with Visioning. Writing Your One Page Narrative. 


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